Supreme Court justice Ketanji Brown Jackson thanks MLK during speech | USA TODAY

Ketanji Brown Jackson, the first Black woman to sit on the Supreme Court, gives remarks at the White House.

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The Senate confirmed Jackson on Thursday, giving the White House and Democratic allies an opportunity to take a victory lap with the first Black woman headed to the Supreme Court.

Jackson said she has spent the past decade writing hundreds of opinions on thousands of cases where she has done her “best to stay in my lane and to reach a result that is consistent with my understanding of the law and with the obligation to rule independently without fear or favor.”

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  2. This moment is a historic for Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson and the SCOTUS. Though, historic rulings are most important because they can last 100 years from now, and that is what makes a LEGACY. The GREAT and LEGENDARY Thurgood Marshall understood that best with his HISTORIC rulings that help MILLIONS of people after him, many of whom look like him. He understood that these rulings were far more GREATER than him just being the FIRST Black SCOTUS Justice. I hope Judge Jackson will be apart of something far GREATER than her just being the FIRST Black women Supreme Court Justice.

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