Study: Trump Likely Cost The U.S. 400k Excess Covid Deaths | All In | MSNBC 1

Study: Trump Likely Cost The U.S. 400k Excess Covid Deaths | All In | MSNBC


“A new study by an UCLA economist estimates that 400,000 people in this country died of Covid who could have been saved if Donald Trump and the Republican Party had implemented a more effective health strategy,” says Chris Hayes. “400,000 people who are dead who did not have to be.” Aired on 03/26/2021.
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Study: Trump Likely Cost The U.S. 400k Excess Covid Deaths | All In | MSNBC


    1. Not at all. Infected patients were sent into nursing homes by gubernatorial order. In spite of the facilities telling them it would cause deaths to skyrocket. MSNBC didn’t care. YOU didn’t care.

  1. *Enjoy your new President and Blue Congress, MAGAfans!*
    *Too bad that there’s nothing – NOTHING AT ALL – that you can do about it!*

    1. Careful about the crowing. If a very small handful of the old men and women in Congress were to die or retire, the power would be in the opposite party’s hands. The Democrat majority is literally as thin as it can be. This is not the time for dancing, just yet.

    2. @omi god you know a good chunk of those frail old people are in the republican party to right. McConnell looks like he should be in the ground already

  2. But… But… Trumpy said the pandemic would disappear….
    I wonder to this day if Trumpy was delusional, or just plain stupid…

    1. @Scott Graham He is stupid though. He thought Scots should call themselves English, didn’t know India has a border with China and though Ireland was part of the UK. He is greedy as he charged the secret service double rates to protect him at his crap resort and diverted USAF planes to his crap club in scotland to try and keep business up. It’s why he delayed travel ban to UK but not for EU because he wanted to keep his crappy golf clubs open….

    2. @Fletcher Christian totally agree, complete freaking moron, let’s not forget about the new stealth jet he thought was INVISIBLE! ( i mean…really) or that he was played by Putin (and continues to be), and Kim Jong Il. A couple of wonderful guys. DJT is a huge threat to American democracy and the american people, he belongs in prison.

    3. @Scott Graham Scott I think we are doomed. This is just too much stupid to overcome. Really, I’m serious. Maybe a couple of hundred years…probably less. I am not optimistic. Humanity is a disgrace. Good luck and take care.

    1. @Shunya Yoga people choose to go to the rallys he didn’t decide for them. What about the thousands in streets when biden won. They weren’t social distancing and some weren’t wearing mask

    2. @Jon if they were then they would be saying there was 3.2 million covid deaths because that’s the preliminary deaths for the past year! At the end of October there were almost 400,000 excess deaths and only 226,000 covid deaths.

    3. @Kyle Albanese don’t be stupid, the virus got out of control on Trumps watch. Biden can’t stop the millions already infected spreading the virus, he’s not a magician. It needed to be tackled in the first few week before it took hold.

  3. *Columbia University Study that If the country had locked down two weeks earlier than it did, it could have prevented 84% of deaths and 82% of cases.*

    1. @Peter Gerace your statement is why you people are called stupid, You all NEVER post facts, you never post anything to back up your claims. History you NOTHING about. No one is removing speech it does NOT agree with, what you call censoring happens to be in the TOS you agree to when you make an account, look it up and read it. Books have been banned off and on for centuries here and those that doing it are NOT the government. trump is the one who used brown shirt tactics during the protests. No one needs an AR or AK, it would be good to get those off the street. The Nazi has been removed and that was trump

    2. That was a lie. Look at John Hopkins univ. Where real Drs. Are. Columbia is a liberal college of morons

    3. @Peter Gerace Okay except you haven’t brought any facts to the table, lockdowns work buddy. That’s why the US has the highest mortality rates among high-income nations, we never once had a proper lockdown, at any given point in 2020 more than 50% of the US population was out of lockdown, we only ever saw a patchwork of state or county policies, no coordinated efforts.

    4. @Peter Gerace You’re a Trump University student aren’t you, there at TU on the Alex Jones scholarship.

  4. Trump and Mitchy’s minions kills over 400K Americans then dear leader attacks the federal government and manages to murder police officers.

  5. Yep it so true because it 100 percent trump and his Republican traitor fault because they are responsible for all those deaths

    1. The US public – You think he’s gone? He’s never gone. That’s the point… See?

      Trump – Is this some radical new therapy?

    1. Qualicum Wilson ~ even a clown show at a rodeo or circus has more truth and sense to it..?..!..

    2. I hear that but saving the economy would have saved lives. A lot of folks died from suicide, overdose, no food, couldn’t pay bills, etc. and it’s only getting worse. Like he said, sometimes the solution can be worse than the problem

    3. M TM ~~~you bet~ but then you got Congress handing us pennies/all the original proposals by the Democrats got cut down and no support by the Republicans your comments are true but where is the support at the top..?..!..

    4. Agree he knew what was coming and he was aaah fock it let them die and we will fix our problem

    1. @karen court scary to see so mentally invested in trump they’re radicalized to the point of insanity. My neighbor quoted ” he (trump of course) can do no wrong in my eyes”
      Um yikes. I don’t get it too. What happened to common sense? It’s disturbing.
      My fingers remind crossed that trump and company gets prosecuted and the Rico act slams the door on his prison cell.

    1. Yeah all the Asian Americans being killed in America are also caused by Trump calling the Covid-19 Virus China Virus or Kung Flu virus…. He has so much blood on his hands from the Capitol Riots to his lies about Covid-19… Is it any wonder why Donald J Trump and Kim Jong-Un and Putin loved each other so much…. All 3 are the same person…. Wicked Deplorable people with NO Soul as President Joe Biden said.

  6. FEB 7 2020 Trump to Woodward: “It goes through air, Bob. That’s always tougher than the touch. You know, the touch, you don’t have to touch things. Right? But the air, you just breathe the air and that’s how it’s passed.”

    Trump Rallies: Feb 10th New Hampshire, Feb 19 Arizona, Feb 20 Colorado, Feb 21 Nevada, Feb 28 S. Carolina.

    1. Exactly, he was NOT delusional or dumb. He made intentional, calculated self serving comments despite risk to Americans.

  7. I have forgot about that chalk on a board feeling when Individual 1 talk. Why, why did you have to remind me

  8. Sane Americans are aware that many people died, because of superspreader Trump’s insensitivity to American health an wellness.

  9. “It’ll disappear like magic! I want churches packed for Easter!” -some lost old sad sack

  10. “Injecting disinfectant” “knocks it out in a minute” “Hydroxychloroquine, game changer”

  11. That is heartbreaking. It was all about his stock market. He doesn’t care about anything but himself.

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