Subway CEO on menu changes: The one thing we did not touch is our tuna 1

Subway CEO on menu changes: The one thing we did not touch is our tuna


Subway CEO John Chidsey talks with CNN's Julia Chatterley about the restaurant chain's biggest menu refresh in 56 years. He also addresses controversy around its tuna. #CNN #News #Business


    1. The only thing worse than the Dems dismantling America is the Republicans trying to break it up and steal it at the same time. What happens to every country in history when a leader appoints all his buddies and family members to run a country? They always fail.

    2. I think we should have another riot. To bring back the Seafood Sub. I can eat tuna at home any day.

    1. It really depends on which country you live in. If you go to subway in a country that enforces very high standards in food it’s a very different experience compared to eating at one in the US which is more lax in that regard.

  1. “Subway CEO on menu changes: The one thing we did not touch is our tuna”

    Me neither – I wouldn’t have a clue…

    1. Whatever happened to Jared? Jared was the best spokesman. He lost all of that weight eating Subway subs and now he’s not on the commercials anymore. Bummer! We need Jared🤙

    2. @Surf_KaaboMantis10 I think he has been arrested or had issues regarding kids and something inappropriate

  2. “The one thing we should have touched was our tuna.” There, fixed your statement for you Mr Subway.

    1. Cheap joke all super old news they ditched the creep maybe stick to the tuna sandwich.

    2. @soylentdean lol that is a better joke as it doesn’t make subway look like a pedo supporter, jokes are best when they a true.

  3. “The one thing we did not touch is our tuna” Well that’s a good thing. No one should be touching that till they can figure out what it is.

  4. “We spent millions on food innovation and investing in our ingredients.”

    Translation: Brad the intern was forced to actually eat a sandwich and he threw up.

  5. Imagine being the “largest restaurant chain in the world” and needing to bring in MORE/NEW customers?!! Maybe try focusing on QUALITY over QUANTITY

    1. ​@Tim Williams Obviously costs go up. A cursory look online seems to indicate the average price of a footlong is $8-9, more for the premium items obviously. Please correct my figures if you have a more accurate estimate. We wouldn’t suddenly be paying $15 for all footlongs. That’s my point. A 20% increase of operating cost should not require a 66% increase in product prices

    2. @fordprefect294 if you want to be technical there are a lot of unknowns such as our food suppliers raising their wages and passing it on to us with increased prices. Of course it may not be a dollar to dollar match at every location but there is a 100% chance food prices will increase dramatically if wages increase to $15 per hour. At least you have some sense to you unlike the others that commented and have no idea about business.

    3. *There’s no such thing. If you don’t have enough money, then you’re not working hard enough.*

    4. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 translation is you believe there are certain jobs which don’t deserve to be paid enough for the job holder to exist with dignity on a single full time salary? And then the deficit between cost of living and wages gets made up by? Tax dollars for social programs. We all pay for it eventually

    5. @Tim Williams good point, I forgot to factor in labor cost increases further up the supply chain. And thanks for recognizing common sense. I try to keep discussions civil and grounded in some kind of logic. All I ask is others do as well

  6. He doesn’t look very healthy. “Our bread products” – does he mean the bread products that contain so much sugar that they’re actually classed as cake?

  7. Yeahhhh sure the industry is facing “price pressure”, maybe he and the rest of the admin team should take on a little paycheck pressure — the way all staffers have always had to for the past few decades.

  8. I don’t think the line “The one thing we did not touch is our tuna” is going to play they way they intended.

  9. “Bread products” are not bread. A couple of years ago, they were taken to task because their “Whole Wheat” buns were just coloured buns , not whole wheat.

    1. @RIXRADvidz Is that the american cheese that’s a couple of molecules away from being diesel fuel?

  10. The only reason they haven’t touched their tuna is to prevent legal peril…geez…when a CEO deliberately misspeaks…

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