Surfside condo remainder demolished after initial deadly collapse | USA TODAY 1

Surfside condo remainder demolished after initial deadly collapse | USA TODAY

Florida crews demolish the remaining part of a collapsed Miami-area condo structure ahead of Tropical Storm Elsa forecasts.

Florida officials on Saturday abruptly moved up plans to demolish the remaining part of a Miami area that condo collapsed on June 24, as the threat of a secondary collapse of the damaged structure looms, potentially endangering rescue crews.

Meanwhile, officials said the death toll from the collapse increased overnight to 24 victims, and 124 people remain missing.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said at a Saturday news conference that the state will pay for all costs of the demolition, which he said should take place within 36 hours. He said officials believe the building can come down before Tropical Storm Elsa is expected to bring strong winds and heavy rainfall to the area early next week.

Governor Ron DeSantis said the tower will likely be brought straight down using some type of explosive charge.

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  1. I’m so sorry for everyone that lost their homes. Lots of personal items that are irreplaceable. Strength and so very much love from hurricane alley

    1. @Happy Peach No. They had to evacuate immediately. Many of them left their pets thinking they would be back.

    2. They were not allowed back into the building at all. They couldn’t even get their valuables because the remaining part of the structure was also very weak.

    1. @Instyle Red the woman was in her 80s she had 3 pets and did grab her dog. I understand the frustration but they thoroughly checked that building for animals before they did it. Drones with heat cameras, checked under beds even tried to lure those specific cats out with food and water. They didn’t see them.

    2. @GimmeMyPickles Yah, oh let’s not forget the bloody animals. What is wrong with you. People have died, and you are worried about an animal. Geez, people are so sick in the head.

    3. @horsewoman just because I did not mention the ppl does not mean I do not care about them. They are clearly the main topic so I didn’t feel like I had to say anything. And they’re not just “bloody animals” u psycho, most ppl look at their pets as family, most ppl have had their pets since they were children. And for them to die in such a situation like this is crazy. So if me caring abt the pets makes me “sick in the head”, so fckn be it

  2. I’m praying for the families that have been affected by this tragedy. I’m so sorry for their losses

    1. @Cl BO The youtube “prayer” warriors post this nonsense (only) for attention. These are the types we have to keep (far away) from children and situations that require critical-sober thinking.

    2. its a targeted blasting to bury several people infected with the virus in March 2019 so that nobody will know that corona is made in USA and thats why the whole rescue team had to have corona test once per hour and there are 6 guys from rescue team got corona during the rescue, they never wanted to let anyone out of the ruins live

  3. RIP to the people that are under the pile of rubble..Such a loss of life…my sincere condolences to the families

    1. Even more sad people were screaming for their life and they couldn’t get rescued because whoever was rescuing them sucks. They didn’t work hard enough I’ve watched Third World countries come together better than those people. Absolutely disgusting at the national guard was not sent in. But there’s sent to the capital for some false Q conspiracies.

    2. @Peter Sramka debris- several 1000 tons fell on previous couldn’t be helped…

    1. @stormysocks They’re worried about the Tropical storm Elsa nearby and they feared that the remaining part of the building might come down as they’re working through the rubble.

  4. My condolences to the families that lost dear ones, our community is in pain, thank you to the first responders who have been in the search all these days…

    1. The two collapses are strikingly similar,the first one was more like a man-made oriented blasting.

    2. @by passer this is what I said 2weeks ago. There were also videos THAT MORNING of ppl saying there were loud bangs that sounded like explosions before the building came down. Also, a passerby from a block awa said that windows blew out of that structure about 2-3sec before it began to fall! The videos were deleted within 48hrs but ppl saw them! Some were on YouTube!!!!

  5. Condolences from Canada. Families are in my prayers. So very sorry for this tragedy and loss of lives.

    1. Thank you from USA. This is a horrific reminder on the anniversary yr of 9-11 where 4 buildings and over 4,000 lives went down like that

    2. that’s nice of you, what needs to happen from here is a full investigation and the property owner held responsible for any neglect

  6. Bless “all” those who have been traumatized by these events, for the last several
    days, and the Families whom have lost Souls, may “all” rest with Peace, on this side
    of the veil, or the other.

  7. People lived there had lives, children, memories, meals, fun and some lost it all there..may they RIP and may God please bless the families of the victims

    1. A horrific reminder on the anniversary yr of 9-11 where 4 buildings and over 4,000 lives went down like that

    1. Me too I think about when I see anything about it that’s the first thing that comes to my mind.

    2. It was in the news you may can Google fighter Fire found daughter at Miami condo… she was a beautiful little girl I picture every time I see the building collapse

    3. @horsewoman thank you for pointing this out. Some media outlets have said the he personally found his daughter, which isn’t true. But some media sites want clicks and likes so they will exaggerate things regardless of the pain that people are clearly going through.

  8. This is devastating. So sad. R.I.P to the unfounded stuck in the rubble. I pray for strength for the family members

    1. original architect already passed away. The Condo association (owners) were legally responsible for not acting on the recommendations in the 2018 report. Of course it was a hefty project bill and no one knew that those conditions would mean a full collapse.

    1. @dakota fuji they were paying $950 monthly to HOA fees..somebody was collecting it!! That somebody was the owners!!

    2. @Natysikoops they were paying $950 a month in his fees..last condo was sold 10 days ago for $730,000..

    3. @Thomas Oldbury they paid $950 monthly for upkeep..its up to the company to make sure that’s what it’s spent in..last condo sold was just like 10 days ago?? $730,000.. they were in it 48 hours

    4. @dakota fuji If that is true that’s horrible. Why didn’t they just have one government body that would dictate for ALL??! That way, if one or a few dozen don’t cooperate, the whole building’s structural integrity will STILL be intact!!

    5. @Drew Dienno Your comment needs more upvotes. I could not have said it better. These people knew NOTHING about construction and how to maintain the building! That’s what your monthly HOA dues are for! So that the people that DO have the know how can actually do their jobs!

  9. The thing is that this could of been prevented, they knew it had some construction problem but they didn’t do anything. RIP to every person who died in the collapse

    1. The building had been up for a few decades the problem was flordia is a swamp and therefore the ground is soft. I guess no one checked on the foundation to see how far it had sunk

  10. Those are peoples WHOLE LIFE that just came down – imagine losing every single thing you own prayers go out to ALL of the victims alive and dead – I can’t stop thinking about this tragedy.

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