Surge Of DOJ Actions On Policing As Biden Nominees Settle In | MSNBC 1

Surge Of DOJ Actions On Policing As Biden Nominees Settle In | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow runs through a litany of new cases the Department of Justice has opened up in just the week since Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco was sworn in, investigating police abuses and civil rights violations.
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  1. Funny how republicans, the so-called “party of law and order,” turned to be so corrupt when it came to following the laws.

    1. @Jason Dixon You’re reaching back into history to explain contemporary events. That’s as disingenuous as claiming the 2021 GOP is racist because of its “Southern Strategy.” The 2021 GOP is racist because it has presently calculated correctly that in order to keep its base, it must embrace racist ideology and put out the welcome mat to white supremacists and white power proponents. If you have a problem with that, take it up with the Republican Party.

    2. @Demetria Karnavas , Bawhahaha bawhahaha bawhahaha… And y’all call republicans conspiracy theorist. Nice baseless oppions… So just what have the GOP done that’s racist? Facts only please!

    3. @Jason Dixon I’m not even going to squander my brain cells, partner. If you want to have a conversation about the contemporary Republican Party, take it up with a former Republican who left in disgust or an independent who will no longer give the GOP the time of day.

    4. @Demetria Karnavas , Lmao, I’m an independent voter… You know what??? Have a blessed day. God bless you and yours….man

    1. – Many Americans have implicit bias. Data and analysis is needed to identify and address it, in any organization.

      Example: Mary is a hiring manager of a NBA sports team. Her team is 90% white, and 10% black.

      Q: What is the racial demographics of other basketball teams, to identify possible unconscious bias?

      Example: White cop kills black suspect. The law finds him guilty of murder.

      Q: What is the data and analysis of police involving death? By race? By city? By state? Compared to other cities and states. What is the crime statistic by race? Is there an organizational problem regarding unconscious bias?

    2. @mykoal5 – lying is intentional. Implicit bias is not. Consistent, organized lying would be required to stand out in the collective data, which would be highly unlikely.

      Edit: I don’t see what is so difficult for people to understand regarding implicit bias. Seems pretty easy to me.

    3. @Bat Boy I don’t know if you aware but law enforcement has been lying for decades. There has literally hasn’t been a police officer convicted of murder since 2005 before Derek chauvin. It is clear that the police want to maintain the public’s trust. Kind of hard when we have police killing approximately 1,000 people a year, most of which don’t even go to trial or even considered worth investigating at all.

    1. Aww thank you and Bless you too sweetie! Bless our kind friends from China and pray for Democracy for all! Please take care!

    2. @ANTI-CONFEDERATE , That problely the wittiest thing you ever came up with. And it still was not funny

    1. Or bad training they should require you to take a fitness and hand to hand combat test once a week that’s why they use they guns alot more now instead of batons or grapple tactics

    1. @A T saying that doesn’t make it true. But please continue to cape for richer white supremacists than yourself who only care about you as a body shield for their war on the poor.

      Accountability feels like persecution when you’ve never truly been held responsible.

    1. I’m just hoping your neighborhood becomes police free where there is none and Joe Biden’s cartels move in, and a shitload of MS-13.

  2. this is what happens when you dont have two-bit despot replace 4 AG’s so you think you got the DOJ in your back pocket.

    1. @jacen cade ‘Why are open fascists serving in American uniforms?’ If you have training camps called Bragg, Lee, Beauregard …… I wonder what sort of trainee you are going to motivate.

  3. And Giuliani gets raided!

    Looks like this DOJ won’t be letting those at the top be unaccountable for their actions.

    1. I hope Garland goes after the GOP. They going to wish that they denied Garland a Supreme Court hearing. Fatal mistake on them.

  4. I Am Glad to see AG Garland was able to successfully Remove The Obstruction from the Bowels of the DOJ!

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  6. ugh this feels SO amazing having a competent DOJ that understands its job, please keep going, more more more

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