Studies Show Benefits Of Mask Mandates To Economic Activity | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Studies Show Benefits Of Mask Mandates To Economic Activity | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


Rachel Maddow highlights a new study from the University of Utah that shows mask mandates not only help control the spread of the coronavirus but also boost consumer confidence, making people feel more comfortable about going shopping. The findings corroborate other studies that found a connection between mask mandates and consumer confidence. Aired on 11/25/2020.
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Studies Show Benefits Of Mask Mandates To Economic Activity | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

69 Comments on "Studies Show Benefits Of Mask Mandates To Economic Activity | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC"

  1. Imagine if all the Governors, Mayors, election officials and even Judges appointed by Trump didn’t do their jobs.

    If all of them acted like republican senators, we would be crowning our King on inauguration day..

  2. Ann van de Kew | November 25, 2020 at 2:32 AM | Reply

    Trump’s Mom did make the greatest turkey.

  3. 😷maskitorcasket💀

  4. GOP is too stunned and broken, it’s not even caring about approving COVID-19 relief. 🤣🤣

    • @Nis NumYou’re assuming that I’m referencing Muslims. Who I want nothing more to come to the US again. Why did you think we have Omar? Why do you think we have people that are trying to destroy the foreign policy that is responsible for separating migrant children and families? You want to hear what a true bigot would say? Trump to Afghanistan “I’m going To BOMB THE S*** OUT OF THEM” -2016. He did, which killed a lot of muslims and Arabic. So, you can figure out which party is the true bigot all by yourself.

    • @kathy weis Stop talking Kathy! You need to go back to.. I’m just JOKING.

    • @kathy weis Bonus , I troll you embicels for funny

    • @Ron K you’re too scared to leave the house , you were probably a couch potato

    • @D O I bet you really believe in government, despite its many failures

  5. Alvinius Alviniathan | November 25, 2020 at 2:41 AM | Reply

    It’s pure lunacy to see Trump politcizing the wearing of masks during a pandemic. It’s like politcizing someone wearing a hat on a sunny day. Utterly ridiculous.

    • @TheBase1aransasYou have no idea what you are talking about. Communism in the US? Laughable. People on the fringe Right label even the mild social democracy (which, for your reference, is the norm in most Western democracies) as “communism”. And you really need to open your eyes vis-a-vis Q – the irony is that you guys are the sheep being manipulated…all the central claims are ludicrous. Good luck to you and stay healthy.

    • @TheBase1aransas Except there’s no communist threat in America. That’s just propaganda and fear mongering by Trump and the Republicans to convince Americans to vote “conservative”. Democrats certainly have some socialist ideals, such as equal access to healthcare and creating an economy and infrastructure that enables people from all walks of life – and skin color – to have equal opportunities for education and financial independence etc., but communism is an extreme form of Marxism that no one in American politics embraces. USA will always be capitalist, regardless of who’s in the WH. You can relax and stop worrying a out the non-existent “communist threat”.

    • @TheBase1aransas PS I’m far more concerned about lies and hateful accusations than political ideology.

    • @TheBase1aransas Jesus told me you’re a failed human being..

    • @TheBase1aransas Wow, nothing you wrote even makes any sense. You do realize communism has really only existed since 1917, right? How could it have proven anything “throughout history?”

  6. Q How do you make a small fortune in real estate?
    A Have Trump manage your large fortune

  7. The GOP invented a new stage of grief: Not caring about other people starving and suffering.

    • Nancy wanted the government to have money more than you

    • Nope, that wold be the racist, war mongering, conspiracy theorist, and China first left.

    • Not caring about other people starving and suffering? You mean like all the people whose livelihoods were taken from them when antifa and BLM burned and looted their businesses? GTFO with your hypocritical BS.

    • @Hot Pocket Racist? I think it was YOUR president who asked the Proud Boys to stand by and said people fighting to protect confederate landmarks were “good people” as they were shown chanting “Russia is our friend.” Also, it was YOUR president who said the Chinese leader was right to establish concentration camps. He also believes saying people are opposed to fascism is an insult, meaning he (and you) must support fascism.

    • @D O You’ve spent way to much time sucking down pre-made memes on your Facebook timeline and with Mockingbird press/MSM. You realize that many people of color are Proud Boys and that their chairman is Afro-Cuban? Did you also forget that the Democrat party is the birthplace of the KKK and the Red Shirts, and now Antifa as well? And you want to talk about fascism? LoL Do your research before you chime in on topics that you are totally clueless about. And do you realize that the Military Industrial Complex was starting the cold war with Russia before WW2 was even over, while they were still an ally? This 4 hours spent with Col. Fletcher Prouty, Chief of Special Operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President John F. Kennedy might just be the best 4 hours you will spend today:

  8. Once since the pandemic, I stayed on an elevator when a person came on with a mask under their nose. For weeks I have castigated myself for not getting off that elevator immediately, as I would do now. I also, like many others, won’t go into a store where people are not properly wearing masks. Yes, the economy will not return to normal until the vast majority of us are behaving properly.

    • @Orson Carter Jesus talks to you, but your not a Christian. Then why do you pay any attention to him?

