Supreme Court Declines To Hear Case On Businesses Refusing Service For Same-Sex Weddings 1

Supreme Court Declines To Hear Case On Businesses Refusing Service For Same-Sex Weddings

The Supreme Court has declined to hear a case on whether businesses have a right to refuse service for same-sex wedding ceremonies despite state laws forbidding them from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. NBC's Pete Williams reports.

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Supreme Court Declines To Hear Case On Businesses Refusing Service For Same-Sex Weddings


  1. Would you trust the quality of work done for you against the providers’ will because laws force them to serve you? I wouldn’t for anything where the quality of work isn’t heavily regulated and insured.

  2. So long as they aren’t a public utility, I think private businesses have the right to decide who they will or will not do business with.

    1. @Georgia Bulldogs You’re embarrassing yourself. The supreme court declining to hear the case was not a victory matter a fact it was a defeat for your way of thinking.

  3. If you don’t like it take your business else where. That’s the beauty of capitalism.

    1. @Summer Salt it’s funny how fighting for the right to post your beliefs without being banned by big tech is some how “fighting for control”…. Grow up.

    2. Then don’t complain about that spa or any other business that chooses to let transwomen use the women’s ffacilities. Or when you get refused service for wearing a mask

    3. @Renzo Novatore People who refuse to wear masks are not members of a Federally Protected Class, therefore the ruling doesn’t pertain to them. It is completely legal to mandate masks but it is not legal to discriminate based on sexual orientation.

      Honestly, I shouldn’t have to educate you on this when legal websites are public domain on Google. Look it up.

      For the record, I would have no issue sharing a spa with a Transgender woman.

    4. @daniel banks Not true at all. For example, if I own an apartment complex and refuse to rent to a Transgender couple, I am guilty of discrimination against a Protected Class under the Fair Housing Law of 1968. I am able to be prosecuted, subjected to fines and even imprisoned.

      It actually is illegal to discriminate against anyone based on their status within the Federally Protected Classes and Sexual Orientation applies (per the court case which the SC held up today).

      When people refuse to serve based on behavior, political affiliation or other behavior UNAFFILIATED with a Federally Protected Class, it is legal. This is why people can be refused service for no shoes or shirt.

      You can dislike this as much as you want, but currently refusing to serve a Transgender person based on their status as a Transgender is illegal and liable for prosecution, as upheld today by the Supreme Court.

      By refusing to see the challenging case, the SC confirmed this today.

      You can…feel free to look all of this up. No, a private business cannot refuse service if that refusal is based on a person’s status within the Federally Protected Classes.

  4. Private businesses can conduct business how they please, fact is if it was a business denying service to a Trump supporter you would be silent. Stand for all people or only stand as you are, a “hypocrite”.

    1. @Jakob Washington it’s just as much discrimination denying service to someone because of the hat or shirt they’re wearing as it is based on sexual orientation there is no difference.

    2. @76verdee legally there’s a big difference. But otherwise the hat or shirt you where is much more of a choice than what your sexual orientation is. The ladder is arrived at by a combination of genetic factors, hormones, environmental factors (all of which aren’t under one’s control). Also the amount of control that one has over the fact that they are x. It’s usually much harder to stop being attracted to whoever you’re attracted to than it is to change your beliefs or who you support politically or just your clothes.

    3. Remember this when you get upset about a business choosing to allow transwomen to use the women’s facilities

    4. @Jakob Washington who qualifies as a “protected class” and how can law justify such a concept . Things people repeat and have no idea what they are.

  5. Activists, forcing folks to do something they don’t want to isn’t a grand victory or acceptance.

    1. @Howard That doesn’t answer the question. All it shows is that you use democrats as excuses for Trump. If Obama used the IRS to go after his enemies why didn’t he release Trump’s tax returns ?

