Study: Race Motivated Violent Pro-Trump Mob On January 6 | The Last Word | MSNBC

Study: Race Motivated Violent Pro-Trump Mob On January 6 | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


Professors Eddie Glaude and Christina Greer join Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss a new University of Chicago study on the issues that motivated the violent mob on the Capitol, and the direct correlation between the lies told leading up to the riot and Georgia’s restrictive voter law. Aired on 04/07/2021.
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Study: Race Motivated Violent Pro-Trump Mob On January 6 | The Last Word | MSNBC

45 Comments on "Study: Race Motivated Violent Pro-Trump Mob On January 6 | The Last Word | MSNBC"

  1. Kappa Darwin | April 7, 2021 at 12:27 AM | Reply

    A lot of these people most likely believe that they will be treated like African Americans if the country continues to progress. Its fear, hate and guilt that drives them

    • Green party of Wakanda | April 7, 2021 at 1:37 AM | Reply

      @crazy fox please explain

    • Peter Wilson | April 7, 2021 at 2:21 AM | Reply

      @crazy fox : you have to put the cookies on the counter from the top cabinet so the little children can get to them: you have to child-explain to @Green party of Wakanda what hegemony means in layman’s term. He/she, I presume, is a Trump voter.


    • Lol, this reporter…this network… is just a bunch of race baitors trying to start a race war when RACE had NOTHING to do with ANY OF IT. Its all a power grab, pushing FALSE narrative. The racist are democrats always have been … always will be

    • Green party of Wakanda | April 8, 2021 at 6:59 AM | Reply

      @Peter Wilson you and that other fool don’t have a clue

  2. Study with Nainika | April 7, 2021 at 12:28 AM | Reply


  3. When are they going to pick up Mitch, Lindsay, Cruz, Hawley, Jordan, Trump & the rest?
    Charge them all …or charge no-one.

  4. White privilege seems to be a motivating factor. Equality for all Americans is a frightening thought to people who have gotten their way for centuries.

    • @Beeble Brox the fact that a person would even join a party that promotes such fascism as Trump’s Administration did says a lot about them.

    • @Sam Harris why are the Georgia Republicans removing Sunday voting? Why are they ending evening voting? Why are they making it difficult for people to get absentee voting ballots? They found no fraud there in the 2020 election but because they are so frightened of losing again they feel that cheating is their only option.

    • @Sam Harris it would be good for you to walk in the shoes of a person of color for a while.

    • Godfrey Daniel | April 7, 2021 at 2:36 PM | Reply

      @Carol Byers – These people LIVE on lies and denial – if they let any reality into their lives, their whole world view collapses. It’s truly traumatic for them…

    • Antone Montgomery | April 7, 2021 at 5:17 PM | Reply

      @Beeble Brox I surmise by your statement, you must be delusional…

  5. These people are nothing but animals.

  6. They actually attacked the police like they knew they wouldn’t be shot. They knew they weren’t going to be treated like people of color would of been with that same behavior.

    • Green party of Wakanda ok boomer soviet. you are wrong, troll.

    • Green party of Wakanda | April 7, 2021 at 1:50 AM | Reply

      @R. G. Biv the facts ive stated are correct, notice how your the only one making this bullcrap allegation?

    • Green party of Wakanda OK boomer soviet. I am muting you now, troll grandpa volodia.

    • @Green party of Wakanda it doesn’t matter who was there if a mob of black people were hitting police with weapons the police is opening fire. You just don’t like the double standard pointed out but you know it’s true. I mean they were speaking to the police like they knew they weren’t going to be shot

    • My rant for today…
      I worked in the health field for over 22 years in MedSurg.

      I didn’t get any handouts. I did my daily job as a wife, mother, employee, and the rest that goes along with the daily grind of life.

      We had a budget. We paid our bills. We struggled. Life was good.

      When we went on vacation, we went to all the free places such as museums, parks, beaches.

      A normal American family, loving our freedom, and working hard.


      You take over my nation with a fraudulent election.

