Surgeon General: This is going to be the hardest vaccine distribution in history 1

Surgeon General: This is going to be the hardest vaccine distribution in history


Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams describes the milestone of seeing Americans getting Covid-19 vaccines as "a shot of hope", but says people should continue washing their hands and practicing social distancing.

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    1. Oh my goodness, you are absolutely correct. You should hot wire this to trumps information desk…… Steven Miller, Hannity, Tucker……..

    2. Congratulations to Deputy Attorney General Jeff Rosen on this appointment. I hope that our incoming Acting Attorney General will continue the investigation of the Biden family. Americans deserve justice, accountability, and transparency.

  1. If this was a movie, this is when the vaccine would be diverted in secret to the military and various rich contributors, while blaming the disappearance on far-left activists.

    1. Even in movies, people wouldn’t deny a serious pandemic or doubt a vaccine. Sure, there are some dumb asses in movies, but not on the scale we see in the US now.

  2. Yeah, cause Trump didn’t buy enough and now America has to wait till the countries that already made deals get theirs… good job!

  3. The Anti-Mask Doctor that lied to the public that masks don’t work… Then goes to Hawaii and wonders the beach like he’s on vacation gets caught breaking the law.

    1. @rolback You are forgetting the part where Trump also said that he would do it. Trump never even tried to cure cancer, and then he went against science in his fight for spreading the virus and pollution, I say if anyone can help our health Biden is the man!

    2. China virus becomes Trump virus in the US. N He said he made vaccines. Anyhow, the COVID got him unfortunately…

  4. This administration should of at least gave out millions of face masks…that was the lease they can do…smh

    1. Biden/Obama let them run out and it took some time to replace them.
      Hospitals were running out of gloves and masks, all due to Biden’s incompetence.

    1. Mike Tyson has no swallowing issue though … -:) No more political correctness with filling the important positions for the country..

  5. I hope this yahoo is soon replaced as surgeon general. He’s been a Trump kissing liar, just like everyone else in Trumps administration

    1. Looks like he has some medical issues with swallowing it? He seems not intelligent… is he a true physician Doctor??? Well this country must hire good doctors and lawyers based on credentials n records, not based on races or political correctness under affirmative actions! Otherwise the country will lose its competitiveness soon!

  6. It sure is because Everyone is taking it.. the same “one”… yes that includes you surgeon general and globalist…

  7. TRANSLATION: Lots of uneducated, scientifically-illiterate Trump supporters will continue to make things worse every step of the way.

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