    • @D O Its because he is a Sad & Lonely Soul. No One to talk to, No One that listens, so he “hears” imaginary friends. Dont criticize
      D O’s “voices”……he might actually “hear something” that is related to compassion & empathy and possibly re-join the Human Race.
      I doubt it, but if He can “hear Jesus”….than I can Dream!!

    • @D O I refer you to my last post.
      Sad specimen of humanity.

    • @Todd Dillon Oh ffs, WHY are you “Christians” so lacking in humour?!? Dear me, you truly are sad specimens, lol.

    • @Orson Carter I never said I was a Christian. I said I can dream! No wonder Tramp lost….You cant read! #LOSER

  9. Millions voted for trump even with all the public lies and incompetent leadership non discussions so how can you talk about the logic of mask wearing to people like that.

  10. Of course there was always going to be a benefit from wearing masks. Its so simple! Trump administration were just nutters to refute what other countries are trying their best to do

    • @Orson Carter intellectually speaking , you’re probably feeble minded

    • @Troy Stocker Intellectually speaking you’re a cabbage. 🤤🤤😂

    • @Troy Stocker as if what they’re wearing would stop dust! Didn’t stop the smoke particles in the forestfires getting in did they!

    • @Troy Stocker No, it might help OTHER PEOPLE from getting ill if you’re carrying the virus and are yet to show symptoms. It’s about caring for and protecting OTHERS. It’s not self-serving. You don’t even know enough about the issue to address it with any intelligence.

    • @Me Here Viruses are smaller than either dust or smoke. Will you shut up until you get educated on SOME aspect of the discussion.

  11. byebyebaby tRump | November 25, 2020 at 3:54 AM | Reply

    To me, Donald tRump has been more devastating than covid-19. Yes, he has directly killed over 260,000 Americans & infected 12,500,5000 with more to come. What DJtRump has done is destroy the economy, trashed the DHS, DOJ, CIA, FBI & has spawned & fomented latent racism, hate, division & discourse. He almost brought us to our knees & we have lost all prestige & right to preach about Democratic principles. There is no returning back to normal in a Post-Donald-Era. It is the new normal I’am afraid & really Donald is just a symptom of our larger malaise. This is just my opinion & by all means feel free to comment. Get nasty though, I think most people here know I can likewise be “nasty” like Donald likes to call those he doesn’t like.

  12. in the first place why you americans have had a hate towards people who wearing masks even before the pandemic?
    Whats wrong with you?

    • silverpairaducks | November 25, 2020 at 8:35 AM | Reply

      Because bad guys wear masks….people who wear masks are the people who would put me and my children in a DEATH camp

    • Leilani L’amour | November 25, 2020 at 8:50 AM | Reply

      To our detriment, Americans are generally raised to be rugged individuals. This causes an extreme lack of empathy and selfishness, evidenced by our awful Covid-19 statistics. If more people cooperated and followed the CDC guidelines, we would not be where we are. It’s so sad.
      I personally started wearing a mask on public transportation back in January when I first heard about the virus. I have lived in Japan and learned how it is customary to don a mask before leaving the house when one has been ill or during flu/cold season. It’s a habit that I continued to practice when I returned to the U.S.
      How I wish that Mindfulness of Others, a pillar of Japanese society, was more prevalent here. I know that Japan has it’s own problems, but I know that I personally would feel so much safer there. Peace and blessings to all ✌️😊

    • silverpairaducks | November 25, 2020 at 8:57 AM | Reply

      @Leilani L’amour you realize you are willing marching towards death

    • @Leilani L’amour compare Japan’s numbers to Australia’s to see if donning that mask before leaving the house when ill works! Australia’s approach is that you don’t leave the house if ill during covid! I mean you do to go to get tested, but you go straight there, straight home & stay home until you get your test results back & symptoms have gone! Hence why Australia is at ZERO cases, no virus in the country, while Japan is STILL struggling to control it, even with their TB vaccine giving significant immunity to covid too!

      & Americans aren’t raised to be “rugged” compared to Aussies either! Think Croc dundee

    • @silverpairaducks Wow. You’re a dim wit.

  13. Skeptical Chris | November 25, 2020 at 4:48 AM | Reply

    Where, in the United States, has refusing to wear masks, every resulted in positive economic growth rather than economic damage? Nowhere.

    In fact its the opposite that’s true, that proper safety, social distancing and masks as well as testing, creates a much safer environment to conduct business, from restaurants to movie theatres.

    Is basic common sense. Nowhere did increased danger resulted in increased business

    • where in the US do you have any sort of positive economic growth anywhere?

      In Australia, the 2 cities of 5 million people got the same outbreak, Melbourne went with masks, Sydney went with “get tested & stay home if sick” INSTEAD of masks. Guess which one won?
      Sydney took 2 weeks longer to eliminate the virus, due to never reducing pub etc patronage below 300 people at one time & while continuing to run big money events like the footy finals, in front of live audiences of 40,000 unmasked people each weekend, while Melbourne allowed only 2 people to exercise together, but that 2 weeks was well & truly worth it to the economy, since the economy never had to shut, or even really slow down, people just had to be paid to stay home if sick. (and we took less sick days than ever before because there was no flu or other winter colds in circulation due to our stay home when sick policy

      but hey, pretend your masks work & pretend you’re going to wear them as you eat your turkey & continue to gather for thanksgiving, cause what would we know huh?

