Supreme Court hearing for Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation: Day 1 | USA TODAY

Ketanji Brown Jackson, the first Black woman nominated for a seat on the Supreme Court, faces the Senate Judiciary Committee Monday for the first in what will be a whirlwind week of hearings.

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If confirmed, Jackson would be the 116th justice and the first Black woman seated on the nation's highest court in its 233-year-history. While Jackson's confirmation wouldn't change the ideological makeup of the court, her background as a former federal public defender and a member of the U.S. Sentencing Commission may have a big influence. But first, Jackson, a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, has to navigate the kind of politics jurists generally like to avoid. Monday's hearing will be all talk and no questions, with senators – and Jackson herself – offering carefully scripted opening statements that may offer some clues about how the next few days will go

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    1. @L. Diaz In my opinion she is probably a good person. But she was chosen not my merit but by gender and race per Joe Bidens oun words “I will apoint the first black woman” before the space was even open. I do hope she will be fair and just and support the constitution.

    2. But she is more qualified than Amy. This woman has experience. Amy had zero court room experience. She is perfect and needed. The color of her skin is what y’all see tf

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    1. It’s funny how the same was said about Kamala, “First black Vice President,” and people of color ran to the polls. Look at her now? Being the first is great. However, being the first and remembered as the worst will be her legacy.

  3. For the sake of our Democracy, it is vitally important that she be asked One question. “Have You Ever participated in a “Devil’s Triangle”?


  5. I thought the questions they asked Ms Jackson today in the hearing were respectful. I didn’t hear them ask her if she drank beer in her high school days or did she ever pass gas at a frat party or put a pubic hair on a a coca cola can!!! Much like they did when they questioned Bret Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court.

  6. What’s wrong with the guy sitting behind Durbin here? He looks like he’s possessed!!! If he didn’t blink every now and again, I’d swear he was a cardboard cutout and not real.

  7. She can’t define “woman” but thinks it is important to have four “woman” on the SCOTUS? A joke.

    1. She just didn’t want to have a meta ethical conversation about it. She should just said she can define what a female is. Any normal person should even care to answer.

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