Subpoenaing Records From January 6th 'Can Start Today’ 1

Subpoenaing Records From January 6th ‘Can Start Today’


Former Republican Barbara Comstock, who accompanied Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick’s mother and partner on Capitol Hill as they met with lawmakers, and Rep. Madeleine Dean (D-PA) express their disappointment over the January 6th commission legislation failing in the Senate, and discuss what other actions Congress can take

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    1. @Tim Kozlowski I’m sure in your tiny little mind that’s true. Here in the real world, not so much.

    2. @Tim Kozlowski I’m smart enough to know Trump colluded with the Russians and also smart enough not to believe a single word the lying orange traitor says.

  1. Not only could start. It should start immediately. Trump has already been destroying evidence.

    1. @Jbro Mclawdog It is hard to take your arguments when they all stem from false premises. Donald Trump is a pathological liar that has convinced his base of an alternate universe in which you appear to be a citizen. The people here on planet earth deal with real numbers, scientific facts and natural laws that the majority can agree upon. Nothing you say can have any real credibility here because of your repeating spin that the rest of us know as false. Nothing personal!

    2. @Jbro Mclawdog Did you you not see the news about Putin helping rump in 2016 and 2020.

    3. @Jock Young exactly right on the economy under Trump. Trump is the man who sees a door that is almost all the way open, opens it an inch more, and tries to take credit for the whole thing.

      Unemployment, pre covid, only went down about 1.5% under Trump. There were less jobs created under Trump than during the last three years under Obama. Many of the indicators that gauge the health of the economy trended upward at the same trajectory under Trump as they did Obama.

    4. @Jbro Mclawdog oh, Trump lowered taxes on corporations alright… did next to nothing for employment though. $2 trillion added to the deficit and most of the corporations spent their tax windfall on stock buybacks. Of the top Fortune 500 companies only a handful of them actually gave anything to their employees and most of those were just bonuses. Great return on a multi trillion dollar investment!

  2. Feel sorry for mom……almost all of GOP to shun the mother just trying to find out the truth!! So cowardice to not face her but still continuing to say it was just a tourist trip on a peaceful overthrow of government!!

    1. @Piktor Music YUP the motto is: Trump over truth. Donald is death over democracy……Embrace evil, support hate!

    2. @Maggie totally agree w u!! Just disrespectful, at least meet the mother and listen to what she had to say.

  3. Well the BS that it was AntiFa is laid to rest. Who are the Trumpists going to blame now?

    1. @Grant S Yes I read your comment. It’s not on my feed now but you seemed to think red or blue team could only blindly support their team. And you said insurrection rather than attempted insurrection or attempted coup. If you think it was something else argue with the participants own words and social media accounts. Telling people what they think is an assumption. The insults were obvious.

    2. @Grant S I’m loathe to feed the paranoia and self importance but sure. Happy Memorial weekend.

  4. Can we outlaw retrumplicans? If there are any republicans left, you should start your own party.

    1. @Devin Shea Productions What news are you watching? Biden won and you can’t get over the past. It’s so strange how you all do not think at all. Feel free to respond like five days later.

    2. ​@Roman, LMAO. Did you have problem with my comments? Don’t answer that, I already know. That’s your problem, not mine.

    3. The police are known for usually voting for republicans that must feel like a stab in the back

  5. So Democrats move forward without the Republicans on a special consuel.
    Note Any involve Republican can be charged.

    1. @John DiGiacomo I know all that. I think you are overlooking the impact any willing Republicans will add to the committees. The committees could even be called bi-partisan and their party will not have a case to bring. Maybe it could split them for good.

    2. @jish55 All very True. Lauren Boebert gave illegal tours of the capitol a day or so before the attack to 15 people that she refuses to identify. On the Day of the attack Marjorie Greene was caught tweeting out Nancy Pelosi’s position in the Capitol and claiming that it was her right to do so when a reporter responded to her tweets saying that what she was doing was dangerous and risked the life of Pelosi! Other GOP Senate members paid for the busses that transported the Domestic Terrorist to the White House! Three other Republicans are linked to funding the of the stop the steal rally campaign that encouraged the tRump sniffing cultists to gather and march on the Capitol on January 6th 2021.

    3. Jim McLoughlin, I doubt if it will split their party anymore than it already. The point is there are Republicans on those committees, they have the opportunity to work for the public, or their party, but they will not be able to block the Democrats on the committee.

  6. Whether Republicans “participate” or not, doesn’t change the Facts. Uncover the Facts and we’ll have the TRUTH!!

    1. We’ll have the truth but the Republicans will block any attempt to do something about it.

    2. @Jonish ramirez You forgot to put the mark for sarcasm. /s Some people! I thought it was hilarious. They are worried about Hunter Biden making 3 million a year as a Yale educated attorney while Javanka made 83 million as unpaid presidential advisors and got 50 trademarks for Chinese products. Hmmmm?

  7. It’s not that they don’t want to get to the truth, because they already know the truth. They just want to bury it.

    1. @Trent Timoy I know right? Hillary Clinton cooperated with the investigation, because she knew that it was the right thing to do, even if it was a waste of time and energy for her. The Republicans don’t want there to be an independent commission because they know it will hurt them, but the GQP might have shot themselves in the foot by striking down the bipartisan commission, because now, Democrats can subpoena without GOP approval. Careless move by the GOP. It could have even helped them politically, but it seems that they need to do whatever possible to appease Donald Trump.

