Supreme Court to hear case with major implications for voting rights


  1. Given the supreme court’s decision to allow states to control our body, it’s basically self-defense at this point.

    1. @J R You don’t want to make the argument? Anyone can come on YT and simply usher folks to “research on your own”…

  2. I wish the us would take hints on how to do elections from Europe, holiday for voting or doing it on Sunday, mail in voting per request with no excuse with plenty of time ahead, free id for everybody. anything less than that is voter hinderance

    1. @AdeptPaladin I’m simply saying we don’t have a pure democracy. I’m sorry that it went over your head.

    2. @AdeptPaladin i’m not against mail in balloting or absentee balating for cause. What I’m against is mass mail in balloting and I’ve already explained my reasons why.

  3. Why are they even taking the time to hear arguments when each justice has already made up their mind? Wonder how this will be decided?

  4. Election Day should be a national holiday…
    What’s the argument against that idea?
    Actually asking…

    1. @Reid Simonson Certainly! Working ONE Sunday in year is nothing. I currently work in a hospital.

  5. The great thing about the US is the governments belief in humanity, law and, economics… unfortunately not in that order.

    1. What side has all the firearms, controls all food production, energy production and has most of the former military and police on their side? Are you sure you want to see a revolution, really sure?

    1. Not really because theres always courts higher as well as congress , nobody in government has enough power

    2. @BuffaloConfidential That’s why Trump won the popular vote both times, right? Er…oh wait.

  6. He starts off so well, does he realize that changes to voting in PA wasn’t done by the state legislatures which is unconstitutional as ruled by PA’s state court.

  7. If state courts can’t strike down state laws (even partially), then the whole system of checks and balances go kablooey…

    1. The state courts have no authority to change statewide election laws according to the constitution. The State’s legislature has to vote amongst themselves to change election laws . In this case the court abused its authority and overrided States legislative branch this has nothing to do with checks and balances.

  8. It doesn’t matter what the issue is; just ask yourself, “what would a demon want?” Hope you don’t believe in god or grandchildren.

  9. The founders intended that the legislators compromise and get laws passed.
    It’s not a bad thing that one side can’t ram laws through or the executive branch can use its agencies to de facto make their own regulations.

    The agencies should be in charge of enforcement of the laws … nit make the laws…

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