Surfside Condo Collapse Death Toll Climbs To 46 | MSNBC 1

Surfside Condo Collapse Death Toll Climbs To 46 | MSNBC


Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava announced that 10 more bodies were found in the rubble after the Surfside, Florida, condo collapse. This brings the death toll to 46, with 94 people still unaccounted for.

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Surfside Condo Collapse Death Toll Climbs To 46 | MSNBC


  1. God bless all, especially rescuers who see what must be heartbreaking. Thank you for all your efforts.

    1. @DeadlyButSilent2 Um, the poster just wrote a nice and heartfelt comment. Calm down. If you aren’t religious fine but you don’t need to berate someone who is.

    2. @Cassandra Rose One sign of being religious is the absolute hatred of free speech and divergent thinking.

    3. @Cassandra Rose The poster came on here and top-posted a religious message. I just stated my view on religion. Maybe you should have some tolerance for MY beliefs, take your OWN advice and just STFU.


    1. Pam, thanks for reminding me of being sexually molested by a Catholic priest in 1979 with your comment. Was the Lord blessing me during that moment of sodomy?

    1. right on when this is the job they get paid to do …they knew the risk they signed on to go into situations like this….otherwise they are just hanging out at the firehouse mostly doing very little for good pay. Then they get a disaster and now its time to earn that money….and training the state pays for them to go to. They are getting paid hella overtime right now and they want to be there doing it. So, stop with the ads…

    1. Paprika, is spellcheck on cue, because l don’t think there’s a letter “b” in God less. Hmm? Interesting.

  3. Just go ahead and say that 150 people died, its been 2 weeks and nobody is gonna be found alive because they died of dehydration.

  4. How can the disaster “grow?” They know who’s missing, if they weren’t in the building when it collapsed, then that would have been counted. So they’re under that pile, and it’s been 2 weeks, and it is what it is.

    1. @Thomas Mcintyre me neither but it’s a high end condo. What high end condo do you know that has collapsed and then they release a news report saying in 2018 the building has major structural damage only a few hours the incident has been showed on the news. It seems like a kid who tells you they didn’t do something but also gives hints to what they did.

    2. @Thomas Mcintyre what don’t you understand, they brought down the standing tower down on the opposite side of the original collapsed site the company that did the implosion are professionals they brought down the rest of the twin towers and the Alfred Murray building ln Oklahoma

    3. @Danielle DeGeorge That is not what they did. It was dropped at an angle away from the initially collapsed part of the building. Part of the reason for dropping the remaining portion of the building was the fear that the hurricane might blow it over onto the initial debris pile

    4. ​@Danielle DeGeorgeWell even if there were survivors, they will not be found alive, seeing how slow and incompetent the rescue crew is.

  5. Start spraying fire truck hose on the rubble so if they’re alive they can have a chance at some water!

    1. Or it could drown someone if the water pools around someone who’s trapped. Almost happened to firefighters that were trapped and the crew outside almost drowned them trying to keep water on the fire around them. Its a catch 22 man.

    1. I hope so. Former board members are losing sleep over old records failing to match bank records. Hopefully those will be investigated too.

    2. It’ll just be a bunch of lawsuits. Renovations were about to be started, they already had engineers on site making plans. The owners of the condos could be partially to blame if they downvoted proposed repairs due to not wanting to pay for them.

    3. @South Beach Miami Art HOA board members are only the liaison between the HOA and the homeowners. It’s not their fault the condo homeowners refused to pay for repairs in 2018

    1. Well, the people responsible for this collapse are under the rubble or made homeless. The homeowners didn’t do the maintenance on their building. Hopefully other homeowners will learn from this and take building upkeep seriously.

  6. Imagine being stuck under but still alive but then you get killed by cleanup operation because the pros in the comments said you are dead and they are always right. No man left behind if even one person is missing thats potential for one survivor

    1. Autopsy could reveal if they died from the collapse or later from suffocating or hunger and dehydration, but question is if they will do an autopsy.

  7. Let’s take a look at the Sampoong Department store collapse, it was terrible and they had two parts of the mall on each side still standing after the collapse and the mayor shut down the digging (which by the way everyone who was anyone was there helping them dig) and the families rioted in the streets immediately and the mayor had the building secure with cables so they could continue to dig through the collapse and get any survivors out of the secured building.(WHY DIDNT THEY SECURE THE BUILDING LIKE THEY DID IN THIS COLLAPSE LOOK AT PICTURE OF IT AND YOU WILL SEE, SO THAT THEY COULD SEND SOMEONE IN TO GET THE PETS OR PERSONAL ITEMS) THEY STOPPED DIGGING FOR 14HOURS WHEN THE PRESIDENT CAME AND ONE FAMILY KNEW THAT WOULD HAPPEN) IM SURE WE ARE NOT GONNA KNOW FOR SURE IF ANYONE SURVIVED THE INITIAL COLLAPSE AND DIED WAITING BECAUSE THE MEDICAL EXAMINER APPARENTLY IS NOT ALLOWED TO SAY ANYTHING AT ALL ABOUT THIS, I WOULD THINK THE FAMILY WANTS TO KNOW, I WOULD.) They did not demolish it and if they had done that they wouldn’t have rescued the girl that was in that rubble for 17days and you hear the horrible story about how she had another person with her and the water from the firefighters drowned that person but she survived by drinking that same water. If you look at that collapse it looks very similar to this one. You would think noone could be in the bottom of that pile but not only was the girl in that pile but they pulled several people out several days later……alot to learn from past collapse disasters. I know for sure if my son was in that pile I would be their worst nightmare I am sure they would have me in jail because there is no way they would stop me from going into that pile with them. and after they would arrest me I would get out and go right back there and probably be arrested again. I couldn’t stand just waiting. I don’t know that they did the wrong or right thing and those things willl come out later when people start running the gators about what really went on down there since they blocked view from reporters and anyone else wanting to see what was going on….an d dont even say oh, that is to protect anyone found in the rubble…they have things you can block the view of anything they found even the still pictures show them with a body on a stretcher so that isnt even an issue here why they wouldn’t allow reporters or cameras is shady….I saw a video of a family in the tower next to the collapse and in that video they were upset that noone was digging where there relatives porch was at and they could see it from the condo they were staying in temporarily. I think they took alot of photo and video opts for themselves…sad and it was even worse that the family had to hear the updates when the public heard them…no they should have been first to hear….I guess it is tragic all around….I feel for the families and their pets. STAY STRONG AND THOSE WHO ARE RESPONSIBLE WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

  8. *Correction…at 03:11 these “alleged” heroes are highly paid and required by OSHA to get at least eight hours off between shifts.

  9. The place was loaded with security cameras. They can tell a good story. I wonder if anyone went into the office and grabbed the NVR before demolition.

  10. Think about the chances of someone still being alive. What it would take. If they ended up in a pocket, despite the pancaking nature of the collapse, and were somehow able to obtain a flashlight and use it to locate food and water, and somehow still have oxygen being supplied to them…. You see where I’m going with this. They need to stop with this “rescue” narrative and use the phrase “recovery.”

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  12. they need to hold accountable all the owners of that building and the inspector who gave them approval to continue their business.

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