    2. @TrollKing9001 The GQP will ALWAYS cry foul play regardless of what the next step is. Don’t get it twisted. There WILL BE an investigation into donnie’s Insurrection on Jan 6th, 2021 without a doubt!

  8. “Are they complicit in some way?”
    The answer seems to be that at least some of them are, to the point of criminal liability. But McConnell and McCarthy are both in the position of protecting those criminals or losing seats in their respective chambers.
    Doing the right thing isn’t even being considered as an option by Republican leadership. But when has it ever been?

    1. @David Tingley, we all know that the republican senators led by Kevin and mitch are shyte deep in this mess thats why they don’t want an investigation. Karma isn’t reserved just for a particular group of people. Justice is coming it’s just taking a round about way

  9. I honestly never envisioned a political party blocking an investigation into the attempted assassination of the Vice President and members of congress. Remember how they set up a gallows and screamed “HANG MIKE PENCE”? Coz Republicans can’t.

    1. @Romance with the Past not the same thing, you have responsibility for an insurrection. Period.

    2. @Romance with the Past Except cities didn’t burn. At least not in the real world. Only in the fantasy land of FOX news, which showed footage of Spanish cities burning and tried to claim they were American cities being burned down.

    3. @Adam Taylor The protests that took place in 140 U.S. cities this spring were mostly peaceful, but the arson, vandalism and looting that did occur will result in at least $1 billion to $2 billion of paid insurance
      The KICKER
      Example Minneapolis and St. Paul. Nearly 1,500 small businesses heavily damaged or completely destroyed, Insurance are offering demolition reimbursement at $25,000 to $50,000, Bids to clear sites $200,000 to $300,000. Because burnt down building must be considered as hazardous. A good majority were black American’s.

    4. @Romance with the Past A few buildings are not a city. While destruction should not have happened, if justice was administered fairly to everyone always, then it would not happen. If blacks and other than whites weren’t living with an alternative treatment for similar actions then this wouldn’t happen. Tell your associates to fix the system.

    1. actually way more than that. Maybe it would be easier to list the republicans who WEREN’T involved?

  10. The Staff and everyone in that building should have a vote in the commission. How do they sleep? Time always tells the truth.

    1. People with no conscience have no trouble sleeping at night. You think people like McCarthy, McConnell, Gaetz, MTG and pretty much the majority of the Republican Party care about doing the wrong thing? They don’t. It’s all about Trump’s butt, getting for their re-election campaigns and keeping their cushy seats in the House or Senate.

    2. The only thing that could trouble their sleep is the thought of losing their job!…..and Trump turning against them

    1. The prob is they don’t have subpoena powers. Thats why they need a commission. The news has to rely on sources.

    2. —- > The truth is already revealed in the impeachment trial. Republican Senators violated their trial oath with a partisan vote.

    1. Sadly they are obviously protecting each other or themselves only guilty people are not transparent

    1. Hi saw this nice comment of yours that caught my attention but we are not friends here on YouTube, I hope we could be friends if you don’t mind

    1. ‘Leader’ McCarthy will have some explaining to do about the call to his “Fearful Leader” in the afternoon of January 6th. Did Trump tell him he knew they were his supporters and they were more upset over Trump’s loss than McCarthy was? It that was so, why did it take hours more for the National Guard to come clean the US Capitol of the ignorant MAGA trash?

    2. @John Swo Trump refused. it was Pence who finally got it done…though I give him no points. He spent 4 years derelict in his constitutional duties.

    3. @espy Hi saw this nice comment of yours that caught my attention but we are not friends here on YouTube, I hope we could be friends if you don’t mind

    4. McCarthy is a spineless weasel. He sent Kotko to negotiate a deal. He got everything he asked for, and then decided to cower in the corner.

    1. ​@mahogany muffin Oh, but he is! He has almost a complete stranglehold on the party, which is allowing the rot to continue creeping through every level of government as well as reinforcing the cult behaviour. The longer an infestation continues, the harder it is to get rid of it.

    2. @Sheila Boston Then the boil will burst, engulfing those in its vicinity with the glutinous pus exuded by the infected 45.

  11. The FBI should investigate the whole entire Republican house and senate. Follow the phone calls and data.

    1. @espy This whole administration has to deal with both the smoking crater they were handed but have to go above and beyond mere ground level to be considered successful. Biden built a whole shadow state department well before the election to get a grip on what challenges they might face. He hired people not for their political positions or history so much as skills and sphere of expertise. I really didn’t expect much from him but he has earned some patience with me. There is a method to his sanity and a strategy he is smart enough not to telegraph to the R’s. It’s not genius, just decades of experience. I’m not counting him out of anything just because i’d like it to happen faster.

    2. Who had the PANIC BUTTONS REMOVED from Democrat Rep. AYANNA PRESSLEY’S office ?
      Who can just WALTZ into the Capitol with POWER TOOLS and do some RANDOM CONSTRUCTION/DEMOLITION ???

    3. @Knightmarecity K I agree, but his “shadow state dept”? only there because he was refused entry (candidates get special info) not only before the election, but long after. A person has to be creative in these circumstances, and I applaud him. He didn’t raise a fuss as clearly trump would have done (actually, trump would have given up and been on fox 24/7 complaining!), but he worked around the problem. that not only takes guts, but intelligence and planning. Despite any flaws, I really do believe Biden loves this country and what it used to stand for, and I think his interest is in the right place. He will make mistakes. he will let us down, but he will NOT destroy this country as Trump has done. I would rather trust a true patriot than an imbecilic, narcissistic traitor whose whole focus is in destroying America.

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