Supreme Court Precedents Offer DOJ Lots Of Options To Challenge Texas Abortion Law 1

Supreme Court Precedents Offer DOJ Lots Of Options To Challenge Texas Abortion Law

Laurence Tribe, professor of Constitutional Law, emeritus, at Harvard Law School, talks with Rachel Maddow about past Supreme Court decisions that Attorney General Merrick Garland could cite in a challenge to the new Texas abortion ban.
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    1. I’ve read news articles that are talking about how the Texas abortion turn in tip line and website were crashed with prank callers tying up the network.


    1. @Richard Owens what the right wing supremes may or may not ‘care’ about is way below my pay grade. They simply need to avoid legislating from the bench.

    2. @ethics first – the constitution, had you read it, reveals far more than 10. Are you thinking of commandments, which are NOT part of the constitution.

  1. There you have it the AG is seeking legal advice from one of the USA best law professors who has forgotten more the Governor Abbot knows

  2. Wow. One side is practically scaring the other side to their view. The other side can counter scare to inaction. Texas just outsourced its anti-abortion platform to bounty hunters? The US top law enforcer can interfere? Time to surf the comments section.

    1. WTF are you talking about?? Democrats are talking about ending life outside the womb as a “choice”, while holding political prisoners and issuing fraudulent subpoenas for private records of political enemies. That’s just this week.

    2. @Cup o’ Sooth just how many babies are “aborted” outside of the body? Facts are important. I believe your political fury outweighs your knowledge

    1. Yes, the Taliban is suing Texas for copyright infringement for using their version of sharia law without obtaining a license.

    2. @Maggotty Trailer Queen Dear gods, little boy, the first thing you do when you come on a thread is juvenile insults and nothing of interest, just cheap shots, laughable to an adult.
      Could you represent Democrats and their allies better? Too precious.
      When you man up to debate the issues, let us know; until then toddle off.

    1. Actually, I don’t see a lot of fighting in either place. I hear a lot of complaining, but I don’t see much fighting. Women in Afghanistan are hiding their faces and covering their bodies – not protesting or fighting. And, women in Texas are just going to another state to get abortions – not protesting or fighting. Protesting and fighting are what is required, though. The fascists in Texas are not just knocking at the door – they’ve busted through it and are now standing in the living room.

  3. People of the state of Texas you have supreme power and that is your vote. Vote out these right wing radical politicians.

    1. They’re enacting legislation to overturn the will of the people in Texas, so they can ignore election results they don’t like.

    1. Hypothetically…can’t a woman sue the Texas government for forcing her to give birth (via hindering her right to a safe legal abortion) for violating her constitutional right? Asking for a friend

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  6. I feel like the abortion law is a smokescreen for the voting rights law. The abortion “law” isn’t going to stand. The voting rights law will. They know the media rarely focuses on more than one major issue at a time. Our outrage and energy is being directed at something that won’t stand, while they Frodo their way to Mount Doom.

  7. All this drama just to deflect from 1/6/21.

    Never forget: “Stand back, stand by.”

    Too many trump appointees in positions ready to enable insurrection.

    The GOP now has its own face, demeanor, and future – and it looks like unbridled fascism, insane conspiracy theorism, and anarchy. Awaiting the torch parades, arm bands, book burnings, and nights of broken glass.

  8. I am hopeful now that we know what can be done. I hope the TX AG gives him a call, better yet bring him in as a witness or consultant!!! So glad we have Rachel and her production crew in the case!

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