Stunning: Border Patrol Official Accused Of ‘Kidnapping’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

A top Democrat alleging the Trump administration's immigration policy has reached the point of 'kidnapping' as shocking video goes viral showing U.S. border agents arrest a father as his crying son watches.
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Stunning: Border Patrol Official Accused Of 'Kidnapping' | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


  1. This is unnecessary and criminal and anyone involved should be arrested. This is deliberate cruelty to human beings and Unamerican and despicable. I pray for an end to this behavior. There’s no excuse!

    1. What about Baltimore or Chicago? Seattle or Portland?? Los Angeles or San Francisco. Lots of suffering of people in these cities.

    2. These people are criminals. I don’t care what you think they are in your happy little fun-time communist utopia but in America, they are violating our laws by being here illegally. If you don’t like it, change it. Until you make an effort to do so, you amount only to a pathetic, anemic, crybaby.

    3. what have you done to help manny? how about you sponsor a bunch of these illegals and pay all their expenses? talk is cheap.

  2. A racist, an adulterer, and a criminal walk into a bar…
    The bartender asks, “What can I get you Mr. President?”

  3. The Border is shocking by what we know already and undoubtedly there’s a lot more to learn about folks that rip babies from Mother’s arms and cage children…

    1. @Kathleen Martin Well then you screwed aren’t you. This person is a citizen, knows much more about the climate and science then you, and I support this president. The nation has every RIGHT to protect and control who comes across. Do you disagree with that? The law as it stands now says that this nations ICE agents must deport every illegal alien in the country all 20 million. YOU are the one who needs more then a 5 grade understanding of the science of this planets climate. YOU are child and only think with your emotion.

    2. @bruce cockinson Obama DID Send back RECORD Numbers of People WITH Criminal Records…Just as a Dem President would not tear down Border stations.. The difference is..Obama did not deny people their RIGHTS under both Our Laws and International Law.. to seek Asylum or Refugee Status…People who present themselves at Legal Points of Entry with their ID and their Children’s ID to seek Asylum are NOT ILLEGALS… THAT is a FACT…The Stats Speak for themselves the number of People processed for Asylum under Obama’s Catch and Release Policy …that did NOT show up for their Hearings is under 10%… That means just over 90% of those claiming Asylum or Refugee Status DID SHOW UP for their Hearings.. These People WANT to Work..they Want to abide by the Law.. They want a CHANCE to Become American Citizens… YOU say… END OF SUBJECT

    3. @Mind Hive it sure was, but you didn’t care when obama was doing record breaking deportations, putting children in cages or separating families. Now, all of a sudden, you care?

  4. If Trump is elected for another term, it will have to be investigated to it’s fullest by an outside agency, Cocaine Mitch just blocked a bill o protect us from Russian interference. I guarantee a bigger than life war in the streets, nationwide if he’s re-elected.

    1. What will get people motivated to throw this corrupt administration and the entire GOP out of office?

  5. So when they find out the parents have been sent back…what happens to the kids?if there’s a deportation how do they find their parents?
    This really shows what kind of humans we are that it went on this long and half the country doesn’t care

    1. Remember the republican senator and his wife went to one of these facilities to pick out a kid to raise as a good Christian conservative!

    2. When they get separated by coyotes what happens? How do they get reunited? Or do these coyotes most times hold kids and other people longer than Border Patrol ever could to extort $$$ from the family waiting for them here in the US.

    1. Have you been to the Europe? They could careless who you are. The law is the law how hard is that to comprehend

    2. There are LOTS of US citizens in Mexico, in nursing homes $1200 a month all inclusive, in San Miguel de Allende took over the entire city with air bnb, in Guatemala, it’s all on youtube. Expats in medellin, Colombia…

    3. They won’t because they would lack the grounds. Americans tend to not immigrate illegally.

  6. “No, right now we’re being extremely nice to you. What you just put us through, what we had to go through. You’re lucky that I’m letting you talk to her right now.”

    Ah, the veiled threats of jack-booted authoritarianism, where what is implied is more important than what is said.

    “We don’t HAVE to be nice to you. No, we could make it MUCH worse for you. Give us a reason. You’re lucky we haven’t hurt you…or her…yet. How dare you inconvenience your masters.”

    1. @Rune – Thorne They call that profiling in my neighborhood! Careful he’s black he may have a gun. Give him a choke-hold. Let’s taser him before he becomes too violent! Check the trunk Joe! Welcome to my world!