      You try to brainwash me by telling me I may die without a vaccine.

      You try to force me to give up my guns, my means of self-defense.

      You try to convince me that everything you do is for my benefit.

      You have brainwashed millions.
      You also have murdered millions by withholding the inexpensive medicine they could have save their lives.

      You have brainwashed my children. Your liberal education as taking them down the road of socialism and hate.  

      You have lied, you have lined your pockets with taxpayer money, you have sat in Washington and taking away our freedom, yet you build up for yourselves wealth.

      You try to take away my freedom of speech, my freedom of worship, my second amendment rights.

      You now want to force me to Take a vaccine.
      I know better. I have read the package inserts. 
      I myself have never taken one of your vaccines. Never a flu vaccine, never a pneumonia vaccine, never the shingles vaccine, and I never will!

      You have done so much to harm the United States of America in six months, you are all traitors.  

      You are the ones who should live in fear.
      You are the ones who should be isolated and locked up.
      You are the ones whose rights should be taken away forever and placed in prison.

      You are the ones who should be forced to reveal your financial history so all the world can see how you have stolen from the American people.

      We the people, will not allow you to steal from our lives any longer. 

      You are liars.
      You are murderers.
      You are stealing in our children both physically and mentally.

      Just how long do you think we will take this abuse? No that is not a threat. That is honesty.

      For you see, the same patriotic blood that ran in the veins of those Americans in 1775, still runs in our veins today.

  7. Vernon Engbino | April 7, 2021 at 12:57 AM | Reply

    Prof. Glaude so spot on. Republicans and the White majority are scared, for soon they will be the minority and are afraid of losing that Whites write and make the laws not the minority races. So they are making it hard to vote if you are one of color or mixed race. This is why they are also trying to repeal the Voting Rights Act.

  8. Hayes Dabney | April 7, 2021 at 1:08 AM | Reply

    “Followed very swiftly by the receding of our rights.”

  9. Godfrey Daniel | April 7, 2021 at 1:15 AM | Reply

    Let’s be real – blacks have endured more hardships in the USA than anyone else but the indigenous people – and STILL they don’t hate the USA – they work to make it better. One is tempted to say they are better Americans than those who oppress them…

  10. When someone wins a race after training with weighted clothes, and the other side immediately after gets with the judges and bans such training for future races, it may in fact be related.

  11. They want it back to Antebellum times so bad.. They secretly pray for it from a blonde blue eyed Jesus at that.

  12. Amanda Skywalker | April 7, 2021 at 1:56 AM | Reply

    “I’m shocked!” shouted absolutely nobody at all

  13. Naturally. Rump rode into office on racism and hate. How else could he leave it?

  14. The FBI need to investigate the actions of Trump prior to the 6th Jan. He put his cronies into powerful positions in the defence department for just this scenario. Did these puppets slow down the deployment of the national guard when they were needed & did they ignore FBI warnings?

    • Then farakon needs to be arrested for inciting the last attack on the capital killing just as many police as jan6

    • @Joel Rivard you really should not minimize the plight of mentally ill people.

    • @Joel Rivard I believe that man had mental health issues. Did Farrakhan directly tell him, ‘to march to the capitol’? Why were there not thousands of his supporters there?

  15. brilliantly said, ty all. you hit the nail on the head.

  16. Whispering Breeze | April 7, 2021 at 10:14 AM | Reply

    I’m surprised the GOP didn’t say the rioters were just having a picnic on property they paid for, 😷🤗.

  17. The capitol riot was the perfect in showing that all the economic anxiety stuff was just crap

  18. Rhonda sisson | April 7, 2021 at 4:23 PM | Reply

    These people were taught to hate!! I blame mom and dad Thanks from America

  19. Chris ONeill | April 7, 2021 at 5:08 PM | Reply

    The USA has 74m voters who are desperate to see the end of free and fair elections. If the 80m patriots who still believe in America relax for a second, they may see that dream come true.

  20. It’s been over 3 months since Jan 6th have any of these terrorists been charged? Seems to me they will get away with it.

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