Supreme Court to take up case next term that could limit Roe v. Wade 1

Supreme Court to take up case next term that could limit Roe v. Wade


The Supreme Court on Monday agreed to take up a major abortion case next term concerning a controversial Mississippi law that banned most abortions after 15 weeks, rekindling a potentially major challenge to Roe v. Wade at the majority conservative court.
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    1. @Cole H My God is not your god. Stop imposing your beliefs onto others. And by the way, the bible has changed when conception begins numerous times. So, which estimate are you referring to again?

    2. @Glen Smith a couple makes a mutual agreement to conceive. By your logic a guy that knocked up a women he hooked up with could FORCE her to have that baby.

    3. @Amanda really? Read the original version and the new versions. They aren’t that different, nice comment that you heard from others though.

    4. @Amanda I believe on God, the God. This isn’t make believe in your own god. You can have a different religion sure, but I will say my beliefs in this matter. If you don’t like it Amanda then stay out of political topics about facts and God, and stay in emotional ones.


    2. @Jose Fernandez AMIGO, We cannot keep letting black and Latino babies be killed like that, the richest country in the world kills human babies., Nah, that ain’t right, we have to stick together and support human life, PRAY TO OVERTURN ROE V WADE

  1. There was a time when some people were anxious of the prospects that controversial new justices could overturn Dred Scott v. Sandford.
    There was a time when some people were anxious of the prospects that controversial new justices could overturn Plessy v. Ferguson.

    1. @Kappa Darwin I did it with only government medical insurance for myself and then my daughter…but I do work at a restaurant where employees get free meals.. I worked 40 hrs a week and babysat right down the street for 20 hrs a week up until 10 days before I had my daughter. I saved every penny and breastfed as long as I could…if I wouldn’t had med Bill’s I wouldnt have made it.

    2. @USA Rules southern democrats were; but now they are republicans; and for lies they can’t watch trump and the fools who follow him

    3. It’s funny how segregation is becoming more common now. Where I work they have a quiet space/room, but you have to be brown or black to use it. Crazy times, fight for desegregation in the 60’s. Segregation 2021.

    1. @Chavvy the rights that didn’t have to be amended to the constitution: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

    2. @AzBurke68 after doing some research and finding out that pregnancy tests have gotten quite accurate, and now even at just 2 weeks after intercourse, that is plausible, though still putting massive pressure on a rape victim!
      Though in the case of underage girls getting raped by family members, they only have to keep her from seeking help for a couple months, or just don’t buy pregnancy tests.

    3. @Chavvy A fetus does cannot sustain life without it’s host. Take the fetus out and it dies. If it can’t sustain life on its own and is wholly dependent on its mother to simply breathe, then the mother should have the say in it. Not the baby, not some panel of judges, not the father. The government needs to stop interfering

    4. @Chavvy “we don’t believe in killing human for convenience.” Yet you types often support the death penalty

    5. @Buddy George animals have sex with their own gender all the time, so yes, I believe humans were made to do the same

  2. While the supreme court is willing to “look” at this issue, they should also be willing to “look” at the lack of social programs to help these women raise these children. Either they’re real Christians or they’re not. Stop pretending.

    1. @August Blue because the death penalty is for crimes against humanity, didnt realize we had serial killer babies.

    2. @Javier what does marriage have to do with anything? Some people don’t want to get married, they shouldn’t have to have marriage shoved down their throats. If this country is going to put limitations on Roe v Wade then they need to REALLY up their game on the social programs. It’s not welfare, it’s called informing people. Inform mother’s on how to get jobs and training for careers, inform mother’s on where they can get help with education, inform them on where they can drop the baby off if they don’t want it. Abortion isn’t a problem. The children living in poverty, with hunger and with no electricity or running water is the problem. There are roughly TWENTY TIMES the amount of children living in bad conditions than there are abortions. But no let’s worry about having children out of wedlock like that’s some sort of problem.

    3. @ConservativeRiot murder and killing are different, correct. But abortion is NOT murder. Murder is always illegal, killing isn’t always so. That’s not my opinion, that’s a legal definition. Abortion isn’t illegal, ergo it’s not murder

    1. @jon pork This attitude is usually from people who call themselves Progressive, and that prefer because of what their beliefs are…
      Believe in global warming, face diapers, and all the agendas of the government and media push…
      humanity is called hateful, while they fight for the lives of whales, they fight for the spotted owls, they fight for the sea turtles, they fight for the Dolphins, and a few give money…to save those things, but are Mocking when it is killing done to human beings, because after all human beings are bad right….
      satanist, alternative gender fluidity is all the rage….. it’s as old as Sodom and Gomorrah… not new.

