Supreme Court Declines To Hear Transgender Bathroom Case | MSNBC 1

Supreme Court Declines To Hear Transgender Bathroom Case | MSNBC


The Supreme Court declined to hear a case about whether schools should allow transgender students to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity. The case concerned Gavin Grimm, a transgender boy from Virginia, who sued his school for not allowing him to use the boys' restroom in 2015 and won both of his lower court appeals. His victory will now remain intact.

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Supreme Court Declines To Hear Transgender Bathroom Case | MSNBC


    1. @Gorden David Yup…I think Google removed that particular (old) photo of Micheal (as a man) hugging Obama while sitting on a car….That one was the 100% kicker…and how’s about those $1000’s of tax payer dollars flying in “hot dogs” from Chicago…?.. They think America is stupid…

    2. @Andrew Bobkoski With every post, why do you ask? Do you not know what you post?

      You’re just playing another cliche game conservatives do, like when they pretend to be atheists yet 100% agree that religious liberty should overrule human rights.

    3. @David Weber I never once in my post said I support trump. Idk what your reading. I support freedom and what i believe to be right. The government is corrupt, no matter who is in office. Its just really showing now. And im no atheist or follow a particular religion. I like to say I have a relationship with God. Your being cliche by basically saying anyone who voices against Biden has to be a Trump supporter. Either way your belief is yours

    4. @Andrew Bobkoski OMG, could you be more of a stereotype? I could have written your post I’ve seen it thousands of times before. HILARIOUS.

      Please cite all the anti-Republican posts you have made on this board. PLEASE. Since, as you claim, you are insanely neutral and only believe in freedom (except when it comes to transgender people, of course) and what’s right (except when it comes to minority human rights, of course). Because if you don’t, you’re a Trumper.

      And let me guess about your relationship with your deity – it 100% agrees with your lifestyle.

      I really wish you people would get some new stories since these endless repeats of the same ole, same ole statements is getting boring.

  1. It’s coming to the point that we need to turn off cellular and tv and start reading a book and educated our self

    1. @Matt O why do straight people have to be subjected to transgender way of life? Wheres our rights not to be subjected to trans life?

    2. @Timothy Caperton how are you being subjected to it? They have just as much right as straight people to live their lives out loud, unashamedly, and unapologetically. It doesn’t effect you or your life in anyway. They have the same constitutional rights, freedoms, protections, and liberties as everyone else and according to the constitution we are equal. So what’s your issue?

    3. It’s so weird someone makes a comment and 142 people make a comment back on the comment it makes no sense why is everybody in such a rage on the internet no onecan say anything without someone reading in too much to the comment and commenting and angry and arguing 😩 UGH 😫

    4. @tantalus I’m sorry, can you please show me where I ever said anything about your freedom of speech? Or do you treat anyone who opposes your opinions as threatening your constitutional freedoms? You do know that I can speak _against_ your speech without saying you shouldn’t have it, right?

    5. @Apostolic Watchman lmao apparently you need to study some more kiddo. The Sumerian flood myth predates both Judaism and Christianity 🤣. So you’re entire argument is moot on that point alone. It’s bogus though. None of it is real. There is no god. There is no proof of god or that god ever existed outside the imagination of man 😂. Give me scientific data and hard evidence that undeniably proves god existed. There is none kiddo. It’s all made up, it’s purely stories and superstitions that ancient people made up to explain what they couldn’t understand and set guidelines for socially acceptable behavior. That’s all religion is and all it ever was. Not to mention how narrow minded, short sided, and vain it is to assume that given the numerous gods and religion throughout history that the Christian god is the only true god. It’s all just illogical nonsense.

    1. @Electric Rune Games nobody is telling you how to think, man.
      Enough with the whole persecution complex thing! It’s getting old .

    2. @The D Another brain dead name caller. Don’t worry. Daddy Trump will take care of you and loves you. Speaking of the The D. How is your mom doing?

    3. @Bryan Whelan yeah, yeah. We can take shots back and forth. Any politician worth their money will have their life upended, and all their “dirty little secrets” will become massive propaganda.

      I agree that Trump was divisive, and he may not have a pristine past. Still, under his administration, I had a great job, my buddies had great jobs, we used to go out and spend money together. I had a bright future. Biden signed partisan policy after partisan policy. Remember when he told republican officials that they were using “neanderthal thinking”? Perpetuating that everything is because of racism. Do you believe that we are any less divided at this point than under Trump? And in terms of conning the people, he lied about his involvement with Hunter’s foreign dealings. He backstabbed the union that supported him. He lied about his “plan for Covid.” He lied about fracking etc.

