'Summer Of Direct Action' For Voting Rights Heats Up 1

‘Summer Of Direct Action’ For Voting Rights Heats Up


Melanie Campbell, president and CEO of the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation, talks with Rachel Maddow about gearing up for direct action and civil disobedience in support of voting rights as Republicans continue their attacks on free and fair elections and Senate Democrats aren't moving the federal protections that are the only way to protect the franchise. 
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    1. @DoomTown You people who voted for a hardened racist, in the mode of a George Wallace, who promised to staunch the demographic tide destined to make you a statistical minority, couldn’t be more transparent if you tried.

    2. @Nick Romo Fair counterpoint but how solid is it really when the “it’s fake news” army and spin doctors want to put out their own narrative?

    3. True. And you fought for slave markets in Libya. Slave markets that are still operating right now, built by your mass murdering war criminal heroes.

    1. @sassy! What actually is CRT, anyway? Could you describe it if you tried? In what sorts of educational institutions does it actually come up? Or do you regard it as a sort of catch-all term for admitting that the US has been spectacularly awful to some very specific demographics over the centuries?

    2. Joe Manchin & Sinema are a DISASTER. They’ve been legally bribed by “No Labels Group” billionaires to block all legislation that would help Republican & Democratic working American families – EG: $15 minimum wage, to be phased in gradually until 2025! Infrastructure Bill, Voting Rights Protections.

      Btw, Commonsense & fairness is NOT “Communism”. Why should billionaires & corporations pay ZERO tax, while ordinary workers pay 20 – 30% in taxes?

  1. Good for them and I see a group that could really make a difference . This is the perfect time when they could be the ones to really make a difference.

    1. @Bryan she didn’t storm. They calmly walked in. No one was attacked. No police officers murdered with flag poles.
      Calm down.

    2. @Bonnie Kerr nice spin, but the Capitol police disagree with you. Beatty should be treated the same as those arrested on Jan 6.

    3. @Bryan the only capital police who died are the ones who threw teargas in enclosed areas killing themselves a few days later. Throwing tear gas in enclosed areas causes cardiac arrest, heart attacks etc. don’t forget about the peaceful protesters they shot and killed

    4. @Bonnie Kerr there were no offers killed in the ” insurrection ” find a new talking point that one is already false.

  2. People can stand on the steps of the capitol and protest for the release of the Jan 6th insurrectionist and Capitol police does nothing.
    Congresswoman basically walks through the lobby demanding EQUAL rights (not even more) and they are detained and hand cuffed.
    Spot the difference in skin color?


    1. @Helen Short They did not. She was actually having a drug overdose. She passed out & people got pushed towards her for about two minutes before she was moved to the side. She died from a drug overdose.

    2. @DJ Jones uh huh. Five people died on that day and two more committed suicide shortly after yet, supposedly, none of them died as a result of events that day. Does that sound likely to you?

    3. @TruthSeeker08 and that damage was done by the Racist Militia groups … or maybe Fox entertainment channel didn’t tell you …

    4. @Helen Short In a group of several thousand people? Yes. Any officer committing suicide had serious problems long before the event. These are the people who pick dead people up off our roadways. A riot is just another day at the office. Two people had heart attacks, one at the event (the protestor), one the next day (the officer). You can argue that the stress brought them on, you can also argue poor diet & exercise routines did. One person had another medical event and could not get help due to the size of the crowd, which is a risk you take attending any large event as people die at rock concerts every year. & one woman was deliberately shot by a DC police officer.

  3. “Good Trouble,” Beatty, — a reference to her late friend Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., the civil rights icon.

    1. @Justice F. All you literally just described the Dem party of today!🤣
      – yelled “ILLEGITIMATE” in 2016 for 4 years
      – Russia, Russia, russia
      – racist, racist, racist, racist
      – Changed election laws prior to 2020
      – use media for its propaganda (msnbc, abc, cnn, cbs, nbc, nyt, wapo) are ALL pure democrat

      The only policy or talking point dems have is yelling “RACIST” or “NAZI” at ALL Republicans. They NEVER STOP.
      Or they argue that socialism or communism is good and we should “defund the police”…….real winners

    2. @Bryan That a completely false statement. Dr King believed in peaceful protest.
      He was arrested a lot in in the fight for equality. Maybe you should read one of the many biographies written about him or better yet read some of his speeches.