      Unbelievable that you are even contemplating attending a restaurant or indoor movie theatre with the case numbers you currently have! There is NO common sense whatsoever in that decision!

  14. German Neurologist Warns Against Wearing Facemasks:
    ‘Oxygen Deprivation Causes Permanent Neurological Damage’
    Henna Maria Tue, 06 Oct 2020

    • USA Citizen, while I don’t support them, that’s just rubbish! The only damage done from them is a false sense of security & touching them & then touching surfaces with contaminated hands

    • @Orson Carter There is no correlation between the most successful countries & mask or no masks! The correlation is between contact tracing & education on covid & success NOT masks!

    • @Me Here Then prove masks are of no use. The countries that have been best at handling this deadly virus have ALL advocated for wearing masks, but of course you FOOLS know better! You’re a danger to all around you.

    • ​@Orson Carter very hard to prove with the level of censorship of science on this topic in 2020, but there is PLENTY of good evidence out there! google e006577 for a sample. The Netherlands has just had a similar study published on Covid specific results.

      Comment continued in a separate post to avoid censorship

    • @Orson Carter ​cont.
      Now in reality, a lot of European countries did really well with covid first time round & almost all that did well ignored masks, while those that did badly used them. Australia & New Zealand & the entire Oceania region (that’s the world’s best for covid) also rejected them for public use. Second wave & many countries recommended or mandated them & case numbers have been FAR higher than in the first wave!

      I live in Sydney Australia, we chose pressure to stay home if sick & carry a mask in a ziplock bag in case you’re called by contact tracers while out & told you’ve been exposed, at which point you are requested to put your mask on. We’ve had 55 deaths total all pandemic in a city of 5 million people/state of 7.5 million, that received the vast majority of the originally imported infections into Australia

      South of Sydney is Melbourne, they chose to mandate masks instead of the pressure to stay home, they had far less imported cases than us in their city of 5 million people & state of 6.5 million, but they have over 800 deaths & over 90% of cases in the country in their second wave. Their chief medical officer gave us a date to watch for after the mandate, the date they had calculated that the masks impact would be seen in the case numbers – it was! On that very day he said to watch for, cases doubled & stayed that high until the extreme lockdown that forced people into their homes 23 hours everyday negated the impact of the masks & brought numbers down.

      In the same week that Sydney got it’s second wave (first week in July) Hong Kong & Japan also got the same. We didn’t use masks (or shut down anything) & kept our numbers to low double digits each day & 2 deaths total from the second wave & under 1000 cases total. Hong Kong used masks & had triple digit case numbers each day & dozens of deaths & had to shut everything down & ban all gatherings in order to control the same outbreak we had. Japan hasn’t shut down as heavily as Hong Kong, but they STILL don’t have control! They went up to over 1000 daily cases, then got some sort of control for a few weeks & then soared right back up to 2,500 cases a day! That’s the result of masks v no masks! We’ve had ZERO cases for 3 weeks now while Japan’s at 2,500 from the same outbreak as us!

      So wanna try to say the most successful countries have used them & that that is the reason why they’ve succeeded after that little reality check?????? If so, then watch Adelaide for another example of no mask management! They actually tried to recommend masks, even spoke of mandating them, but were forced to walk it back, cause it just caused panic buying & fear. Masks dumped, same highly infectious strain that hit Sydney & Melbourne & again it looks like they will easily control it with contact tracing. Qld too reject masks & also experienced & eliminated the Melbourne version of the virus, they recently set a post covid crowd record with 50,000 people in a stadium for an interstate footy game, topping Sydney’s 40,000 people from the grandfinal a few weeks earlier.

      Just go look at those footy games to see that I am telling the truth re masks &

      You’re teh one endangering those around you with this ridiculous belief that they work & you can be out in mass crowd events mid-pandemic!

  15. Trump misled his own followers by denying them critical health and science advice. By doing this he may as well have serving them J. Jones grape koolaid special recipe. HE IS RESPONSIBLE.

  16. AfroSamurai215 | November 25, 2020 at 7:24 AM | Reply

    Science makes Trump supporters’ brains hurt.

  17. If you can’t understand that you definitely won’t understand the economic damage done by having a collapsed health system and 1 year taken off the average age of an American.

  18. “Reopen the economy”, “it’s an individual choice”, so which is it?

  19. We have a mask mandate in Vegas, and I definitely feel safer going shopping than I would otherwise. I’m still sheltering in place because my age and cardiac history make me particularly vulnerable. But if I were even 10 years younger and didn’t have cardiac issues, I would be out Christmas shopping as I always did because I know people will be masked. I wouldn’t go to the Strip, though, because I’m not convinced casinos enforce mask laws. I can definitely see how, though it is counter-intuitive, mask laws may actually help the economy.

  20. The GOP is pushing for more covid deaths because every death creates work thereby increasing the GDP. “Bring out yer dead, Bring out yer dead.”

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