Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh tests positive for COVID-19 | USA TODAY 1

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh tests positive for COVID-19 | USA TODAY


The positive COVID-19 test comes hyst days before the Supreme Court was set to resume in-person oral arguments.
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Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh has tested positive for COVID-19 just days before the justices were set to return to the courtroom to begin a new term, the court announced Friday.

Kavanaugh, who along with the other Supreme Court justices has been vaccinated since January, is not experiencing symptoms, the court said. He was informed of the positive test result Thursday ahead of a ceremonial swearing-in for Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett set for Friday.

All nine justices were tested Monday morning prior to their conference where they meet to discuss cases and all tested negative, including Kavanaugh, the court said. Court officials said Kavanaugh, 56, would not attend Barrett's investiture ceremony.

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    1. @Michel if you’re daughter needs it due to her circumstances, then she should take it. No one is saying otherwise. But for healthy people like myself, don’t force it on me. The CDC has already said that even fully vaccinated people can STILL get the virus and STILL spread it to other people. So I’m not protecting anyone else even if I were vaccinated. So why should I get it then?

    2. I still don’t understand, after the CDC has said, even if you’re fully vaccinated you can still get the virus and you can still transmit it to others, people still say, “you need to protect other people”. Who am I protecting if I can still get others infected even if I were vaccinated? Do people these days lack comprehension ability?

    3. @MrSpeedDemon72 The CDC never said the vaccines were 100% effective. But if you still get Covid after having been vaccinated then the symptoms are typically much less significant.

    4. @MrSpeedDemon72 The argument would be that even though you can still transmit it, since it helps protect you, it means your body will naturally recover much quicker, and therefore help slow down the process of new mutations. Additionally, by protecting you, you also help place less of a burden on the already highly stressed public medical infrastructure. One could say that these two factors place enough of an effect on the public to warrant a mandate. I definitely believe in the vaccine, however I don’t agree with the idea of the Federal government having the authority to mandate vaccines like this, especially ones so new. The precedent that sets is dangerous for the future in general.

    1. The only test that ever successfully transmitted the flu to a human was the Human Influenza Challenge, conducted in 2019 and overseen by Dr Fauci, where subjects were injected with a modified strain of flu. It remains unproven how flu, covid or the common cold is spread otherwise

    2. @Jack Butland, congratulations on your brand spanking new acct. lol, “we’re are you from”? F’n troll.

  1. I’m not sure what is my favorite:
    The election Trump didn’t win ( that one counted)


    The recounts, audits, reaudits and full forensic audits he LOST (meaningless, but satisfying)

    The anticipation i have right now is a close second/third

    1. Not as satisfying as us watching you still infected with chronic Trump Derangement and living your life filled with hatred which only consumes your bones, while Trump lives amazing life with his friends and family. In the meantime the F Biden chants are growing stronger all across the country.

    2. @Esther Diaz Asserting TDS is an ad hominem fallacy (attacking the messenger rather than the message). And you’re repeating what the other did: making provocative statements and projecting.

      Regardless, I doubt Trump is as happy as you hope, since he’s still trying to undermine democracy and overturn an election. His narcissism prevents him from accepting loss.

    3. @Lighting Bird Reckoning with January 6 must be a paramount issue on the ticket in 2022 as voters decide which party is best suited to control the House and Senate. The twisted stories about what happened must be continually challenged and the government must do more to ensure that accountability in our democracy won’t go by the wayside. The country needs a thorough, nonpartisan investigation to connect the campaign to delegitimize the 2020 election to the violence that unfolded on January 6.

    4. @Esther Diaz I still have $15 USD to distribute in exchange for cell phone video footage of the LAST happy moment at the ill-fated White House “Victory Party”

      Did Don call it off himself? Did he get carted away by the secret service?

      I wonder if the music stopped mid track…
      Can you imagine the run on the bar as guests learned the truth…

  2. Oops it was just a false positive. His planned appearance on the view today however remains canceled.

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