‘Stunningly Dangerous’: Watch Trump Insider React To Mary Trump’s Bombshells | MSNBC


    1. @William H Music 2020 you didn’t do too well at school, did you? You’re probably a flat earther & believe the Earth is only 6000 years old, too

    2. It’s all been a power trip, culminating in that bible photo op, and who knows how much further if he was allowed to dominate the streets of the US big cities

  1. What many people don’t realise is that if the hospital beds are full of covid patients, then there’s no room for anyone else.

    If you live in Florida or Arizona, try not to have a heart attack, or a car accident or a stroke any time soon. Cos if you do, you might need treatment and they might not have an ICU bed available for you!

    Allowing the virus to spread undeterred won’t just cause 1000’s of unnecessary covid deaths, it will cause 1000’s of unnecessary deaths from other causes too!

    1. Yes…the NBA is getting fantastic health care in Disney World. They get tested every day even when living in a bubble. This while people exposed to covid stay in line for hours and wait weeks for the results. Unconscionable.

    2. Yes…. it is like a chainreaction. I would like to know how many people already died indirectly of covid19.

  2. Fred Drumpf raised a cold, heartless sociopath. Now the world is his victim. Vote BLUE2020.

    1. @Colin Mahoney Baby Trump? Is that anything like baby Yoda? Colon?
      tinyurl.com/v2r8dgt 🎶

    2. Yes,we must vote blue otherwise this great nation will cease to exist.Why would someone vote for someone who openly despises them?

    3. @mr ed Actually in reality Democracts support Transvestites and HOMOSEXUALS. *FACT
      tinyurl.com/y7m4ny8f 🎶

    4. @William H Music 2020
      Clever little boy thingey bob!
      I bet your mother was really proud of you when you started kindy, on your 25 birthday!

  3. Trumps niece knows her uncle. How is it everyone that speaks on him has the same story. He’s so stupid he believes he’s smart.

    1. @John Lightfoot You are correct! I had to hear from someone in NZ! It doesn’t surprise me, I’ve been expecting it since the Tulsa rally. I’m surprised that it’s taken this long. I review our US political news at least three times a day and it had not shown up in the key news feed. Thanks for letting us know. Pray for us! Biden 2020.

  4. Nero fiddled while Rome burned – Trump plays golf while his country dies from Covid-19. He has blood on his hands.

    1. @Jenny Bartel aside from that fool trump, you are the CRAZIEST person I’ve come across in a lllloooonnnggg time.

    2. @bosephusx didn’t China and the who hide the facts from the world. Even under the best response deaths were inevitable so what number of lives lost would be acceptable.


  5. And yet millions of Americans fully intend to vote for this lying, ignorant sociopath. America needs to do better.

    1. @Randy Couch Randy you work is import becouse stand deports . Is me work make revition information in Elections ,go Easy.

    2. You don’t know the meaning of the word commynism.You couldn’t define it if your life depended on it.

    1. @Robert Neal
      As I didn’t mention black folk(s), but political organizations, anqueefa and blackliesmatter, where are all the racial connotations that you said were made? I can only assume that you think political organizations are a race that one can be racist against.

    1. SHARON’S SPIRITUAL SPACE I get that u don’t like trumps policies so u have to resort to calling him all these different names (racist, sociopath, evil etc.) but if u truly think joe Biden is better fit for office than trump than ur just straight up in denial

    2. Leonardo DiCaprio at least Biden has a history of service to his country. Congressmen from both sides of the aisle respect him for his. Accomplishments. Trump’s impact during his term has primarily been missed promises: Mexico hasn’t paid a dime toward the wall, the coal industry isn’t coming back, his health plan to replace the ACA is a no show, his contribution to the smoke and mirrors tax reform bill was a bullet point list of six suggestions, he has managed to associate with people in his campaign 8 of which are now felons. He has been impeached. He was implicated in the Meullar report of eleven acts of obstruction of justice. He has imprisoned immigrants, separating families some of whom have no idea what happened to their kids or have sickened and died in custody. Yes, I’ll take Biden though I’d rather have Bernie. Biden isn’t marching to the poorhouse behind a cadre of expensive lawyers who sue anyone the Donald is angry with. Biden doesn’t have properties mortgages to the hilt and asking counties for lease relief. He should resign, leave and go into hiding.

  6. Donald Trump claims he has a 96% approval rating in the Republican party.

    He doesn’t even have a 96% approval rating in his own family!!!

    1. @AA RC
      One look at Widdle Willy’s screen picture tells you all you need to know about him….

    2. @William H Music 2020 Even when elected in 2016 the majority did not vote for Trump. Now more people seem to be leaving the sinking ship, so even less of a majority. Do the math.

    1. @Robyn Justice You cant censor the truth kid. People are waking up and rejecting the left’s sick ideology.

    2. Trump doesn’t, really, trust anyone even his own family.

      The same way he has made it into his 8 decade on the planet without a genuine friendship.

      He just doesn’t do empathy.

  7. Thank you Mary Trump.
    She is a trained psychologist and has seen this sociopath up close and personal and knows how unfit he is for office. Thanks Tony Schwartz for your continued insights.

    1. Failure trump is a product of a very troubled and dysfunctional society.

      Get rid of Donny and there are **plenty** more, especially filling the ranks of the gop.

  8. King Toadstool knows he’s going down, so, he’s working to dismantle as much of the country as possible.

    1. Time is running out for Trump. Putin won’t pay him if he doesn’t come through. 
      It’s no surprise that this sociopath was mentored by Roy Cohn, one of the most despicable human beings who ever lived.

  9. Trump is a sociopath, we need kindness and leadership moving forward, not an incompetent racist.

    1. He’s not an incompetent racist, he’s EXTREMELY competent as racists go. Especially at emboldening other racists

    1. Michael Gibson. It’s as accurate as whatever is available in the known respected media. If you doubt everything, nothing is accurate. That’s how Trump does his trick, sowing doubt.

  10. “This is a man without empathy or conscious” which makes him the leader of the Republican Party

    1. Some keep asking him to do better. He’s an emotional amputee. It’s gone. He can never feel for others

    1. I’m confused 😕 earlier in the interview she said something along the lines “don’t let them get you down” or “don’t let them see you sweat”. Supposedly she said this to him earlier in his presidency. But you knew the man he was before he became president. Why would she say such encouraging words to him earlier on but now telling him to Resign. I’m confused 😕

    1. Um, we’ve been discussing Trump’s incompetence and insanity every since he made Sean Spicer lie about the size of Trump’s inaugural crowd. Where you been??

    2. @Pat McCann Don’t trivialize, Pat. This is a serious subject. I’m a scarred victim of parental mental abuse. and believe me, it ain’t a joking matter.

    1. FortCC This is the one main question I have. That’s not an insignificant figure. One has to assume that the political divide in America is enormous and there is no middle ground alternative. I also find it odd that the Republican seniors still fall in behind him..the impeachment proceedings were a stain on the party and I predict a disaster for their Senate seats come November . This is how great nations start their decline.

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