  7. I have said that for ever now. Its kidnapping, and the very least keeping a child hidden and detained a infraction of the Hague.
    Its balls out kidnapping.

    1. @bella roja I believe that it us one or a few if his cabinet members, friends actually own these detention centers that sre housing those in private centers.

  8. Stephen Miller is my exception to being against capital punishment. But he deserves a long a torturous imprisonment instead. He absolutely deserves to be punished to the full extent of the law under the Geneva Convention by U.N. officials, along with many DHS and ICE officials. Frankly, we’ve invaded places for doing less.

    1. I fully agree Department of Homeland Security and immigration Customs and Border Patrol it’s just three Nazi organizations and I just really can’t stand it anymore when is an Administration finally just going to defund these things and criminalize their behavior and put these guys in prison you can’t just use the excuse that you’re following orders because you know they executed the Nazis when the Nazis said that they were just following orders in the Nuremberg trials and that’s what these guys are there just following orders and we need to treat them exactly the way we treated Nazis in the Nuremberg trials and they were executed and put in front of firing squads and that’s the only thing that I see that’s going to set things straight and wash the blood off of America’s hands is to get these officials and have them executed under the same rules and guidelines as the Nuremberg trials

    2. He’s got to be a spy. I don’t care where the h — it’s claimed he was born, that guy is NOT American.

    3. @Patriotic American Can’t go killin nobody. Having them relieved of their duties and defund these organizations for sure. The U.S Mexican and Canadian border just need to come down, so we can all live as one America like it was before european interventionalists came and change the concept of land ownership. One democracy one people. Americans not citizens of the United States. No more pledging allegiance to just one flag, we pledge allegiance to all people of our beautiful diverse continent.

  9. “I am in plain clothes, I do not have to show you any identification or warrant. I say you are illegal and coming with me. I smash your window and tell you how nice I am being.”
    -US Gestapo Agent in pink t-shirt

    1. @Patriotic American an example of what? You’re just trying to invoke the hatred of the Nazis the Nazis have nothing to do with somebody not identifying themselves as an officer of the law. And whether or not the officers identified themselves as the only thing I’m speaking about

    2. @kyle mossi
      Okay let me make it simple for you because I’m in a rush I don’t support these government departments and I don’t support their employees does that make sense to you or do you need additional context to understand my response

    3. @kyle mossi I am an American veteran 20 years. SSG/RET. An African American who has taught Latinos/Latinas and served with them. They’re my colleagues. I’ve also taught African American History, American History, and Civics. My niece has studied Islam and l’m currently working on my MDIV/MBA. Grew up in a predominately white High School. Taught 15 years as a teacher. Enought credentials for you? If l don’t have an opinion nobody does!

  10. *The American Empire ; where the Rule of Law is based on your race and your wealth, not your innocence or guilt.*

    1. True, but I’m sure it’s not any better where you come from. It’s the same in most countries, money and power lets you do anything.

    1. The problem is the Dems are NOT getting Trump on the real issue which is he’s NOT “getting the bad guys”, he’s going after people who presented themselves in court, followed the law, tried for asylum – he’s NOT going after “gang members” or child molesters, or traffickers – it’s all #’s and BS contracts, nothing to do with public safety and that’s why the Dems fail to persuade the public with this.

  11. Kidnapping looks exactly like that. It is among the most serious of crimes and should be punished by life in prison for each finding of guilt. Consecutively.

  12. for the psychopath, people are expendable, human life is cheap, and the exploitation of others is their right, this is the objectification indoctrination

    1. I take what you said very seriously but I had a moment where I could hear the Schoolhouse Rock singers: 🎵objectification indoctrination🎵

    2. Squeaky Vegan human life, what about all the baby’s you commies keep killing, they are the cheap ones! The wall is the most human thing to do, these illegals are doing this to their kids, not the government. The border patrol is a reaction, to the hoard of the left.

  13. They’re are just not arresting undocumented but also u.s. citizens , TRUMP government is the most corrupt!

    1. That’s because people, like you, are dumb enough to repeat the lies these smear merchants peddle.
      It’s petty manipulation and nothing more.
      If you’ve any sense you’ll toss these opinions aside.

  14. Wait til they are charged with child endangerment. ICE officers can not commit a crime even if it is an order.

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