Stunning Medical Testimony On Day 9 Of Chauvin Trial | The Last Word | MSNBC

Stunning Medical Testimony On Day 9 Of Chauvin Trial | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


  1. This whole trial should have been 5 minutes. Show the footage —> read verdict —> haul off to prison.

    1. @Mathews Robert C’mon, you are either racist or did not watch the testimony. I hope it’s due to low comprehension skills or did not see the testimony to believe that he died from an OD. Don’t listen to your racist or dumb friends.

    2. @Heaven “What could he have done in that position?”

      He had to be restrained because he could have still tried to get away and run into on coming traffic. Again, the officers number one priority is to neutralize someone who could possibly injure or get others killed by his or hers recklessness. There are so many other factors that could put others at risk unless the person is completely restrained. I don’t know why that is so hard for you to understand. Imagine if Chauvin let up on Floyd (who was a massive man btw) and trying to desperately flee ran into traffic and a driver swerved instinctively and hit your mom or any loved one of yours? Why do you show so much empathy for scum?

  2. Folks that think positional asphyxiation doesn’t exist, also say a mask inhibits their breathing.😆

    1. @Chris R knee on your neck stops oxygen and blood flow to your brain. Ever tried the pass out game? You can breath but the lack of blood to your head knocks you out.

    2. @Kalina Phan You know the jugular is on the side of the neck towards the front, right? Not the back towards the top of the shoulder blades…that’s why the knockout game has you pressing on the neck there, and not where his knee is.

      And once again, you aren’t even trying to account for the fact the man started complaining about not being able to breath before he even started resisting, and before Chauvin even applied any force on him. Does the man’s knee know how do do a jedi force choke like Darth Vader? No, the reason Floyd felt like he couldn’t breath was because he was beginning to have a heart attack because of all the drugs in his system.

      People have died from overdoses with less than half as much fentanyl as what was in his system, but no, apparently overdose is just an impossibility, instead it was… the cop’s one magically blocking his jugular or airway from the opposite side as either of those things? No, I don’t think so…

    3. @Richard Whipple Yea, no, if he was able to yell, he was very much capable of breathing sufficiently to sustain life. The reason he was feeling like h couldn’t breathe, which started before he was even on the ground by the way, was because he was experiencing a cardiac event.

  3. I say do to Chauvin the same thing for the same amount of time and see if you get the same results. It is the only way to be sure.

    1. @Melissa Denbo He didn’t.
      But looks like he was “enrolled” into the Chauvin Academy of Justice.

  4. Am I missing something? Why aren’t they talking about Chauvin’s hands in pockets? If he felt threatened why did he put his hands in his pockets?

    1. @Chris R Wrong again. People who say they can’t breath are using their residual lung capacity to say that.. Everyone has residual/dead air. When you use it, you die.

    2. @Chris R The defense hasn’t proved that he died by overdose, all the cops turned on Derek, all doctors turned on Derek, even the Shop owner turned on Derek. Quit talking hypothetically and wait for the trial to end

    3. @Chris R Where was the “angry” crowd? The MMA fighter called 911 as he witnessed a murder. He was pushed back at once because he came off the sidewalk into the street. An LA officer testified that the crowd wasn’t pushing or angry.

    1. I saw a drugged up criminal fighting with police before his heart gave out, when did you see the murder?

  5. Dr. Tobin did such a thorough and fine job.
    He talked about training nurses and medical students on certain techniques– I imagine he is very easy to learn from.

    1. @BWJ “trying to establish himself as an expert in this field of work”…have you looked at his resume?

    2. @melissa saint Tobin said that fentanyl had no affect on Floyd’s breathing, the ME stated that if he had not been shown the video he was going to call it an overdose. That in itself suggest to me that fentanyl was a factor. Tobin said that Floyd’s respiratory rate was normal. If Floyd’s respiratory rate was normal then how do they account for the fact that Floyd started complaining about not being able to breathe while in the car and continued until he died. Tobin said that there it was not unusual to not see any sign. The ME stated that he expected to see signs of bruising in the area where Chauvin’s knee had been placed. That’s why he peeled back the skin on Floyd’s neck and back and did not find any signs of bruising. Floyd had an enlarged heart from being overworked due to high blood pressure and an artery that was 90% blocked. Now Chauvin failed in his duty as a peace officer with custodial care of an arrestee. When Floyd first complained about not being able to breathe they should have taken him out of the car and sat him down and called for paramedics/emt. A police officer has to err on the side of caution; even if it turns out that the arrestee is faking.