      Neither of them are saints, but I’ll take mean and honest over a nice lier any day.

  2. Meanwhile, in the real world, China continues military drills preparing for the Taiwan invasion. People don’t realize how that invasion will completely disrupt our nation. The tech industry would crumble.

    1. @Sultan Kebab As ridiculous as what they’re doing to Hong Kong? The CCP holds the exact same view on Taiwan.

    2. @L Proof China literally owns Hong Kong, Taiwan is a separate country and protected by the US, they obviously aren’t going to start a war with the US

    3. @Sultan Kebab They view Taiwan the same. They publicly stated this to be the case. Believe what you want, but it’s obvious they’re preparing for it to happen.

    1. @William Gullett Climate change is not a democrat or Republican thing. The problem is that it’d been politicized. Additionally, I agree that we should go beyond Juneteenth. We should take a critical look at how race and other factors in our governor have served people inequitably.

    2. @B Basen All the while you have a whole group using divisive language to stall talking about how race plays a part in current government.

    3. @William Gullett Who benefits from saying climate change is not true? Republicans. Because they have lobbyists for the oil companies. Why do you think republicans are pro oil and coal? It’s not that difficult to understand.

    4. @C P I am basing my comments on what I see as hypocrisy.

      The spokeman for climate change, or at least one of the most vocal, is Al Gore. He told us 25 or 30 years ago if we did nothing then Manhattan would be underwater by now. Its not. Gore tells us to watch our carbon footprint which causes climate change…while jetting around the planet on his private jet creating more of a carbon footprint than anyone. He also owns two huge homes, both under huge AC systems which also contributes to the supposed problem. Al Gore has no right to lecture anyone when he is worse that anyone.

      The New Green Deal. The Obama administration pushed this legislation, telling us pollution is causing climate change. The US is 3rd in pollution. Number 1 and number 2 are China and India. His legislation held our country liable to follow the deal…yet gave a pass to both countries who are worse than us. Putting our energy to a higher standard, going after coal and other power alternatives which will directly affect our energy costs which doesn’t just affect rich people but includes poor people as well, who already have a hard time paying energy costs as it is…some dying during winter due to no heat and in the summer due to not affording their energy bill as it is. Coal is roughly 40 to 50% of our energy. Our electric bills go up considerably, hurting everyone while not holding China and India accountable…and they can’t come up with hiw much the legislation will even help..if at all. Legislation that hurts us while not being able to show whether its needed or what the benefit will be.

      Joe Biden, on his FIRST day, ended the Keystone pipeline..alluding to how it will help in the battle against climate change. It cost thousands of jobs…I think the number was around 11,000. He killed jobs to virtue signal to Democrats, jobs that were high paying…and then that Jughead John Kerry had the nerve to say they could get jobs in computers or in renewable energy. That was a joke. Oh…and then Biden takes regulations off Russia so THEY could finish THEIR pipeline. Further strengthening Russia while making European countries dependant on Russia. The last time I checked Russias pipeline was on the same planet as the Keystone pipeline…our pipeline does affect climate change but theirs doesn’t?

      So yeah…its political because Democrats are doing these things to virtue signal how good they are at the expense of American jobs, the economy, and energy costs. None of those things I mentioned helps this country…and not only that..but it hurts us…all to get “accomplishments” that have no quantifiable results.

      This isn’t just a political thing, its a country thing.

    5. @C P no…the COUNTRY benefits. Democrats hate Republicans so much they are willing to hurt the country to go after Republicans. I dont care about the Republican party, I care about the country and its time Democrats start caring too

    1. A man uses the closest toilet, tree or bush. This kid was lucky enough to get their own personal bathroom.

    2. @Kommisar hahaha. This is grand. The GOP has been behind corporate welfare for a long time and I enjoy how you kinda sidestep the fact it was a HUGE part of Trumps presidency. Also with W it was a big part as well.

      Its an issue both sides have as the neolibs Clinton/Obama did the same thing. Good thing the progressive wing of the left is moving that party away from that concept.

    3. @Kommisar Oh my. Someone trying to pretend they have a concept of whats going on. So the USA is a failed state because it has a debt?

  3. 🙄 I’m sorry but I don’t want males in the bathroom alone at school with my 12 year old daughter.

  4. If you start allowing gender fluid bathroom use all it will do is give men more bathrooms to use.

    1. You have obviously never been to Europe where people for the most part don’t give a rodents rear end about such matters. In many situations, there is only one bathroom, period. Everyone is there to dump a load and get on with their day. Sorry if reality offends you.

  5. In the country I live in we have bathrooms that are for families or for anybody so there’s no stigmatizing and you can be just comfortable going to the bathroom what is the big deal?

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