Supreme Court denies GOP effort to block Pennsylvania election results 1

Supreme Court denies GOP effort to block Pennsylvania election results


The Supreme Court denied a request from Pennsylvania Republicans to block certification of the commonwealth's election results, delivering a near fatal blow to the GOP's long-shot bid to invalidate President-elect Joe Biden's victory.

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    1. @Freshly Squeezed sounds like someone freshly squeezed your brain. Get that looked at. Biden won, again, and again and again.

    2. @Brandon Benson I never said CNN tells the truth…I watch several news stations and am very capable of forming my own options, as opposed to those who just believe whatever bullshit Trump tells them, or that they hear on Newsmax, OAN or FOX News….and by the way, I am a republican

  1. Insulting the judges and courts is a great strategy. He is finally having to deal with law and order and he can’t take it!
    What a puttz

    1. @UCvhFJ3dHPAH6LrFMrXtSBNQ indubitably you are correct sir. Thank you for providing the Jive to English translation for Snow White.

    1. Trump: “You guys got my back… right?” *nervous laugh
      Supreme Court Justices: “No. Now please leave and stop bothering us”

  2. The more Trump loses, the more he gets money from his gullible MAGA supporters. I pity those people being con by “D’ Don”

    1. @Richard Kjelsrud shut up how do you figure oh let me guess biden is responsible for the cure . Of corvid hahahaha

    2. @Eric Davidson Keep being delusional. This was a ruling by the SCOTUS. This is the highest court in the country. You cant go any higher. Face it. Its over!

    1. But 71.000.000 people in this so called greatest democracy in the world are in a cult and want to coronate Trump and his family. Wouldn’t Nepotism Barbie like that?

    2. That’s absolutely wrong assessment. The constitution is rather antiquated today, the electoral college means that votes from for example Wyoming has four times the power of votes from California, and it also provides a way to steal the election – in this case, the former electoral college could ignore the voting results and nominate new electoral college regardless of these results. That’s what Trump wanted them to do – but the American democracy was saved by the judical branch this time, by justices of the supreme and federal courts who said no, we shall do no such a thing, because that would mean an attack on our democratic principles. But if the judges were as corrupt as your average republicans, they could join Trump’s coup and obey him, and USA would turn into third world dictatorship. So it was not some antiquated document, but people who fought actively the corruption. Be thankful you have them, learn their names and don’t forget them. They are your heroes today.

    3. @Daniel Ryslink I’m not supporting Trump or any of his machinations here in any way, but states have laws that say the electors MUST vote according to the popular will, and what the courts did basically is either enforce those laws or refuse to hear appeals against them. So, electors by law cannot ignore the voters’ wishes in I believe any state. Unless there is an exception or two that I don’t know about.
      But I concur about the judges. If you have correct judges, than you have nothing but a dictatorship, pure and simple.

    1. I wish more people realized that.. none of this should be a discussion. There’s no proof there’s no this or that. It should just be duh he’s scamming his supporters one more time for his future legal fees good riddance

    1. if you want to know you the real criminals are look at who donated millions to fund Biden’s campaign that’s if you can pull your head out of your a*^ long enough

    2. President Nixon ultimately put the country first. Knowing he could not continue to occupy the White House with the country’s loss of faith in him. Had it not been for watergate, he would’ve been one of the best presidents.

    1. Are you kidding? He’s happy. SCOTUS has accepted the big case, the TEXAS case suing five states including PA. They were the same category cases so SCOTUS chose the bigger one and Trump is very happy. CNN won’t tell you about that, will it? How you can eat such drivel is beyond everyone who don’t watch CNN. It’s up for sale now, you know, or didn’t it tell you that either?

    2. @Kajun Ursus so many people desperately grasping at straws praying the angels that crazy preacher called from Africa will work some magic. If stealing the election doesn’t work then they’ll have to start “civil war” and be destroyed or back down and be proven to be the cowards they are. There are a lot of videos on here about disengaging from a cult, it’s never too late.

