Supreme Court rules Arizona laws don't violate Voting Rights Act 1

Supreme Court rules Arizona laws don’t violate Voting Rights Act


The Supreme Court on Thursday said two provisions of an Arizona voting law that restrict how ballots can be cast do not violate the historic Voting Rights Act that bars regulations that result in racial discrimination.
The ruling will limit the ability of minorities to challenge state laws in the future that they say are discriminatory under the Voting Rights Act.
The vote in the case is 6-3 breaking along conservative-liberal ideological lines. Justice Samuel Alito delivered the majority opinion.
The case comes as several Republican-led states, encouraged by former President Donald Trump's unfounded claims of widespread voter fraud, are considering more restrictive laws and Democrats are fighting a frantic battle in courts to combat what President Joe Biden has called an "assault on democracy."
The court upheld two provisions of the Arizona law. The first provision says in-person ballots cast at the wrong precinct on Election Day must be wholly discarded. Another provision restricts a practice known as "ballot collection," requiring that only family caregivers, mail carriers and election officials can deliver another person's completed ballot to a polling place.
"Neither Arizona's out-of-precinct rule nor its ballot-collection law violates §2 of the VRA," Alito wrote. "Arizona's out-of-precinct rule enforces the requirement that voters who choose to vote in person on election day must do so in their assigned precincts. Having to identify one's own polling place and then travel there to vote does not exceed the "usual burdens of voting.'"

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    1. @ron g …and it seems our own leaders and representatives, i.e. Sharpton, Roland Martin keep pushing this mess which makes us look pitiful, its embarrassing. I’m sure there are people in special circumstances but not enough to have legislation drawn up, that’s ridiculous.

    2. @Stan Wilson Your statement is the exact racist Democrat point of view. Why do you think blacks can’t afford ID? They are free and can be gotten in many places in cities. Have you not seen some of the reaction videos of where blacks are shown what white Democrats think of them and their ability to vote? Offended are what most are and should be. I seriously do not think you know what the words racist or xenophobic mean. Undocumented migrants do not get to vote because they are not American. Foreign nationals, also not citizens, do not get to vote. You do know only American citizens are allowed to vote right?

    3. I guess the real test is the election and how hard it is or not. I can tell you that people are gonna vote in even greater numbers this time and disrupt the conservatives plan for suppression.

    4. @Kimberly Winters What suppression exactly? Details with no generalizing. I am a non-affiliated voter and want to know the perspective of both sides.

  1. Omg. Your voting system is a brain teaser. After watching this video I felt totally lost….:-)

    1. The civil rights history of our country is what makes it complicated. If you’re from Europe, a good analogy might be the political clashes of 1860-1880 in the continent. These were less about race or ethnicity and more about class structure… but crucially, the left had a large degree of success in those struggles, and it eatablished a foundation on which to build over the next 100 years. So today, there is broad agreement on the basics and no need for such complexity in your election laws. The complexity subsists in the U.S. because the far right is still powerful enough to get their way if they’re not held in check by a bulletproof legal framework.

    2. @Ty Fowler thanks for your explanation. No doubt your voting system is rooted in your history, besides you are not a “single” state, like Italy for instance where I live, but a huge country with 50 states. That said, I will never be able to fully understand your system even if I tried, way too complicated for my brain :-). My bad. Hope things will get better for Usa. At present you look very divided …

    3. @Loredana Tagliaferri No bad there…. Thanks Loredana. We’re very divided but i feel that working it out by facing it, rather than trying to cover it up, is the only way out.

    4. @AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL true. But if it happens in a superpower like Usa it is much worse.

    1. @Rene Jean

      (Psalm 14:1)- “Only fools say in their hearts, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, and their actions are evil; not one of them does good!”

      (Ezekiel 21:8)- “give the people this message from the Lord.”

      (Ezekiel 18: 25): you all keep saying, the lord isn’t doing what’s right.” “listen to me o people. Am I the one who’s not doing what’s right, or is it you?

      If He isn’t real how does he know that you’re saying that???

    2. @Priest Fulton J Wingba JR Dude, Jesus is old news. We got a new messiah. No more of that hippy dippy, sermon on the Mount, socialist liberal Jesus, who was a terrorist. We got a real savior now. God personally picked Donald J. Trump, and sent him to lay down his law. So hold on to your butts libtards,. God and Trump is in charge. Every knee will now.

    1. CNN is not doing a deep dive into the laws and their impact. Mostly because the Repub state legislatures all used Trump’s lying about the election to justify more “strict” voting laws. Not saying the laws themselves are good or bad, haven’t read the AZ laws personally. But that’s what CNN is doing here. Liberal media thinks, “if the GOP wants these laws, they must be doing it to suppress black votes”. Personally I think the Repubs will struggle to win back the Presidency even with stricter laws. Dems are doing a good job getting the voters to the polls in swing states.

  2. What was never lost can never be found. ― Zen Proverb!

    Move and the way will open. ― Zen Proverb

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    1. Because by pitting different races and sexes against each other they can win. They’ve done that since the 1850s.

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