Surfside, Florida Mayor On Condo Collapse Recovery Efforts 1

Surfside, Florida Mayor On Condo Collapse Recovery Efforts


Two weeks after the collapse of a Surfside condo, Mayor Charles Burkett speaks about the decision to shift search and rescue efforts to recovery. 
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    1. @Sequoiapocalypse the lead paint you eat daily is also avoidable but you keep on chewing those walls and doors

  1. It doesn’t sit well with me to string grieving families along. I hope the city/state have assigned counsellors to help them grieve their loss.

  2. You can live without water for the most 5 days, and the last survivor from the 9/11 crumble was found after 56 hours. These people have been buried for a week, they were gone after the second day… anyone with a brain would have figured that part out but the news doesn’t want to make a fuss…

    1. People can survive on their pee to last longer than a week. Not much longer but it has happened before.

  3. Maybe it’s just me but seems when they deployed second building more bodies were recovered.. God bless their souls..prayers for these workers

    1. Golly, the human body is made of 23 trillion living cells. You’d have to be a single organism to contain one soul.

    2. @J M M I’d guess spell-check morphed “demolished” into “deployed.” But Golly Lopez’s premise seems odd. The demolition was done such that the remaining structure would fall in on itself rather than on the existing rubble. Sure, the reverberation would have caused settling in the remaining rubble (which conceivably could have killed some who were trapped in air gaps) but this is life in the real world. I think it was the right decision since it was made with the safety of the recovery team in mind.

    1. Can you imagine what it would be like to lie trapped for two weeks hoping that the next drop of rain water falls in your mouth? I hope they all went on to a better place than that long ago.

  4. He doesn’t know their names?! Shame on this mayor. He’s leaving the bodies buried where they lived. Families need to sue Florida, HOA, governor, mayor, etc.

  5. I just saw a video that showed Republicans repealed a law in Florida that would have prevented the collapse of the building in Surfside. If this is true can’t someone hold them responsible?

  6. This is what happens when you are all about deregulation. It’s putting profit before people.

  7. How bizarre for anybody to have to explain why/ when to shift from rescue to recovery. It’s embarrassing and insulting to think anybody could live 14 or 15 days without food or water. And this man saying he still hopes they can find somebody alive in there. He’s watched too many episodes of that show: I Shouldn’t Be Alive!

  8. This was all caused by the developers greed. What that means is look towards the republicans. Especially in Florida where they rule supreme.

  9. Maybe if Florida republicans didn’t de-regulate building safety codes, this wouldn’t have happened.

    Much love to the families who lost loved ones.

    1. Indeed. While Champlain Towers South was built in the 80s, and so should be analyzed per contemporaneous building codes, there were changes in 2010 to building inspection requirements that hopefully will be rolled back. It takes one or more disasters to move MAGA/GOP to reflect (even for a nanosecond) on the negative consequences of deregulation. Deregulation saves $$, but at the cost of lives as has been evidenced time and time again over decades. MAGA/GOP seems willing to make that tradeoff for those who have already been born, while simultaneously lobbying to “protect” unborn fetuses (no matter the biological status) … at least until they are born, at which point they throw them under the bus too.

  10. The families have been tortured long enough on false hopes. The only miracle left is that enough of the human remains will be found and identified to account for all the genuinely missing folks

  11. Just think if that building was 25 stories tall… how many people would be dead? It was only 12 stories tall.

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