1. My sympathies remain with the people of Ukraine 🇺🇦

    I regret the pain inflicted on average Russians, but sanctions are far kinder than what their military is inflicting on civilian targets.

    1. @Steve McCarron And you’re under the impression people living under the boot of an authoritarian regime can freely register their discontent? Seems awfully naive.

    2. @PhilaUSA I agree. Russia deserves much much stronger response than economic sanctions. The sanctions against Russia are way too kind.

    1. @Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi I ve been in one today in Saint Petersburg. 5 restaurants are still working in the city others will probably reopen in a couple of weeks. Ruble costs almost the same then in the begining of the year (5% difference). Your point?

  2. I understand being worried that you won’t be able to feed your family, but trying to grab a bunch of bags of sugar while there are so many people beside you that also need it just shows what’s wrong with humanity. Like how people bought up masks and hand sanitizers to turn around and sell at ridiculous prices. People don’t think about one another anymore. People are apathetic to any suffering that isn’t their own.

    1. @minalkra jfc what do you have against deaf people who need subtitles 😒 that said they should have subs for everything

    2. Does that question Matter?
      Do you?
      Not if you’re concerned with subtitles.
      Go ahead and end it.

    1. What are you talking about.This is only the beginning,next is the west,just wait and see.The hunger started already.

    2. wow, people in US really reveal how “tolerant” and “humanitaran” they are. gross. hope you don’t have kids.

  3. I guess they can be thankful no one is blowing up their homes or being cowardly slaughtered.
    Stay strong Ukraine.

  4. I feel bad for what sanctions are doing to the Russian people, but I feel much worse for the Ukrainians whose country was invaded and people murdered.

  5. This is how all dictators end their regime. This clearly proves that it is deadly to stay in power for too long. +22 years in power made him insane.

  6. Good job Putin. Put people right back into the food lines – just like the old days. Unbelievable.

  7. Welcome to glorious Soviet era Russia! Citizens proudly stand in lines to buy basic goods as a show of nationalism and support for the country!

  8. It almost seems like they want to suffer. The thought of suffering and getting stronger from it seems to be a thing there.

  9. However bad the situation is in Russia, the people of Ukraine are suffering much more severely. No comparison.

  10. I agree with the vast majority of sanctions, and would generally be happy with more of them. However I’m really not sure about blocking medicines. That would seem to be directly life-threatening to the general public.

    1. Reply to Bear Ram
      What about the suffering caused to the people of Ukraine? Analyse my dear.Peace is better than war no matter the differences.

    2. @Syn Nest I take it you mean it’s the individual companies, that are suspending their operations or exports, rather than a government mandate? That’s a good point, which I feel foolish I didn’t realize before.

  11. Its awful this is happening. My heart bleeds for Ukraine such a beautiful place to visit but my heart also bleeds for the Russian people. They are not our enemy. Its only Putin. They have so much potential if only they got rid of Putin.

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