1. Haha I was just going to say that I bet she has talked to a few managers in her lifetime. *Live*Laugh*Love*

  1. She looks as American as she acts. “Smackdown.” “They’ve ran out of tools.” Dear me. No, the majority don’t support your money grubbing ways.

    1. If she is not American they still own her. She is one of Kenny,s stooges. Jason Kenny should go back to his mothers basement.

    2. @brian niziol Exactly. Kenny ran on jobs and Trudeau bad. Well Edmonton and Calgary have the highest unemployment rate in the country. It’s full steam ahead on oil,oil,oil. No economic diversification. When things go wrong it’s Trudeau’s fault.

  2. what a great day for the oil cartels. now they can increase their personal and their companies fortunes by millions and still overcharge Canadians because you cannot refine oil in Canada. ship it outside the country and then bringit back so they can soak the source of the raw materials for every cent and then some.
    time to grow up Alberta and take back what is your, build a some refineries and keep it home.

    1. One of the reason refineries aren’t built here is because of onerous environmental regulations, which make the projects economically not viable. Wake up.

    1. No worse than any other. 38 million tons of coal a year out of your ports. Probably as much sewage. Tankers from Alaska. Sounds like par for the course

  3. You guys have a short memory from the huge rail way icing that spilled oil all over the environment. This is by far the most safest way to transport oil.


  5. This a terrible day for BC 😫
    Government don’t care about our coastline just there greedy pockets.😠👎

    1. garry olsen it’s too easy to ship it down south for refining. No one wants to commit to a refinery especially since Notley and trudeau chased away investors. Just another fed government chokehold for Alberta.

    2. garry olsen but oil tankers dive past every day from Alaska. You export 38 million tons of coal a year. You are building an LNG project with pipelines to the coast for shipping. You flush sewage into the ocean every day. You already have a pipeline to the coast. Your hypocrisy is gag worthy. Your bicycles, helmets, kayaks, raincoats, computers, electric vehicles, ferry’s etc.. all need oil.

  6. Hypocrisy thy name is UPC. Here she says the feds support the pipe line and Kenny ran on and won on Trudeau bad. No pipe line- all Trudeau’s fault. Now it’s a whole different story. Where’s all the jobs you promised Jason after you gave big oil all those tax breaks and starting slashing Social programs, health care and education?

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