1. Everyone has their right to their opinion, and to voice their opinions. But don’t be going to the schools man….the kids don’t need that and it’s just wrong. Go anywhere else in your town, but don’t be freaking the kids out….it’s wrong.

    1. There are unvaccinated teachers, custodians, secretary’s, bus drivers, administrators and aides coming into contact with the kids. Most of them will live, just relax man.

    2. @Fool Man Chu I never said that. I agree with you lol. I’m not worked up about that what so ever. I just said stop crowing Infront of schools.

    1. We let Dr fauci and democrats control out lives for a year and a half over a virus with a 99.9 survival rate lol man u people are sheep

    1. Jesus Christ died for sinners including you, on the cross with his own blood for your personal sins, repent and get saved or perish with the lost wicked world. God’s word is coming to pass, it will only go downhill

  2. That the party of ” freedumb ” spends SO much time looking to abridge everyone else s freedoms is mind-numbing … By the way …don’t these folks have jobs ????

    1. @Randy Watson what would be over by now?

      Why do you think the pandemic rages on in the least vaccinated counties? Lmao it’s your ilk who is prolonging the pandemic.

    2. @Randy Watson Oh you poor slave has to wear a mask. I have to wear shoes in a restaurant too, I’m such a slave

      You pathetic crybaby, if you don’t like it I’m sure you’ll find more freedom in some place like somalia.

    1. Where i`m from if adults are caught on school grounds the police are called and the person gets a jail term and put on the child predator record for life… :):)

    1. @Fancy’s Folly if masks work then I need a detailed answer on why Florida the number 1 state against mask mandates, the number one state with retirees, and the number 8th most dense state per square mile is in the middle of all 50 states for death rates? Just use a little bit of common sense, according to you people Florida should be first in death rate and it shouldn’t even be close, please explain to me why it’s no where near your predictions and in the middle of the road for death rates?

    2. @colten kerlek
      You don’t think things through do you..

      1. You haven’t factored in vaccine rates.
      The older the population, the higher the vaccine rates.
      2. You haven’t factored in the pace of spread.

      You need to look at research instead of looking at some factors that ain’t the overall picture.

    3. I was told this was the place to look for conspiracy theories and propaganda, they were sure right. Going to strap on my tin foil hat and go down the CNN communist rabbit hole, weeeeee!

  3. I shook my head at protesters in protest to their protest and was followed and they tried to make me crash. We have a voice as loud as theirs. I’m glad she hasnt been hurt. Glad she found a way to be “heard”. I’ll be giving people the Fiona. Lol

    1. Jesus Christ died for sinners including you, on the cross with his own blood for your personal sins, repent and get saved or perish with the lost wicked world. God’s word is coming to pass, it will only go downhill

    2. “they tried to make me crash….. by not getting vaccinated like I demanded. what’s this world coming to?”

  4. Students will be the engine of the pandemic over the next several years in the USA.
    Teach your children well.

    1. I love the weirdo who keeps shutting me down because someone cannot argue my comments or debate..So, it resorts to using a comment about someone I’ve never mentioned as if it is supposed to stir some emotional rant..
      You have issues..get help

    2. @StrangerThanFiction Who’s sinning here? In other words, because of your ego in the denial of not getting vaccinated and or not wearing a mask, you’ll contribute and let children suffer or succumb to this pandemic and Jesus Christ agrees? As Trump said about his supporters, “I love the poorly educated”. You’re an example of that.

    3. @Bob Davis No need, those children have common sense. That means, it’s what you’re in much need of Bob. READ the meaning of common sense. .

    4. Haha students? How original. Everyone knows that the NWo won’t be tolerated and Biden stole the election

  5. I wonder how many fingers are going to be counted at tomorrows bus. And will it catch on? Hopeful scenario. Come on kids, you can do it!

    1. @J W You literally commented, “ the liberals are brainwashing our children like nazis” did you not… So I said, coming from the stop the steal ( since you all go off on this rant about the stolen election) party… You must be stupid, my dude..

    2. @New Era Mysteries & Conspiracies EWWWWW, you threaten little girls???? …and because she exercises the right to wear a mask to help save her own life, which is nobody’s business? How gross.

    3. @Jessstotheka no, your assumption is ridiculous..It proves my point about easily brainwashing those in school..You are the easily led..
      Please try to think before you write..

