'Sunny days could turn to risky days': Nanos on Trudeau kicking off federal election 1

‘Sunny days could turn to risky days’: Nanos on Trudeau kicking off federal election

Nanos Research's Nik Nanos and CTV News' Joyce Napier break down federal party support survey data.

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  1. Trudeau has done nothing but drive Canada into more debt, what happened to “the budget will balance itself”? Even before the pandemic spending he drove the debt through the roof and now he says to vote for our kids futures, with the path were on, looks like our kids wont have much of a future in Canada… Time for change

  2. When I think of Trudeau I just want to vomit. The damage he’s done to Canada and the division he’s created is beyond words. I used to think Canadians were intelligent, but no intelligent person in their right mind would vote for him. Zero experience, no track record, scandal after scandal, and the list goes on and on. He doesn’t have a single quality you look for in a leader. This country really has sunk to an all-time low.

    1. He has reduced his carbon footprint by using paper water box thingy’s. Yet his followers think he’s an environmentalist because he taxed them.

  3. This country will not survive another 4 years of comrade blackface. That will be the final nail in the coffin for Canada.

  4. Please let this be accurate and hope the trend continues. I can’t take the liberal policies anymore – Canada deserves better.

    1. @Elena R I would much rather Doug Ford than Trudeau. At least he knows what it’s like to be a normal Canadian. Trudeau has been fed with a golden spoon his entire life

    2. @Elena R the question is irrelevant unless you like Trudeau’s Corruption, Scandals, Sexism, conflict of interest, and arrogance.

    3. @ODog Gaming pretty sure Ford was rich his entire life on money he didn’t really work to earn as well. Didn’t his dad start the company that makes labels that go on food packaging?

    4. @Shane Zee and how Ford is better?? And he is a representative of conservative?? I am just asking who can be an alternative?

    5. @Elena R you cannot compare provincial and federal mandates and policies – not to mention the individuals… not just apples and oranges – it’s more like comparing apples and cars if you do that…

  5. Under the coat tails of the Covid Grim Reaper you will find the master cynic Trudeau. It is time for this little boy to go get a job and leave governing to the adults.

  6. Despite all the scandal and incompetence, the zombies in the GTA will, sadly, vote for Justin once again and return him to power.

    1. Our system is not working , It`s a travesty that the gta has the power to control an entire Country!!!

  7. I wish Que and Ont would just look … ethics watchdog has begun reviewing a request for another ethics investigation of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and another and another and another. This is just a pure power play. Canada should have a two term MAX .. period

  8. The “sweet spot was four weeks ago”. Really? Canadians are so fickle that one uneventful month of summer changes the picture?

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