    2. @Michael Baaske Then the actual delivered alive babies, in New York/ North Carolina were just kept warn, alive, till sold to labs….is a myth?
      Didn’t happen?….ok, but that’s called a alternate reality…..they the clinic and the doctor cannot be sued for murder, but it is the ending of a life of a beating heart, a breathing baby, and otherwise healthy child.
      Why wouldn’t the mother just put it up for adoption? It’s no longer inside of her, no longer attached, well it’s valuable… legal murder.
      The babies adrenochrome sells for a lot of money, the amount of money that is paid in compensation, for a fresh baby… that’s why kept alive till bought.
      Other reasons why some would want to indulge in killing babies is as a sacrificial offering…. Historical blood sacrifice, the blood of babies has great value to the “Demonic Realm”… Fairytales right.

    3. @timandsue legere Only in this society, could a woman decide to kill a life, and be call brave, open right minded, or in charge of her own body…. when in reality it just careless behavior.
      How many women have multiple aborted babies.?

    4. @timandsue legere No, it’s more involved, there’s psychologically issues, and of confusion, or upsetness, it didn’t work out plans to marry, the boy or the man didn’t want to marry, even though she thought that being pregnant, or having a baby would win him over..
      Many issues of selfishness.
      Bottom line, it is not the babies fault…. okay.


  3. Pretty soon, they’re going to ban medical care after being shot cause the constitution doesn’t allow it.

    1. @Patricia Auclair then why don’t they make men store their sperm and have vasectomy until they are ready to have children this would solve the problem and there should be no problem with it as they have no problem telling a woman what to do with her body, this is the best solution, then women wouldn’t have to endure a unwanted pregnancy from rape and incest if men are made to have vasectomies when they come of age it would also do away with the need for birth control wouldn’t you agree

    2. @timandsue legere education is far better than a surgery taking away your right to have children.

    3. Ban abortion (; Texas Approves! Only people who don’t want to take ownership of their own children will hate this .

  4. Didn’t take them long to start themselves on this path.

    We’ve seen all the voter suppression bills being made by heritage foundation. All these abortion bills are coming from the same type of “foundations”

    1. Yup. Just received a book in the mail the other day called “Reconsidering Reagan: Racism, Republicans and the Road to Trump”. The book gives you a great history lesson on Ronald Reagan’s racist beliefs, his racist actions and his racist policies when he was president. The book even brought up California’s Proposition 14 from 1964 which was mostly passed by angry white voters. That controversial referendum was soon struck down by both the state supreme court and the U.S. supreme court. Proposition 14 was a “whitelash” response to something called the Rumford Fair Housing Act. The book talks extensively about that during the “early years” of Reagan’s entry into politics. The book does a great job in tracking Reagan’s racist beliefs all the way back to his beginnings way before he ever became president. That Prop 14 thing really pissed me off while reading about it. I’m glad the voter makeup of California has changed. To be fair, I’m sure it wasn’t just white conservatives. I’m sure left wing whites also voted for that Prop 14. Everyone was guilty on that one.

  5. The same folks that don’t want to wear a mask or get a shot because “my body, my choice” are the ones that want to tell other folks what to do with their bodies. Classic hypocrisy.

    1. @Brian B yes it is and it will be a child so the fact that it may not be literally alive yet doesn’t matter cause it’s progression leads it to be alive so stopping that process is still murder.

    2. @Willie Dynamite That early on in the pregnancy the fetus is WAY more the mother’s than it is itself. Without the mother the fetus dies.

    3. @Brian B I hope your at least for (the born alive abortion Survivors Protection Act.) These children will been given medical help. Instead of leaving then to die alone in pain. Many democratic for some reason are fighting the bill.

  6. Its actually insane how the American supreme courts work, it makes no sense its a political appointment instead of an independent organisation of jugdes deciding who is the best equipped and they should retire when they turn 70 or thereabout.

    1. America is one of the most corrupt nations on earth. Once you realize that it all makes sense.

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