    3. @BWJ if Mr Floyd would’ve od’d from the drugs that he’d taken surely that would’ve happened in the moments straight after he’d used the drug. The defence is clutching at straws using this as it is clear to see that the only reason he died was due to strangulation and lack of oxygen which for all to see was totally avoidable. Shame on Chauvin for not taking some responsibility and admission.

    4. @BWJ I can’t believe that any rational person would try to argue that the cause of FLoyd’s death was anything other than having 3 men sitting on him for 9 minutes.
      You have to be either wilfully argumentative or harbour a nefarious agenda.
      Which is it?

    5. @Ged Farnan I mean, the man had enough fentanyl in him to drop me like a midget who just took a sledge hammer to the back of the head from Shaquille O’Neal. You think maybe that has something to do with it chief?

  6. Dr Tobin was everything on the stand! He was calm he gave examples anyone could understand

    1. @BWJ “He was also proven to be a liar.”
      Maybe the defense can call you as a rebuttal expert. So where did you get your medical degree?

    2. In other words he told you what you wanted to hear, probably because he knows it’s what you want to hear, and that you might riot if he tells you differently, oh, and he knows his full name is on screen under his face as he says it.

    1. If you are taking your legal expertise from Law & Order then it’s no wonder you haven’t figured out Chauvin is on his way to being acquitted yet. It’s a TV show… not even a well written one.

    2. @Chris R They didn’t say that, though. They’re implying that Tobin is an interesting enough witness who gave an interesting enough testimony to make an episode of Law and Order. Also.. Things don’t need to be high quality to gain public support. Like a poorly written tv show, or a poorly maintained justice system.

      Edit: Changed first word from “he,” to “they.”
      Changed starter of second sentence from “he’s,” to “they’re.”

    3. @Sleepy Crim you know very well that you don’t have to edit; we all get it. And you are right.

    4. @Chris R writing a character based on his approach toward testifying, and his manner of giving professional opinion, is a very viable approach toward developing a character. How could it not?
      Not just his words, but his manner.
      Aside from that, he knocked that testimony right outta the park.

  7. Chauvin kept his knee on for another 3 minutes – AFTER Floyd took his last breath. Count 1 to 180.
    Feels like a long time, don’t it?

  8. Dr Tobin s detailed description of how Floyd reached his death was amazingly detailed and thorough

    1. Any person with any doubt, needs to watch De. Tobin’s testimony, facts, equations etc. I noticed things I didn’t before and what my eyes saw was murder. POS. Tao was shoving minors, that’s how threatened he seemed.

  9. I clearly understood Dr. Tobin; even considering his speech. Which wasn’t a barrier and he spoke so we’ll in layman terms for a baby to understand. He’s truly amazing.

  10. I want Dr Tobin to be my GP(general practitioner) doctor. I love this guy, speaking in layman’s terms he knows how to speak to the commen person. Loved the way he engaged the jury I was sitting on the side of my bed doing the exercise he was asking them to do. I was never bored!! Much love 4 him. Today is Tobin’s!!!🥰🤗💚🧡💛❤

  11. The reason George Floyd died was from over dose of excessive force from Chauvin knee on his neck for 9 minutes and 29 seconds.

  12. Like Einstein said . If you can’t explain it simply. then you don’t know it well enough . He explained it beautifully 👍👍

    1. @Wayne Urquhart I might need the cliff notes version 😂 but what a job he did explaining it all to a layman.

  13. As a Respiratory Therapist, I was wrapped by Dr. Tobin’s testimony as well–Dr. Tobin bought my textbook that he wrote alive in the courtroom, and was so simplistic in his explanation of the airway and lung function

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