    3. @OldManGhost protest that got out of hand.?? Have you not seen the fliers and posts from Antifa chapters and BLM chapters.?? They literally found pallets of bricks and stone that they used to riot with. And yes, that is real, pics and videos to prove it.
      And planned.?? They planned to March on the capitol. Nothing wrong with that just like the peaceful protesters last year. A fraction of the people got out of hand and put a stain on the whole March. Kinda like the excuses last year 🤔. “Mostly peaceful”. Just like Jan 6. It WAS mostly peaceful. Hundreds of Thousands there and just a few caused all the damage. And no, not all the ones being held and being charged even touched or broke a single thing. Just simple trespassing or unlawful entry.

    4. @Bryan MLK would be proud!!!! They didn’t storm the capital…are you on drugs? Insurrection? I wonder how you describe what happened on the 6th of January?

  4. Joe Manchin is just taking up space in the Democrat party, he seems to not be working with his democtate party making it difficult to pass anything,he doesn’t think that our right to vote is more important than what he wants,instead of what the people want and need.

    1. He was paid off. He changed his direction after a “meeting”.
      It’s always been like this. Politicians live money,
      What is worse though… The Republican Party is fascist. We just didn’t know for sure until more recently.
      Look up George Herbert Walker, and what he and his son-in-law Prescott Bush, did to help Hitler. Of course the racists love it. They’ve been on a Nazi high ever since.

    2. Apparently, Manchin is doing what his donors want, including Murdoch who gave him a bunch of money.

  5. Confirmed everyone’s theory on what happens if African Americans walk even into a federal building without trying anything… They weren’t nicely escorted out held by the hands like those women who violently forced their way into the capitol building on Jan 6th… These women were in handcuffs by being completely peaceful.

    1. @Morbidly Oppressed “…racist…”? Why would it be? Could have popped a few others too. I live in Florida.

    2. @Just Say’n stopping someone from Burning Looting and Murdering is racist. Weren’t you alive in 2020?

  6. American democracy had to be fought for in the beginning. If it’s under threat now, good people must fight to defend it. God bless those good, brave women.

    1. Nobody fought for democracy, they fought for freedom and independence from intrusive government control. People now substitute the tool of democracy for freedom, it’s not the same.

    2. @Kevin Turner Seems you are implying that democracy is not a proper path too freedom. What is the proper path? For that matter, what is freedom?

  7. Let me get this straight,if you peacefully walk into the Senate bld,singing,you’ll get arrested. BUT,you storm the capital doing physical damage,hunting down congressional members with intentions to harm them and attacking police officers you get to go home and croon about what you just did? What is wrong here? This is insanity!

    1. @DJ Jones

      I didn’t pull a dam Race Card. I told the OBVIOUS TRUTH!! Even though, as YOU said, there were thousands at the capitol on January 6th, The ones that were taking dam selfies with the police were more than close enough to tase and/or arrest. The WHOLE DAM WORLD saw the difference in the treatment of Blacks and Whites that day.. Say what F*#% you will. I see what is obvious and the world saw it too!!!

    2. @tmack281 The world saw twenty little old ladies getting arrested for trespassing. The world saw 10,000 people the police could not control. I can assure you, you are the only one who sees color.

    3. @tmack281 If this is true, why did almost 600 people of color in NYC alone have charges dropped relating to BLM riots?

    4. @tmack281 I was just watching a compilation of the resentencing hearings for juvenile offenders given life in a prison in light of the 2012 Supreme Court ruling. Nearly every black juvenile offender had their sentences lessened, nearly every white juvenile offender did not and was given life again. That’s America.

  8. Those people should wear the handcuffs like the medal of freedom. Thank you for your courage.

  9. If lay people have to do the work, why are we paying Congressmen?? And why do Black people have to save a country that pays them back with systemic racism??

  10. Biden can’t pass the right legislation, he doesn’t have enough seats. We ALL need to demonstrate. We can’t just leave it to african americans. It’s not fair. We all stand together ❤

    1. There has to be mass demonstrations like never before in US history. do not depend too much
      on politicians, the US system does not give them enough power. A country is it´s people, not
      money, power greedy politicians.

    1. @V Kendrick too busy being overwhelmed by the scent of pigs in the sound of dogs barking

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