Study Shows Stimulus Checks Helped Reduce Hardship, What's Next? 1

Study Shows Stimulus Checks Helped Reduce Hardship, What’s Next?


A study shows that the stimulus checks helped reduce hardship during the COVID-19 pandemic. Bishop William Barber joins Joy Reid on what America needs to do next to address poverty and low wealth.
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  1. What?! Next you will say that investing in education reform for then21st century results in more intelligent citizens…
    Jesus didn’t have broadband!
    Jesus didn’t have critical thinking education!
    Can I get a “What the Hallelujah!”?

    1. Or investing in climate change science
      And green energy results in a future for our children and will help clean up our planet!

    2. Or…if you support voting rights and enact Federal legislation like the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, then you might get representational democracy!
      Is the world on crazy pills!!!!
      Obey me!
      Obey my dog!!

  2. Democrats have been focused on delivering covid relief, opening up states and schools safely, shots in arms, and stimulus relief to the American people.
    Republicans have been focused on undoing the 2020 election, covering up Trump’s crimes, blocking President Biden from helping Americans, and making it harder for Americans to vote.

    1. @TheBase1aransas Which is why they had one of the highest cases and death rate out of any other state in the US.

    2. @Troy Stocker He’s not a hero, he’s a Doctor, much better than a hero, and he’s no tool, you are

  3. The damage is done. People were economically destroyed. As intended I say, but not on Biden.

    1. What you are saying is EXACTLY what someone like you, was saying at the abolishment of the slave economy. Go figure!

    1. @Troy Stocker The inflation does not affect me at all and it’s because Americans are hesitant to go back to work due to a pandemic. But yes, I already enjoyed a very large stimulus check President Biden gave me, I will enjoy being fully vaccinated thanks to President Biden, and I will enjoy our schools and my state fully reopening soon thanks to President Biden’s leadership. What else is Fox News talking about over there?

  4. Tax the churches.
    Let them put their money where their mouths are
    and have them help the homeless and the poor with a UBI.

    1. As opposed to megachurch dudes buying mansions, summer homes, jets, yachts, safari trips, $$$$- wardrobes, rolex watches, etc.. etc…

  5. Don’t forget the elderly either. Those of us on SS are struggling as much as anyone with higher drug prices, higher insurance and medical cost, higher rents, and it goes on and on. Old folks will IMMEDIATELY put any money they get right back into the economy and help it to recover and stay strong.

    1. Based on historic records, anyone getting SS wont survive to October due to inflated costs for basic survival. Get a job.

      We are not going to pay for your comfy lifestyle since it was your generation that inflected the injury.

  6. Helped me alot.
    I think people are wanting to go back to work because it is part of their Social life.
    People are missing not able to work , for there’s nothing more gratification than having your own money in your pocket.

  7. Seriously need to incentivize those people that GOT vaccinated…….money is always an excellent source of getting the rest to conform!!

  8. Yes, it helped wonderfully, but now its runnung out…my heart racing and anxiety is back -health issues from poverty- poverty longterm ruins your health.

  9. Yes, it helped wonderfully, but now its runnung out-my heart racing/anxiety is back -health issues from poverty-poverty longterm ruins your health.

  10. Used my stimulus to pay back rent from bad winter electric bills. Also started paying my dad back from times before Covid. Almost caught up.

  11. The stimulus money helped me a lot.
    I needed new shoes, my microwave quit working, (the horror!) and few other things I otherwise could not afford.
    Back up to snuff for now, unless something else goes wrong.
    I just hope this 6-year-old laptop of mine doesn’t give up the ghost.

  12. Thank you Joe Biden. Don’t forget the GOP all voted against it. Don’t let them take any credit for it. They did nothing.

  13. Social security needs to be raised to be a living wage. Cost of living is far out pacing the % we get every year.

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