Supreme Court Rules Juvenile Offenders Can Be Given Life Sentences | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC 1

Supreme Court Rules Juvenile Offenders Can Be Given Life Sentences | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


The Supreme Court has ruling that juvenile offenders can be sentenced to life without parole. NBC's Pete Williams reports on the decision ass the defendant, who was charged with the killing of his grandfather when he was 15, challenged that the judge could not prove he was "permanently incorrigible." Aired on 04/22/2021.
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Supreme Court Rules Juvenile Offenders Can Be Given Life Sentences | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


    1. @E B In a perfect world i would agree. In practice if you dump your seed on the field you don’t get to keep the crops.

    2. @Lisa Vivera lmao dump your seed you c cannot create that child on your own you should not be able to end it on your own.

    3. In this context Pro life does also mean being pro to the living deaths in the prisons.
      Thus was a sick judgement of bad judges. And bad Amy is writing a book how great she is judging.

    1. @The Black Marvel who’s the group that’s rioting & looting? Same group that says they are for the black people but yet nobody can name one family they have helped but we all know how many houses the founder has

    2. I never realized how answering for a crime would be soooooo bad. I mean, why can’t I just do what I want all the time?

    1. @Me that’s unfortunate. You don’t have to be though. There’s a lot of recourses out there instead of msnbc

    1. @Al that’s not court pack dude. Obviously garland wouldn’t have gotten the votes. Maybe they shoulda had a confirmation hearing but it woulda been pointless. Not having a vote on a judge isn’t the same as court packing though

    2. @Peter Dragonyou can’t argue that what they did wasn’t dirty and politically motivated. The Republican Party has ZERO principles but they have a spine, and for our country to find balance the democrats need to step up and fight fire with fire. Republicans deserve this

    3. @Hugh G Rection If you are referring to Sotomayor’s confirmation it was ONLY ON EVERY news channel at the time of the hearings.

    1. @blue03r6 Americans that traveled to China (and Europe) and were allowed to return (with no quarantine restrictions, testing requirements, etc.) brought COVID here. Trump’s, “I closed down the country from China … which saved millions of lives” was, hold onto your hat, half-true. He closed the border to most foreigners — exempting U.S. citizens. So, common sense tells you that Americans brought COVID to America. The Morons (Are) Governing America did every fu*king possible thing wrong and the “Trump Virus” made America #1 — in COVID deaths.

    2. USA people believe in *punishment* and not in _rehabilitation._ Thus, US has *prisons* and not _correction facilities._
      In most cases, US persons would support enacting revenge for crime (in the name of the victim, of course), and then — if they can — throw away the key.
      That’s how USA gets so many prisoners, as well as its high recidivism (prisoners don’t change in prison, and when they come out they commit more crimes, and then back in prison for more “hardening”).

    3. @Richard Christie I don’t care what people that don’t live hear say I love where I live and if I didn’t I can move so SYFU with your bs

  1. apparently juvenile offenses are so bad scotus has to weigh in. but what are those who’ve made this new normal guilty of?

    1. @Kennedy Suggs well we’re clearly misunderstanding each other because i’m providing evidence of children growing up in a society that recently hired a sociopath. so that sentencing them to the harshest extent possible not only misses the point, but proves that society is the problem not children, thanks!!

    2. @Kennedy Suggs I’m beginning to think these are bots. AI or something refining the process of imitation. It’s that or people are mixing ebonics and technical and creative writing all at once.

    3. @Lloyd Little where did you study that allowed you these grand and inventive ways of expressing yourself through written language?

    4. @Horrace Coarke actually horace it’s what used to be simple exchange of ideas, until of course cable came along and turned every conversation into an f’n debate…oh yea so longing once again for the days when celebrities were only in the gossip columns…and who knows might even happen before lower carbon emissions are achieved, peace!!

    1. @Peter Dragon Peter Dragon pleased to meat you as you see my name is Horrace Coarke, uh, both with an ‘a’.

  2. I guess this is what the conservative judges call “right to life”, they’ll fight for an unborn fetus but not for a teenager, isn’t this an oxymoron?

    1. @Buddy Christ it never use to apply to children under 18, until the 1990’s juveniles lacked the maturity to take responsibility for their actions, that’s why we had juvenile courts. Now the GOP, the right to life party, wants to execute juveniles but will fight for an unborn fetus. But everyone knows prison are big business and money makers.

    2. @Jsanchez4200 Well if you want to see change in the system don’t keep voting these same people into power. Biden was the author of the 90’s crime bill that put so many people in jail. Harris bragged about locking people up for minor drug offenses. This isn’t a left or right thing with me.
      Just to point out no one is calling for the execution of children. It leaves the option for a life sentence if the case warrants it. Search the names “Jon Venables and Robert Thompson” and tell me that sometimes it might be appropriate.

    3. @Not Your Average Trucker
      I’m 50+.
      It’s one thing if a person killed someone in a fight, walked in on their spouse cheating and killed the lover, or picked up a rock and killed someone who insulted their mom(examples).
      Those are anger killings.
      It’s another class of crime for someone to commit premeditated murder on a family member.
      Your “we all make mistakes” justification just doesn’t equal the heinous magnitude of premeditated murder.
      That takes a certain evil mentality to do such a thing, and an obvious disregard for life.
      Would you trust someone like that to work for you or to be involved in a relationship with a loved one of yours, after they completed a 20 year sentence for doing a crime like that?

      I doubt it.
      I’m also pretty sure you didn’t commit premeditated murder on a family member when you were a teen.

    4. @Jsanchez4200 We can through around anecdotal evidence all day. My point was if you want to see change stop voting for the same people over and over again.

  3. This is why the Supreme Court needs to be stacked!
    All of Trumps judicial appointees qualifications need to be reviewed and probably 70% need to be removed!

  4. This goes to show you that this country doesn’t rehabilitate, it’s just punish period.. It’s like they are saying children cannot be rehabilitated so screw em.. Wow

    1. @Liberalist D Wrong, murder is not the ultimate sin in relation to the bible the sin of unbelief is, not murder. As far as murder being an ultimate crime that is not true ether if that was the case all murders would be life sentence. Justice is trying to fit the punishment to the crime and murder as well as all crime are not black and white as you clearly don’t understand.

  5. Wow I don’t think this is right for every case at all. It must be decided on a case by case basis and I hope that’s what the courts do.

    1. @Taylor Reeves well don’t do bad stuff and you won’t have to have a judge decide on your fate.

    2. Obviously not every single juvenile offender will face life. A 17yo serial killer would be judged different from a 12 year old who shoots one person.

    3. That’s exactly what was explained in this video… Judge will have to decide if minor was knowing what he was doing

    4. Obviously this won’t apply to every minor or every crime. Why don’t leftist understand this simple concept?

  6. I’ve worked with teens who committed murder. Every one of them had been abused by an authority figure.

    1. @Peter Dragon yes but I think they should get mental help not just put in prison which does nothing.

  7. Some juvenile offenders don’t improve after a nickel behind bars. They get out only to reoffend. It’s a horrible cycle

    1. James Dandy
      Your statement is sadly most often true “..some juvenile offenders don’t improve after a nickel behind bars…” I think it is because there is no rehabilitative system offered in prison designed to decrease repeat offenses after release. The ones who see improvement are getting assistance from thier familial and cultural networks after incarceration.

  8. the “parent” that puts their kid up to commiting a crime because they got out at 18 anyway still won’t care about this ruling.

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