Surgeon General: Misinformation Keeping People From Getting Vaccinated 1

Surgeon General: Misinformation Keeping People From Getting Vaccinated

Amid rising coronavirus infections and hospitalizations across the country, U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy joins Morning Joe to discuss misinformation spread about the virus and vaccinations on social media.

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Surgeon General: Misinformation Keeping People From Getting Vaccinated


    1. @peremptory expression He is pre tranz-ition.. and those kids are not his.. Jared is a beard. Ivanka had those kids by daddy… shocked they dont have 2 heads

    2. “I wish I could tell you that c0w urine fought the good fight, and Vivek Murthy let it be. I wish I could tell you that – but India is a third world open pit latrine.” – MoGan Fweeman (probably)

  1. Shouldn’t public lies from public officials and voices in the media that are clearly false and even nefarious be a punishable crime??? Same as falsely calling out “fire” in a crowded theatre???

    1. one would think right? first they funded an insurrection, now this. no one has been stopped, held accountable, only the poor followers have been charged. it is disgusting.

    2. In most civilized society, yes. But in America, holding someone accountable for their words is difficult on account of the ease with which one can hide behind “freedom of speech”.

    1. @Nhung Ngo no they wont because its our body our choice 99% of people get better thats a real fact

    1. Imagine having to keep track of all of Trump’s lies! Oh wait, I forgot, They could care less, he’s their hero!

    2. @Fool for the City The phrase is couldn’t care less. Ti say he could care less means he’s able to care less. He isn’t.

    3. @Fool for the City There’s a lie counter ”
      Trump’s false or misleading claims total 30,573 over 4 years”

    1. Not that it would make a difference, given that in America, being guilty of misinformation rarely leads to accountability.

    2. @Chris Albert definitely but don’t want to singing talk about make America great but that’s not making it great they’re going to be the reason why I’m not to shut down again

    3. if anyone doesn’t know this yet but “fox news” is considered an entertainment channel because they don’t pass fcc broadcasting standards to be considered a news station.. msnbc/cnn has to.. they may get things wrong but they adhere to truths when possible.. Fox news can just blatantly lie all day and revert to “who listens to us? we are an entertainment channel” .. which is why you almost see like %90 of what they say are polar opposite to all major news stations.. they do it purely for the ratings even if its all fake.

  2. It’s sad the extent to which Americans can’t even agree on a common reality, or common interest.

    1. The Reagan doctrine includes the idea that Americans are individuals with nuclear families and primarily want to succeed materially and as individuals. The notion of community and common goals are, with unions, socialist (think, soft-core communism); as is the idea that citizens are primarily people who want to do enjoyable work for which they are adequately compensated and during which they are fairly treated. Citizens become tiny consumer empires of security and wealth which may be individually defended with one’s own hand gun. Voting and taxes are divorced from citizen responsibility and community. As neoconservatives still say, “There is no public interest, only private interest.”

      We are where we are today not because of a shift in politics but a shift in political philosophy. This shift is on the same level as that blooming of philisophical ideas that led to the American and French Revolutions.

  3. If people don’t want to get vaccinated against COVID-19 fine – that is their choice. If they get COVID-19 – bummer and here are all your medical bills. Society is not responsible to pay for whatever excuse you used to justify your risky behavior.

    1. the problem with that is they can still spread it to people who are unable to get the shots due to complications or whatever medical reason.

  4. Murthy added “We want big tech monopolies to censor any concerns about our own misinformation and propaganda.It’s what all corrupt totalitarian socialist dictatorships do”

  5. A pro-vaccination message from Don the Con would just be thought of by his tinfoil hat cult as some brilliantly coded message to not get the vaccine. Remember they are just mental patients without a mental hospital.

  6. SAD Infected Republicans are sick dying. Congratulations Fox’s and followers. Prayers for the. Amen .

  7. If you told those who don’t want the vaccine, thank you, we will give your vaccine to somebody in the third world. What do you think their response would be?

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