Surgeon General: Vaccines Safe And Effective Against Variants | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Surgeon General: Vaccines Safe And Effective Against Variants | Morning Joe | MSNBC


U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy joins Morning Joe to discuss the efforts to expand vaccinations, if current vaccines can combat variants and efforts to combat vaccine hesitancy. Aired on 04/02/2021.
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Surgeon General: Vaccines Safe And Effective Against Variants | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. The virus will continue mutating – But it’s clear that the collective global push to develop vaccines, and get a good (not yet complete) understanding of the Covid-19 coronavirus will at least help to guide the future research and efforts to get ahead of the future mutations. Thank you to all the doctors and scientists, and international cooperation, that led to the current life-saving vaccines. I won’t talk to the trolls who’ll inevitably follow this comment and this video, but again, thank you, vaccine researchers and makers.

  2. Forget politics, as you’ve come to see it, as a contest between Democrats and Republicans.  Today the struggle is democracy versus oligarchy.

    1. Democrats want to tell you how to live for your own good and punish you for thinking the wrong thing. And they will tell YOU what you are thinking. They are just as rich as Republicans.

    1. @Doug Dimmadimsdale Indians and Africans are far less prone to obsesity, where the USA ranks #1. Obesity is also the #2 factor in cause of deaths for covid. They also have far younger populations, where age is the #1 factor. Go figure.

    2. Yay! One thing — don’t hesitate to try getting onto more than one waiting list. Sometimes places will get more supply than expected so they start calling.

      Good luck!

    3. @Doug Dimmadimsdale And your point is?
      Just because there are some question about case rates and total deaths in some other countries around the world doesn’t get us off the hook. As a rich, developed country, our total cases and death toll are staggering. And there is no excuse for that.
      You can call it ‘lying’ and “propaganda” . . . and you would be absolutely wrong (unless, of course, you are talking about former prez. Trump and his ‘take’ on the coronavirus pandemic).

    1. Most of us here in UK have taken it 18 million+, cannot understand anyone not taking it, it’s better than catching Covid. Oops mistake, there has been 53% Adult population been Inoculated most with Oxford Astro Zeneca. so a lot more than 18 million.

  3. I just got my second dose two days ago. I’m ready to put this pandemic in the history books and get back to normal. Everyone get vaccinated, let’s bring the world back!

    1. If you are vaccinated your good. Most people are getting vaccinated. Don’t expect the media to let this go. Ever. Anything they can use against their opponents they will cherish forever.

    2. @Lawrence Smith Thousands dead? Big claim, please post a reference or link to the figures. At the very least, the journal number, or some keywords I can search on Google Scholar.

    3. @PUNKMYVIDEO It’s no use warning them, they’ll only laugh at you. Let them die happy and delusional.

  4. Yes, older people are more vulnerable to illness from the virus, but it doesn’t make sense to let the virus mutate among younger people.

    1. @PUNKMYVIDEO Oh, you again. Well, well . . . passing around ridiculous, delusional assertions now, are we?
      You, my friend, are FOS.
      You sure you don’t have any troll blood in you? . . . .

  5. Wait wait wait.. chris Christy is still alive??? Most of us just assumed he did not make it and have already paid our respects. What a crazy twist of events.

  6. I get my second dose in about an hour and a half, but I was not assured by the doc’s words on variants. I know I will be most likely (90%) Ok on standard COVID and fairly safe (??%) on the UK variant, but no one has said Moderna protects from the South African variant and I have heard nothing specifically about the Brazilian variant. I will keep up full mitigation for beyond the next two weeks, if I don’t hear more specific data by then.

    1. It won’t protect you from variants. I got the original strain at least 3 times before I stopped getting symptomatic with it. And I’m recently recovered from a variant that figuratively spanked my naked butt compared to the original infections. Be careful. Get you a good half respirator and ignore people laughing. I sent my mother one. That’s how serious this is for you.

      Edited to add: you need to wear sealed goggles too. It’s not good enough to just cover your face. It gets into your eyes.

  7. The Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, and he was buried, and he rose again the third day, and he is offering everlasting life to all who will believe in him.

  8. America is in danger I am ade Munandar American people fail products America face in the photo on the right that the men do not let it happen, many bad American things that are important to America, America continuation is better and so on, many important things are missing before if I Ade Munandar was not in America, the matter of American ham must be advanced, there are still many Americans who do not know, I am still making it difficult for me to have facilities in America, the right to drive car is also good in Indonesia America’s failed product America needs to fire some governments that can’t do the little things, and also advisors, this is for the sake of America’s good that America’s continuation is better too, there’s nothing good in the American government. Good people are close to those who don’t have power, good government if You can say that small problems are resolved, right now, the evidence is not resolved, right later if the government can’t solve it k an this small thing, the big problem will not be resolved, right, whatever American complaints to me Ade Munandar, there is an explanation whatever it is. Ade Munandar Munandar’s Facebook is diligent in reading on the Facebook wall Ade Munandar Munandar is very important to translate into English, and I have comments ade munandar before on the msnbc youtube nbc and abc news and other youtube american news

  9. My second dose will be in 15 days. I’m glad that it protects against present variants.

    1. @SquareRootOf2 What an intelligent, encouraging, scientifically supported comment! So droll, so funny, soooo. . . not.
      Lol, you might want to look in the mirror if you are looking for morons.

  10. I live in the UK and I am oldie, I have just had my second dose, my son has had his first at 53 years. We are so grateful this will allow some peace of mind, in my opinion we are very lucky this virus has no friends. If you are given the choice have the vaccine to help not just yourself but others in your community. Love and health to all,

  11. Received my first shot yesterday which was sooner than I expected. No side effects whatsoever.

  12. I’ve had one of two Moderna shots. I’m not due till the middle of April for my second shot, but I’m ready to roll.

    1. @PUNKMYVIDEO Thank you for sharing your thoughtful remarks and good cheer. You must be a joy to hang out with!

  13. I am so tired of posts like this. It isn’t a matter of how many doses are out there. The problem still lies in the distribution of those doses to rural counties, to older people like me who do not drive that don’t like to get into a car with somebody else with no social distancing. Many places in this country are already giving vaccines to those that are as young as 18 while a lot of us that are in our 60s still do not have access to them from our own pharmacies which are not name brand pharmacies that can only receive the j&j vaccine due to refrigeration temperatures. Why in the world can Amazon and UPS deliver a single package to a single address but yet the United States government cannot deliver vaccines to individual towns??

  14. I got my first shot a few days ago. Could not have easier to book appointment. It took less than a week to schedule appointment and get my shot. It was at a large hotel and they had one of the ballrooms set up with stations. Methodically organized and socially distanced. I waited all of 5 mins to get my shot. Walked right in. They had us wait 15 mins afterwards to see if anyone had an allergic reaction (very rare), but had nurses and ambulances on site just in case. I had no reaction and no side effects. Mine was Pfizer. They automatically schedule your second dose as you sign in. Thank you President Biden!!

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