1. @P X why don’t you explain how any of the vaccinations stop or slows the spread of covid so that simple people can understand?

    2. You cant depend on a vaccine to save you from something that has a 99% survival rate maybe you should put down that 2nd big mac

    3. @P X Nobody worships Trump, -that’s the point. How often do the democrats oppose CNN and their handlers? So, who are the real cultists, and who are the ‘free thinkers’? You’ve been deceived and will never admit it. But you’re right about one thing, once you know the truth, you wouldn’t have touched that unclean jab with a grinchpole. I’d rather have covid again but would’ve preferred the cheap and safe legacy drug cure. Thanks for believing that lying ‘Mad Scientist’ that’s responsible for the virus in the first place, instead of thinking!

    1. @Joe Biden is Your President!!!!! Get Over it!!!!! death rate for your virus is 0.11%… you take the jab and stay masked

    2. Science works somewhat along the lines of bringing an image into sharp focus. At first, data are sparse, and initial hypotheses are formed. Let’s say in this case the initial hypothesis was that masks aren’t effective in reducing the spread of Covid. The picture is blurry. Then more data comes in, more observations come in, and the first hypothesis is amended to read that masks may be somewhat effective in reducing the spread of Covid, but not enough so that everyone should wear them.The picture is sharper. The scientific process is iterative, with more and more data/observations coming in, the picture gets sharper still. The hypothesis now reads that masks do assist in controlling the spread of Covid and mask wearing should be strongly supported. The picture, while still not completely sharp, is now sharp enough for scientists to make the current hypothesis. Fauci has spoken according to what the picture looked like at each point in this iterative process. As more data comes in, the hypothesis may well be amended further.

  1. I trust my body’s natural response been health since the pandemic and so have all my family and friends we have no underlying illness 👍

    1. You can decide to commit suicide but you don’t have a right to kill others. Wear a mask and don’t spread your germs to others please

  2. Every recalled drug was approved by the FDA, despite going through normal approval process and not in less than a year.

    1. Translation —> Every tree cut down was once planted.

      And none of those drugs were given to 2 billion people.

    2. Anti-vaxx: “TeH VaxXeeEn Ain’T noT AppROveD bY tEh FDA!!!!!”

      *FDA approves the vaccine*

      Anti-vaxx: “FDA aPproVAl MinS NoTInG!!!”

  3. Its amazing that there is only 29% of the people in the country have a mind of there own I still think that number is BS

  4. Thank god, I was hopping what would happen if they didn’t approved it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 just like thalidome back in the 50s.

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