‘Substantial Causal Factor’ Of Death: What The State Must Prove In Chauvin Trial | All In | MSNBC

“The jury instructions state that to cause it, it doesn’t have to be the only thing—as long as it’s a substantial causal factor in the death. It can be one of many, but as long as it’s substantial, then that can carry the day for the prosecution,” says Katie Phang on what the state must prove for in the Chauvin trial. Aired on 04/09/2021.
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‘Substantial Causal Factor’ Of Death: What The State Must Prove In Chauvin Trial | All In | MSNBC


    1. @R N All you have to do is stop hate-watching her, freakshow. Every time you comment on her videos, you increase her internet traffic, which increases her ratings. You’re helping her out.

    1. @Mark Internets Did you not watch the medical examer testify that the drugs was not letal George Floyd died by the police. Compression on the neck and back also the heart doctor gave a Awesome testify he even had the jorurs to put their hands on their neck gave a detailed of his findings ruled it a homicide as well

  1. Please God, please don’t this poor excuse for a man, and now ex cop, get away with him murdering my fellow human 🙏 please God.

    1. you´re right.
      if george didn´t do criminal things he would still be alive.
      instead he went totally high in a shop and paying with fake dollars.

    2. @grin chi That is not what she said. She stated that particular individual, which meant any other police group responded to the call, he wouldn’t have died, which is why Chauvin should end up in jail.

    3. grin chi do you not know that it’s pretty common for someone to have a fake bill and either not know ever or they find out when they go to pay for something. It’s happened to me before. Drug use, having a fake bill and even resisting arrest are not death sentences, certainly not to be carried out by police officers who don’t follow their training.

    4. The defense was trying to suggest that other health factors were causal in Mr. Floyd’s death other than having Chauvin obstruct his breathing for nine minutes.

  2. Really nice to finally hear someone in the news make the point that the presence of pre-existing conditions don’t mean he wasn’t murdered. We don’t value people’s lives more or less based on their health.

    1. Pretty pink dork but not agree with you more because God help us all everyone pretty much has some kind of pre-existing condition and in the event of our death because of Miss judgment on the part of some other person would hear you’re getting punched in the face or held down by the police your pre-existing condition should not be held against you if in fact the very reason that you lost your life was because some man was pushing his knee on your neck cutting off your card Android artery or your jugular and once you do that it is hard for the brain to process what to do next to the lack of blood flow next thing is the deed of the back how in the heck was the man supposed to get taken a breath of air there were three police officers on that man and there was no reason for that he was not struggling it for not any other reason than to take his last breath

    2. @Claudia Moore —- > i agree. George Floyd was handcuffed and in the back seat of the patrol car, he had offered no resistance, but Chauvin had him dragged out and put on the ground. Why?

  3. Allow the Floyd family to choose a family member of their choice to kneel on Chauvins neck in court for 9:26 and if he survives then he is not guilty 🇺🇸

    1. Assuming that I agreed with the idea of a witch trial for Chauvin, which I don’t; you’d need 3 people so that Chauvin would have the same likelihood of movement that Floyd had as well as the compression of the neck. The other two made it hard for Floyd’s diaphragm to work. I’m sure 2 other family members wouldn’t be inconvenienced.

    2. @iwinzeazy Never said that. Your comment is on using something that would be cruel and unreasonable to determine guilt or innocent. It’s also not sufficient in that the test was not even the circumstances of Floyd’s death.
      You’re now deflecting to make me look like the person in the wrong.

    1. Racist, bigots, those without conscience, people on parole or probation who fear being returned to prison, and those that are in financial straights and would accept payment to twist their true testimony into a Test-a-lie.

    2. Well seeing as that the defense tried to cite a Canadian study (that was not peer reviewed) when cross examining one of the doctors, I’m sure they have some nonsense up their sleeves.

  4. So when is the murderer going to be on trial? As opposed to the victim for faking the cause of his death.

    1. Trixie loves you thank you for making this very simple statement that you made don’t turn the victim into the reason or the cause of his own death especially after witnessing the video recordings of what we’re actually went down. Thank you for posting because it’s really important that this time Justice matters because if he hadn’t had that chance meeting with officer Chauvin that day he might still be alive which was a point then another person also commented on in this blog thank you both for keeping the pace and keeping in mind that there was no reason for this fellow man of ours to die stay safe and be well in 2021

  5. The most critical pre-existing condition for Floyd is that he was alive before the knee and dead after.

  6. —- > My perspective is that it’s not okay to restrain someone like Chauvin did when the person is handcuffed and is not resisting even if they have a health condition or did take drugs. George Floyd was handcuffed and in the back seat of the patrol car but Chauvin had him dragged out and put on the ground. Why?

  7. Thank you Chris Hayes. This is the best discussion of this trial I’ve heard. I’m a Minneapolis native who lived on this street and frequented Cup Foods when I was the legal guardian of two Black teenagers. I’ve been in shock and mourning since May 25, 2020. I can’t watch this trial alone because I’m too distraught at the thought of this monster being released into the world again.

  8. Jury instruction is key component to the deliberation process. Then factor in biases, viewpoints and life experiences…

  9. I think the standard for “Conviction” is FAR TOO HIGH. In most group-decision making efforts, a majority of 50%+1 is sufficient for that group to decide one way or the other, which the group then follows. If it’s a more important matter, a 2/3 majority is required for permanent long-lasting legislation. A unanimous judgement (of 100%) is very rare on Anything. A lot of times you can’t even get a group to agree that the Sky is blue, or that Stealing is wrong.
    People want a Pretty-Good judgement system, to decide whether the defendant committed the crime, and if so, how much to punish him for it.
    But I don’t think that most people like an ALL-OR-NOTHING judgement process in which, in too many cases, the “guilt” and the “punishment” are NOTHING.

  10. 2:41 not the same. an autopsy would show that the punch killed the old person almost 100%. what does the floyd autopsy show? not only that, someone going up and hitting an elderly person randomly is different than someone sent to take care of the situation in an official capacity and the person they are dealing with is out of control for at least some of the time. the body cam shows another angle which no one here will talk about because it hurts narratives, the knee was more on the shoulder. yeah, angles mean everything. 10ft looks one way and two feet away on the opposite side looks another way. is chauvin a sub-par police officer no matter what? yes, of course.

    1. S B the medical examiner was on the stand yesterday. He gave extensive reasons as to why he listed the cause of death and subsequently categorized it as a homicide. Try to find the entire testimony, including the cross examination by defense and then the further questioning after that by the prosecution. He said chauvin caused the death by way of the chokehold. It wasn’t drugs that stopped his heart and it wasn’t preexisting conditions that stopped his heart. Bottom line is that Floyd would have survived the arrest if chauvin would have followed his training and placed Floyd on his side when he was supposed to.

    2. @Lindsey Stein i didn’t see an autopsy of homicide, i’m just going by what they are debating here. but if that is the case then it is a done deal.

    3. @Lindsey Stein
      100%clear as day. and people will still argue saying blue is red. they are opposite because they are evil

    4. S B that’s what the state’s autopsy says. Apparently there were two autopsies that reached the same conclusions, but the findings were worded a bit differently. There are a lot of articles about it. Or you could watch some of court tv’s clips of testimonies.

  11. How substantially evidenced do they want it. Is the video and testimony from witnesses, the police, the upper echelon of the police, and the coroner not enough? Nine plus minutes with your hands in your pockets while resting on the neck of the healthiest person in the world would be deadly! Those who say not lack a conscience, and have issues that sway their morals which prevent them from righteous judgments. 💯

  12. If only Chauvin would have tased him we’d get back 35+ dead or murdered and 2 billion in property damages

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