Surfside residents share grief over collapse | USA TODAY 1

Surfside residents share grief over collapse | USA TODAY


First responder radio traffic audio caught the heartbreaking moments responders saw the aftermath of the Surfside, Florida, building collapse.


Families waited to hear news about missing loved ones Thursday as rescue efforts continued after a 12-story oceanside condo collapsed into a heap of rubble, leaving residents trapped and at least one person dead.

Dozens of people crammed into a room with chairs and blue gym mats on the floor at a reunification site set up by the American Red Cross. Family members and building residents listened to police give updates in anxious silence. Young children slept in blankets.

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  1. According to today’s news reports…
    Some grieve, while others (ambulance chasing lawyers) file lawsuits.

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  7. I just fine there’s sooooo much sadness… It’s like people just cannot catch a break…If it ain’t one thing it’s another 🥺just try to help one another yes….I really wish I could hop on a plane and just comfort those who need my hugs🙏 steupsss 🥺 may God bless and keep all yuh yes…stay strong 💯 blessings..

  8. So we’re gonna ignore that the building was in danger of collapsing due to all the weather conditions that afflicted it and yet they were still allowed to stay open?
    Which part of this doesn’t scream extreme negligence? It could’ve been avoided and it wasn’t.

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  10. What will be the effect of rising sea level? “In areas where a local water table rises near the surface, water can push against the underside of the foundation in a condition known as ‘hydrostatic pressure.’ This may cause water to infiltrate through the bottom of the foundation – even permeating solid concrete over time. If hydrostatic pressure is severe, it could lift certain portions of the foundation out of the ground, but this is very unlikely. But it could cause shifting of foundation walls and structures like fencing and decks.”

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