Surgeon General Warns Of Fourth Wave If Americans Don't Get Vaccinated, Take Precautions | MSNBC 1

Surgeon General Warns Of Fourth Wave If Americans Don’t Get Vaccinated, Take Precautions | MSNBC


U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy tells Stephanie Ruhle that the country could face a fourth wave in the pandemic depending on vaccination rates and whether Americans continue to take precautions like mask-wearing. He also explains how long covid-19 vaccines are effective and the idea of vaccine passports. Aired on 04/07/2021.
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Surgeon General Warns Of Fourth Wave If Americans Don't Get Vaccinated, Take Precautions | MSNBC


    1. @Mrs Bee The whole thing is a blueprint for “how to go from a republic to a socialist government in 4 easy waves…er, uh, I mean steps…

    1. @Ronald Catullus If you look at countries in Europe, they had much stricter lockdowns than the US, and yet are doing far worse in terms of Covid. We decided to focus on the one thing that can actually help: getting people vaccinated asap

  1. Fear mongering part , what part are we up to again ? These people are insane with their obsession of being able to have complete control.

    1. The Left sure does love to preach against Capitalism and WALL STREET, yet for some odd reason, the BIG PHARMA (and Big Tech), get a PASS from that criticism. Even after all the times the likes of Pfizer, or Johnson & Johnson, or Astrazeneca, et al. get busted for atrocities like putting asbestos in baby powder (which they knew about for DECADES), etc.. and billions of dollars paid out in injuries, etc.. etc.. let’s continue to trust them and trust SCIENCE. What a bunch of clowns, they deserve what they get from here on out. We have the internet for everyone to see their corruption (the government and these pharma companies). Go take your sh!!tty vaxx and drop dead already !

    2. @Brian Larney take some kind of medicine and calm down, or else the deep state is coming for you

    1. @Savannah May leftists don’t support Democrats or Corporations? Well, then that makes Leftists the most gullible, exploitable, naive, brainwashable fools out there as Democrats and Corporations totally use you for their gain. Verdict: Leftists are completely useless in any scenario. Leftists exist to be used by Democorporate fascists. Good work, Leftists.

    2. of course not, this is all a plan to depopulate the planet.
      In 2019, over 11,000 scientists declared a warning that we must depopulate the planet in order to stop Climate Change.

    3. @Sami Elamin You people are the paranoid ones kid. “Don’t leave the house or we’ll all die”.

    4. @A CURRENT CONSPIRACY ACC and curiously they choose White countries to begin, along with Extinction Rebellion, abortion, puberty and hormone blockers, encouraging kids to be trans and homosexuals. Pretty devious, and thorough.

    1. @Sami Elamin You didn’t answer my question. Does it bother you that they opened the border and let covid people in and then sent them all over the country? I am trying to have a conversation and not get nasty responses.

    2. @Carol Wagner I don’t have an opinion on the border what I do have an opinion on is covid dont try and steer the convo away

  2. OHHHH Good… I’ve been sitting around, scared to death in my basement, crying constantly… not knowing how to even act… waiting for some F’N MORON to tell me what to do…. so happy now.. WTF…

    1. i feel like thats a misnomer. wave means a sudden surge in cases but if you see the vaccination statistics. its increasing linearly, so cases would also slowly increase or even decrease linearly when more people start vaccinating.

    2. @Ronald Cossin exactly! They’ll be reporting a 20th wave in the future to continue to control and fear mongering of the easily controlled and manipulated.

  3. I have a hard time figuring out if these people are just morons or if they’re actually malicious, I’m starting to think it’s both.

    1. @Mozilla I forget which razor it is, off hand. Hanlon’s Razor perhaps? “Do not attribute to malice that which can be explained by incompetence [edit: stupidity].”

      The Democrats have been masking their malice behind incompetence [edit: stupidity] for decades.

      [Edits in brackets. Yes. It is Hanlon’s Razor.]

    2. @Sheriff Stone I actually had this quote in mind when I was commenting. It gets used too often to dismiss malicious intent as simple stupidity, imo. People need to wake up to the fact that these politicians didn’t blindly stumble their way into being corrupt hacks, that was the plan the whole time. They are completely fine letting the little people think they’re dumb as they rake in the money.

    3. When you put it all together, it feels like deliberate sabotage of the country. More fear mongering. WHAT IS IN THIS VACCINE that is causing them to push it so hard.

    4. @Rachelle S. Texas has lowest numbers since the pandemic began after opening up a 100%. Began. They’re lying because they’re trying to overthrow the country with the public’s support.

    5. The government needs to protect our civil rights against corporations. I dont trust them on these variants. I WANT MORE PROOF! Sorry I dont trust these people, AT ALL!!!!!!

  4. I never really thought twice about getting the shot but they keep pushing it and it’s making me not get it.

  5. Before his Senate confirmation, Murthy disclosed a total of 1.7 million dollars in consulting for Netflix ($547,500), Airbnb ($410,000), Carnival Cruise Line ($400,000), Estee Lauder ($292,500).

  6. Some people such as myself started enjoying a normal life again months ago.
    Ditched the mask and go and do as I please. Life is just fine for me here in Oklahoma.
    I can’t lock down another year. Just not something I’m going to continue to do.

    1. Keep on going! This is what we need. People need to reject the fear and live their lives as normal.

    2. @Tangee I need to take action for my mental health. I won’t sacrifice my mental health and in part my physical health just in case you might not get the flu. You’re actually being selfish

    3. Wow staying in the comfort of ur own home for months at a time must have been so difficult for u i wouldnt wish that upon my worst enemy

      Im being 1000% sarcastic. 500,000 people died so u can go back to feeling normal

  7. I never would have thought such blatant propaganda would be forced upon everyone so shamelessly

  8. They leave it up to the private sector to do their dirty work that way they can say their hands are clean but we all know they are just as muddy and bloody as ever

    1. Basically. We won’t force you to get the vaccine….but if companies want to we can’t stop them.

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