1. lol, Second Lebanon war. Israel the best trained army in the world and what happened with the leopoards ? Ukrainians are going to sell most of em. LMAO like it has till now!!

    2. @Robert Rosano You have to look deeper, right? Russia won that battle for a dozen different reasons but I’ll boil it down to ONE – Lend-Lease Act. USA supplied the food, the kit, the socks and a virtually unlimited number of Studebaker 2 1/2 ton trucks.

      This is not then. America’s friends are different now innit.

    3. @Tino V Vladimir the horse lover Puta thanks you for the supporting the Russian Imperial Movement. YOU get a ppund of gypsum and YOU get a pound of salt, YOU get three potatoes, two tea bags, and a full liter of vodka to celebrate the forgetting of your troubles, comrade.

    4. @Robert Rosano Without USA help Russia would collapse in WW2 on eastern front. But here you go. That’s how Russia thanked for western allies during this conflict.

  1. I believe it was Putin who told Macron about a year ago that “like it or not, you’ll have to endure it, my pretty one”. Lavrov claimed the Jews were “The biggest Nazis”, Medvedev (himself a puppet figure) said Kishida should commit seppukku… you’ll have to excuse my lack of empathy. I’m just fresh out it would seem.

  2. That response is actually a good thing from Russia. It’s when you don’t hear a response is when you need to worry.

    1. @j Shad I understand that you want Russia to win because the west destroyed your homelands in the Middle East. Please understand that the strong must crush the weak, and the ruskies will suffer the same fate as the rest.

    2. Its just a feeble way to keep luring Ukranian boys into an imminent death.. so sad that we in the west push this garbage.

    3. @inter modus that’s two different shits lmao 🤣 Russia is a whole country!!!!!! This is a war this isn’t high school or some bullshit argument this is war!!!! Russia ain’t playing and doubt they’ll go down in history looking weal

    4. @Benjamin Van der Lund Your way for us WWII because, after Hitler took Sudetenland, he promised he wanted no more. The British prime minister, Nevel Chamberlain met with Hitler, came back with a signed piece of paper promising “peace in our time”. Within the year Germany had attacked and occupied, Poland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and was attempting to invade England.
      That’s what your way would get us.

    5. @Rony DrPhil Actually only Ukraine is defending its own territory after invasion of Russia. So no idea wtf you talking about?

  3. Canada has to now step up and pledge 50 of their Leopard 2 Tanks to Ukraine!!! Come on Trudeau don’t dance around this.. get it done!!

    1. @jeff lebowski im pissed your media tells nothing about real reasons actually invaded. All they say that evil Putin wants to conquer Ukraine. Bot actual reason is that nato constantly was moving to Russian boarder for 30 years, and they didn’t gave a f about Russia concerns. Then they made and supported revolution 2014 in Ukraine, and then started to send weapons. It’s a straight danger and nato forces and navy in russias historical territories, like crimea. If you think that it’s a fantasies, ask yourself how would US react? Stop, we had a Carribean crisis, when US almost start a nuclear war, because Russian weapons were near their boarder. Now US knew what they were doing, it was very irresponsible and provocative politics. So don’t get fooled by the world dominant. They always do this kind of stuff all over the world. And nato is not only deffensive alliance. Remember yougodlavia, libia, Iraq etc.. It is geopolitical confrontation, provoked by US

    2. @jeff lebowski and now they sending a lot of tanks .. Huge amount. Believe me, Russia will not surrender. So I’m afraid it can lead to nuclear strikes in the end.. I can’t see how this conflict can be solved peacefully. What is wrong with world

  4. German news: US is joining Germany in tanks deliveries
    USA news: Germany is joining US in tanks deliveries and Germans whant Ukrainians to start training as soon as possible
    Facts: US and Germany and catching up with the decisions to deliver tanks while UK and Poland are waiting for them with tanks ready to be shipped as part of the alliance for a while now, Ukrainians meanwhile are already training on these tanks in Poland…

    Mine narrative must go on show…

    1. @William zk Why USA would need to refurbish them at all? There thousands just sitting in Sierra Army Depot in California. And why they don’t fit to be used in Ukraine? Terrain? Have not seen any proper explanation about it. Only just rumours. These news are late already. I would not be surprised that those tanks are already heading towards Poland on C17 or C5 planes or already did. News are late.

    2. This is BS US has provided more than all other NATO countries combined.. they just want Germany to put some skin in the game .

    3. @Benjamin Van der Lund In the same way, Putin, Kalmyk by origin (so also not a Slav) and his general Shoigu (of course also not a Slav) send everyone they can (Slavs, Chechens, Buryats and anyone who fails to escape) to die senselessly for them and their pathological vision of the “Russian” Empire conquering the world. The day will come when the Russians will throw off this Asian slavery.
      Yes, Ukrainians will probably die, but for freedom and their own non-Russian homeland, to which they have a right and for which they have been fighting for centuries. They decide for themselves. Putin decides for the Russians.
      If Putin is so worried about the deaths of Ukrainians, then he should stop killing them.

  5. We kinda need some more decentralized weapons productions in EU even if it’s only for parts, not assembly 🤔

  6. This is the right decision. The Leopard2 was developed with Russian tanks in mind. Ukraine will get the A6, so a pretty current model (A7V is the latest).

    1. Great comment Just what is expected of you talk about tanks Good slave worker / eat the propaganda / pay the inflation and your taxes Well done

  7. Then we must stand united against this trespass to share the pain, for we need confront this aggression to end the suffering.

  8. What I would love to see happenings is to send more air supplies as much as possible right before the tank’s arrives into action

  9. Russia would be wise to withdraw, as the West still has many weapon systems it can add to Ukrainian supplies. The West could supply advanced fighter aircraft, long range attack drones, and missile systems.

  10. Glad you guys are finally getting news from both sides… Stay neutral as media and the ratings will rise💯

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