    2. @Seymour Butts re-read my last I told you his IRS leaked them, so again , nothing will come of the latest false narrative of the left except for the odd charges of underlings based on legal technicality dotted i or the improperly crossed t. Don’t forget they had a year of “over collection of data” (also known as illegal spying) prior to the election and still had nothing.

    3. @Howard If there was nothing to hide than he should have released his taxes in the first place.Innocent people don’t behave like Trump. The deflection the name calling blaming the media for reporting the leak. The man’s never honest about anything. His tweets and rally speeches prove that.

    4. @Seymour Butts If media doesn’t lie about Trump constantly they might have to report on Biden

  6. There are so many places you can go have a cake made. They just want to bully a religious cake maker.

    1. @Frosty One I don’t have any assumptions as to what you are politically or religiously. I’m simply informing you that your perception as to how our laws work in our country are not the reality as to how they actually work. Anti-Discrimination laws have been in place for over half a century and are actively used and enforced. This isn’t up for debate. It is part of our nation. Businesses are required to abide by them. Feel free to dislike it as much as you wish but the laws prosecution violators are in place and nothing you say will change that.

    2. @Katy McNiff And they are widely abused. When the scales of justice are visibly unbalanced in the name of equality those scales shall be ignored. Consequences be dammed.

    3. @Katy McNiff So if the goal is depriving the powers that be, their income from taxes, good job. It’s the only thing you’ve accomplished.

  7. Didn’t a hospital just deny their workers jobs because they refused to take the Covid vaccine?

    1. @Super Star yeah they aren’t allowed to deny you service BECAUSE you are a member of a protected class

    2. @ Yo, it’s a Froggieee Onimations ✓ and yet they deny service to cops, explain that one.

    3. @Jakob Washington a protected class? I don’t recall reading about any protected class in the founding documents of this constitutional republic I did read something about fair and equal justice, property rights and free association. The communists need to choose one, I don’t believe they can demand their double standards.

    1. They targeted a business so they could sue. I’m sure they had many choices for flowers, and the business wants holding a monopoly.

  8. The thing here is as a business owner and a free citizen you should have the right to choose who you sell your labor too. Doesn’t consent matter anymore.

    1. @Nikki M some already do and some will refuse service if you are wearing a red hat or not wearing a mask.

  9. It’s their bussiness that they pay for so why does it matter. “We have the right to refuse service ” has been around for yearsss

    1. @Frank Rizzo yet conservatives complain when they aren’t welcome somewhere. By your definition companies can deny their services or be openly biased shading conservatives. It’s their rules right?

      Yet I see conniption fits over Facebook and Twitter constantly. Fun fact the citizens United decision gives corporations first amendment protections but since your views are only based on talking points you hear you have to attack on or your own political beliefs.

      It’s easy to be always right when your told daily you are always right. After a while you stop questioning it and end up not understanding your own opinions. It’s sad really.

    2. They have the right to refuse service to you for not wearing a mask then. And private businesses have the right to allow transwomen (or men as yall like to say) use the women’s facilities. Remember that when you whine about transwomen being in the women’s bathroom.

    3. @Zack I suggest conservatives avoid Facebook and Twitter altogether. And yes I know you’re all about censorship.

    1. @About Time remember that when you complain about a spa or other business that chooses to allow transwomen (or “biological men” as you like to say) to use the women’s facilities then 🙂 private businesses. They can do what they want

    2. @Renzo Novatore
      Ha, I have no issues with that. I actually like transgenders. Really like the asian ones. Bet you diddnt expect me to say that huh? I just think the folks that have religion issues with it deserve to respectfully decline. They have rights to. Folks can make other choices. Everyone doesn’t have to think and feel the same but should be respectful of others.

    3. @Stuck Trick
      Yep! So many people want everyone to think and feel the same way, If that we’re to happen we would drop all religions. That will never happen so why not be respectful for things and people you don’t understand. If someone want to decline service to someone of the rainbow world pick somewhere different. The world is full of choices.

  10. If the cake shop doesn’t want to make your cake I don’t think u would want that cake ..

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