Supreme Court Declines To Hear J&J Appeal Of Talcum Powder Case 1

Supreme Court Declines To Hear J&J Appeal Of Talcum Powder Case


The Supreme Court has declined to hear an appeal by Johnson & Johnson that claimed they did not receive a fair trial during a lawsuit from multiple women who claimed a link between their talcum powder products and cancer. NBC's Pete Williams has details.

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  1. The Fascists on the Supreme Court will never make a corporation pay damages. Thats why McConnell packed the court.

    1. You seem to have this one backwards. It can be hard to tell in these highly polarized days. J&J will either now have to pay $2.1 billion on those cancer claims, or find other grounds to appeal. This set of “unfair” grounds is now dead.

    2. @Nancy Quon Nah, Trump was **the gop stooge the party had in the WH at the time** but he was not the one picking judges, he just signed off on them.

    3. @Nancy Quon It was McConnell that made sure Merrick Garland could not fill an open seat. It was McConnell that rammed through all the Federalist Society (not Trump) choices to fill three seats.

    1. @William H Music 2021 If you can’t tell body powder from an injection of liquid, I hope your minder is watching you closely.

    2. @William H Music 2021 omg you’re trolling talc videos now too ? this is what you do all day ?!?! that’s what your purpose in life is ? to troll ?!
      please delete your account and go outside and make some friends .

    3. They will continue to sell their cancer-causing poison in 2nd & 3rd world countries that are not financially situated to hold them accountable for killing people. This goes on prolifically, with food & thousands of other goods, drugs, durable & otherwise. Johnson & Johnson are among the worst offenders but there are dozens of others.

    1. @johnabuick That was before the whole insurrection on the 6th. I know of many that changed their minds that day

    2. @johnabuick Treason is treason, if that had been Biden and blm they’d be building gallows….

  2. I’ve been iso of a legal firm to handle my cases What others did nearly caused me my life and their are huge damages involving myself and others probably counseling fees relocation cost and must more need some credible sources and contact information asap ty

    1. Jason if you have a good case you will have no problem finding a law firm to assist. Just do a Google search for product liability lawyers. The firm can be anywhere in the US. Mind you, the case will have to be very, very strong for a firm to take on consignment or as a class action matter. Sometimes people are disappointed to find out their case is not actionable, or doesn’t have enough proof. But most firms will be glad to talk to you.

    1. your name checks out. but seriously nothing is sus about a company trying to make money. also it is SUS j and j wasn’t able to pay off the sepreme court. but maybe another company did. either way the sytstem is set to protect corps not people im surprised the women were able to bring it to court will th how much money they got.

  3. J&J says it doesn’t sell those products in the US anymore. So they sell them elsewhere, knowing they’re are not 100% safe!

    1. They also withdrew them from sale in Australia and replaced them with a Corn Flour based version.

    2. Same old same old
      DDT (despite a worldwide ban is still made and sold)
      Thalidomide – approved for medical use in the US in 1998
      and the list goes on.

    3. @Sam Lowry Very glib reply however there is little “same old same old” about the means & methods these companies will utilize to harm people. This is a very important case, to say the least,

  4. No Medical Proof!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-( $$$$$$$$$$ for Fake stuff and not others the same????

  5. In the US. Let the rest of thehave a bite at the since J&J only $$$ All People Matter!

  6. Breathing air full of particulates is never a good idea, whatever those particulates are, so powdering you body is always contraindicated.

  7. This was never rocket science…
    Pay up JJ and discontinue these products internationally as well.

    1. Wow. You don’t have the smallest understanding as to what this is about. You must be a Trump supporter.

    1. Because millions of people were not damaged. Just because you may’ve used the product doesn’t mean it damaged you. You don’t get compensation for damages if you aren’t damaged. Christ.

    2. @R S lol to funny. When some one has to explain sarcasm it make people wonder how are you able to keep breathing with out telling your brain to breath.

  8. NYT
    Saying Trump gonna be restated by the End of August?
    No Way! Just like there’s no such thing as Voter Fraud!
    It will never happen!


    1. Multiple counties in PA 2021 primaries had ballot problems. But no irregularities in 2020?? Keep your head in the sand. Smh. Edit I don’t feed trolls so no need to reply.

    2. @Marlene Trainor these “irregularities” ain’t gonna overturn the election, unless you can prove definitively (in a court of law) that said irregularities could have caused a change in the outcome of the election.

  9. The original law suit is yet another example of just how broken the American legal system is. Even in a civil case the standard of proof should be that is was more likely than not that J&J talc caused ovarian cancer – so it would be reasonable to expect that there was a substantial amount of proper medical trials to demonstrate that using J&J talc would cause a statistically significant increased risk of developing ovarian cancer.

    Of course the science just does not show that, at least not with any degree of confidence.

    1. The evidence DOES show that. J&J knew their products were causing cancer & sold them anyway. You sound like quite a jurist. Try to keep up

    2. @R S If J&J “knew” their products CAUSED cancer then you would expect that there would be scientific evidence to back it up. At the moment the scientific evidence is undecided on that subject. What the evidence showed was that J&J were aware that some of their talc was/might be contaminated with minute quantities of asbestos (which is known to cause cancer) – whether asbestos in that quantity does actually cause cancer, or to be strictly accurate result in a significantly increased risk of cancer, again is completely unproven scientifically.

      As you said please try to keep up.

  10. “Doesn’t sell them in the US anymore” yeah ok cool so they’re giving cancer to people elsewhere awesome

  11. What’s happening in America is crazy. The USA is getting worse and worse. And now with Biden on top of that!! i just feel sorry for you guys.

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