  3. Toddler in Chief: “It’s like a third world country”
    Supreme Court: “Denied. …not after January 20th, it won’t be.”
    Failure as a businessman. Failure as president. Failure as husband. Failure as father. Now, failure as wannabe dictator. At least he’s consistent.

    1. @Ian B : He is too dumb to spell correctly: he just confused the two words. He meant ‘whining’ all this time.

    2. @Michael williamson Actually, it’s quite the opposite. They’re arguing against a law that’s been in place for some time and that they took part in. Plus the fact that if the SCOTUS gave this consideration, it would mean that ANY State could challenge any OTHER State in every single election. It would essentially mean the end of democracy as every State would just challenge the others and all votes across the country would be invalidated.

      The SCOTUS might be corrupt and evil, but they’re not stupid. They know if they help Trump murder America, they’ll be out of a job and at the mercy of the mob.

  4. Are we tired of all this winning yet?
    Oops, all he does is LOSE court cases since he lost both the electoral college and popular vote on Election Day bigly

  5. So, he’s claiming fraud, but behind the scenes he’s trying to bully republicans in swing states and the Supreme Court to violate the constitution.

    1. @Donald Chase Jr Yes, Lindsey Graham tossing out votes for Harrison, thus claiming victory despite no one liking him and being out-raised by Harrison. removal of sorters by Republicans, Republicans removing mail boxes, Republicans placing fake drop off boxes, Republicans suppressing voters by reducing the number of polling locations etc. Yes, you are right: there DEFINITELY was FRAUD.

    2. @John Wireman This is the problem. They know that some people NEED to feel like they are in the know on this big conspiracy; they need to feel victimized. So all of those YT channels and media channels and even the president himself will continue to spew this non sense because there is an audience for it. And as long as there is an audience for the bullshit, there is money to be made. Just like people who keep making click bait videos about stimulus checks.

    3. @Matthew Wood Dude every legitimate news organization has reported that with a 9-0 vote, the U.S> Supreme court has denied to hear this absolutely ridiculous lawsuit that makes no sense. Are you guys serious? This the USA, you just cannot ask that an election be overturned just because the loser wants to remain in office.

  6. Take note of these republicans that brought this to the supreme court. Remember them when it comes to them wanting reelection.

  7. I suppose we should really breath a sigh of relief that even in his attempt to stack the court with that last rush appointment the judges actually have some integrity.

    1. That is an ignorant lie. Trump never stacked the court! Stacking a court means ADDING NEW AND EXTRA SEATS. Trump never did that, he merely filled vacancies, not adding extra seats. It is Pelosi and Schumer who said if they got majority votes they would STACK THE COURT by adding EXTRA SEATS. Why do you idiots ALWAYS TRY TO BLAME TRUMP FOR THE SHYTE THE LEFT DOES?

    2. @Kajun Ursus Most are too ignorant to THINK & Research for themselves …. They are grateful for lemmon , cooperr , maddoww , pellosi , shoomer , coalbert , etc. as role models to tell them how to think , who to follow , and what is best for their well being …. kinda like a Lemming ,, herded onward towards the inevitable fall , and HAS NO Friggin’ Clue !!

    3. Yes. What a relief that they didn’t feel obligated to him and hopefully he will fade from view soon. He has given everyone a new kind of beginning to celebrate.
      2020 has been a brutal year for America.

    1. @Granite Mountain for now ,laugh. for the real supreme court( Federal ) that Trump just stuck in will over turn it numb nutts hahahahahahaha

    2. Trump still thinks like a small time crook. He thought that if he nominates three judges, they will throw him the presidency like a peeled orange. He absolutely cannot comprehend that someone could obey principles beyond trivial and immediate effort to enrich oneself.

    3. @Daniel Ryslink so you must not have seen the ballots being stuffed in the voteing machines right after telling the press and pole watchers to leave untill morning ,

    1. Don’t hold your breathe. Don’t forget that impeachment did not get him despite the evidence. And up till this moment he has not shown his tax records. He stood in front of the world and said “russia if you are listening I want you to find the missing emails”. Basically giving giving asange go ahead to hack dnc emails.

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