    1. @J W Interesting? Pretty sure TX new law now has its citizens turning each other in for a bounty. Who else did that? oh yeah, Nazis.
      Pushing thier religious beliefs onto women. Who else does that. Taliban

    2. @Franky Carbone
      There’s more than 1,200 Americans dying everyday in the U.S, but that’s okay, because you seem to think covid-19 has a 99% survival rate! Why don’t you ask the families of the 669,713 Americans who’ve died so far about covid’s survival rate!?!

  6. Good for her you choose the right finger and they might decide to make masks in their free time and give them away to the smart and responsible people.

    1. @Matthew Sigurdson, what??? They mean the same thing. One just means you use your intelligence fast.

      Learn to pronounce
      having or showing a quick-witted intelligence.

      So you’re saying you’d rather have a slower intelligence than a smart individual? Did you just own yourself? You may think you’re intelligent but honestly intelligent people doubt their own intelligence because they see their own flaws and know their own limitations. People below the average are the one’s who talk up their own intelligence. Look at Trump, he claims to be the smartest man in every room but thought you could drink bleach and live!

      And if you’re an anti-masker forget it, you’re not either. Have a great day. (Seriously, that was a good laugh.)

      Not talking up my intelligence but I have my Bachelors in Nursing, you have no idea what you’re saying. I looked at your other posts and you sound like a fool. Does ranting on the internet make you feel smart? I hope so because it does nothing for your image.

    2. @Too Bad don’t go to the hospital if you get covid, let that bed in icu for someone that need it. Take your freedom to cure as you want at home without ruin someone else life that needs that bed. But I bet that when you’ll start to have difficulty to breath you’ll rush yourself to the hospital, or you’ll call the ambulance to bring you there. I bet.

    3. @Chewie Knievel Wow. You really need to learn the English language better before you troll. Being intelligent and smart are two different things. To be “smart” is just someone that has been trained to think a certain way regardless if it is right or wrong. Science shows that people who do the popular thing aren’t always the most intelligent. They aren’t expanding themselves only staying in a social bubble of information to stay “in the know”. So being smart is a learned behavior. Intelligence ,you’re born with..

    4. @Matthew Sigurdson, an intelligent person listens to doctors over politicians. An intelligent person knows to listen to those with the educational background and not conspiracy websites. I doubt your intelligence.

    1. @Toni Jones you’d love that, separate the children from their parents and have your way. No ma’am I don’t think so!

    2. @Dixon Uranus i don’t know how u got that out of what I said bout saving the children separated never enter my thoughts i said PROTECT

  7. This girl looks like she just walked out of the late 60’s/early 70’s…..or, she’s the best Brady Bunch cosplayer ever!

    1. Those glasses of her and the seventies are very hot on the moment. You see a lot of retro in Europe from that time period so i assume it is the same in places like LA and New York

    2. fresh faced, natural hair, is ALWAYS in style…. All the tatted, pierced clownz spend WAY too much money on their disfiguring stylez. Natural is always cool.

    1. @Franky Carbone Good question. Your answer just demonstrates that you don’t know how vaccines work. Vaccines allow your immune system to respond to a virus properly. It doesn’t make you immune. You still carry the virus and can still spread it. That’s why makes are required still.

    2. @Chris Hewitt the purpose of the constitution is to protect the well being and health of civilians in the United States. Read that again. It also gives the government full power to enforce anything to protect the health and well being of everyone in the country. Seems like you didn’t pay attention in school.

    3. @Stephano How about the people who own businesses or work at night? Did CNN not mention that to you? It’s called thinking outside your brainwashed brain. My GOD the simplest things you people cannot conceive.

    1. @Gil Knutson Not anti-vax anti mandate…you people miss the point. Jump on the CNN band wagon crediting parents who allow their kids to be bullies. Smart? Nope liberalism.

  8. When kids are more intelligent and have more common sense than these so called adults. I’m just glad she’s safe… These protesters aren’t thinking anymore.

    1. They say that you’re never more dangerous than when you think you’re right. Obviously being ” right” is more important to these people than being sensible…

    2. The protesters are bat-shi* crazy, and have nothing better to do with their boring lives than have tantrums over things that have absolutely nothing to do with them. They are the lowest hanging fruit, and as stupid as it gets.

  9. Nothing says “fighting the system” like picketing and yelling at children on a school bus who are trying to keep their community safe by wearing a small strip of fabric over their mouth.

  10. The mom’s look at her daughter was priceless. You can tell she wasn’t pleased about her middle finger but at the same time, appeared to understand her daughter’s frustration.

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