Surprise! Trump’s ‘election fraud’ fundraising is not what it seems 1

Surprise! Trump’s ‘election fraud’ fundraising is not what it seems


Former President Donald Trump talked a good game about fundraising to fight “election fraud,” but not all of the funds raised by his political PAC are being used for that purpose. In the latest episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza explains where the money is going — and why.

*Correction: An outline of the state of Minnesota instead of Michigan popped up at 3:04.


Trump’s PAC collected $75 million this year, but so far the group has not put money into pushing for the 2020 ballot reviews he touts

Simpsons – Monorail Song

Trump asks for ‘election defense’ donations, but the money also benefits his new leadership PAC

Trump’s PAC collected $75 million this year, but so far the group has not put money into pushing for the 2020 ballot reviews he touts

Trump agrees to shut down his charity amid allegations that he used it for personal and political benefit

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    1. @Moogy J Hammond all Democrats watch CNN. Not all people who watch CNN are Democrats. See the difference?

    2. I prefer another quote from Barnum (who made a million three times in his life), “No one has ever gone broke UNDER-estimating the taste of the American public (as in is you try to sell it SOMEONE will BUY it!), trump is the classic example of this (last of the nine republican (the day before the convention in 16)) nearly losses to HILARY!

  1. The only thing that keeps being a surprise for me is that practices like these are not legislated as a crime.

    1. You can Thank Reagan, Bush, and the Senate for making it legal. There used to be penalties for those sort of offenses.

    2. @dave mitchell The Arizona audit is BOGUS and you know it! But Putin thanks you for being a willing stooge!

    3. @Steven Torrey if its bogus think how great it will be when they answer where the votes came from?

    4. @dave mitchell Read the part again for the first time about Putin thanking you for being a useful stooge!

  2. If you’ve paid any attention to anything Cheeto Jesus has done or said it’s all a grift and always a lie

    1. @Bill Lynch Trump isnt a Nazi. We would stuff him and his family into a Cattle Car and off to Summer Camp they would go.

    1. @wazdz I agree completely. But considering Chris works at CNN, being delusional is probably REQUIRED to get a job there?

    2. @Chadillac Why don’t you keeping donating ,you sucker.Your man lost stop crying like a baby,and get over it,I feel your pain

    3. @Chadillac What audits? There are no audits going on. Audits are performed by professional, competent, experienced people in the chosen subject matter. Sending the Cyber Ninjas into town to look for bamboo-laced ballots in some random field in Montana is NOT an audit. You wouldn’t send a person who is a certified car mechanic into an accounting firm to perform an audit. A person of reasonable intelligence would send someone experienced and knowledgeable of accounting principles. Same thing here. Cyber Ninjas know nothing about election audits.

    4. @Chadillac ain’t happening. No auditors will be decertified because there was no fraud. However, there are damaged voting machines and ballots sent to some compound in Montana

  3. If there was a real investigation, the truth of what Trump is hiding would come out to everyone

    1. @R TUhhhmmmm, I’m thinking the republicans have claimed the prize of “dumbest people on earth” but you carry on with your delusion, Slugger. Keep swinging for that fence LMAO.

    2. @joshohmygosh Nice russian talking point.

      Death to authoritarians and their supporters everywhere

    3. I still want to know how Erdogan ordered American troops out of Syria. The call was recorded. Biden knows what was said.

  4. If only the other 40% of Americans would wake up and realize this, maybe, just maybe they could get out of their stupefied state. But regretfully, I doubt it (not with dollemore).

    1. @Reggie Naidoo too bad for your cnn talking points I was a lifelong democrat and voted against Trump in 2016. Like intelligent people do, my opinion changes as new data comes in. You cnn democrats would never change your party affiliation. That’s the sign of a brainwashed cult member. Remember “vote blue no matter who”? That was literally your motto. When you’re in a cult, you don’t know you’re in a cult.

    2. It’s only about 20%
      The normal Republicans who have a brain have long turned their backs on Trump and his enablers. I know many Republicans who hate him and will never vote for anyone in Congress who supports him.
      They are conservative and waiting for the real republican party to return. Until then, they are voting Democrat.

    3. What world do you live in? How do you not see that everything is turning to crap by the day with Joe in office? Maybe you are super wealthy. That must be it.

    4. @Sith Lord and that right there is exactly what those in power want from you, your undying loyalty to the government, no matter what they do to “people who disagree” like you’re some kind of dog. It’s kinda sad, bud. You are perpetuating this along with whomever is perpetuating “far left” or “far right” propaganda to pit the peasants against each other. Sound familiar to what a certain Nazi dictator (whose name sounds like “ritler”) did to millions of Jewish people because they, just like both sides are doing, considered them to be “disease-ridden vermin”. Term limits, age limits so old farts cannot be in office past the age of 55 or something.

  5. As DT would say, “If I were a liar and cheater, I would be the biggest and baddest liar and cheater of the world “

    1. Hey the Trump CULT followers able to give him $1 and think 75 million people donated money to him DUH !

    1. MagayTURDS………. just ask the restaurant owner at his so called Trump Towers in Washington D.C. Never paid him a dime.

  6. Yup, that IS the point! But, his cult doesn’t care, and like the old saying goes, “fools and their money”.

    1. My friends abroad are asking why does some 30% of americans will exchange their integrity, go to prison and risk their lives for the host of the apprentice. They are baffled.

    1. @olecrowey Yes but they accepted that he won and they accepted why. Dems thought Hill had it in the bag so they hardly turned out and some folks thought it would be funny if T-Rump got some votes never realizing that the “joke” vote might push him over the top. A mistake no one felt like making twice.

    2. @Kelly Fehr democrats waisted 4 years whining… now republicans are doing it lol hows it feel //

    3. @olecrowey The four main weopons of the Trumpites are: Deflection, Delusion, Disparaging and Dire warnings of Doom… that and a fanatical devotion to Trump

    1. What about us brain-dead slobs?
      You’ll be given cushy jobs
      Were you sent here by the Devil?
      No, good sir, I’m on the level

    1. @Tater Girl Do you know where the republican party came from? It was founded in 1854 in northern states to fight the 100% democrat slave owning south which caused the civil war in 1861. And as an American, I respect and know my history. The Democrats actually are the party with ties to the KKK. Biden himself for example gave a eulogy for grand wizard KKK leader robert byrd where Biden called byrd (D) a friend and a mentor. Biden also wrote the 1994 crime bill that discriminated with prejudice against the black community. Trump however has disavowed white supremist dozens of times on camera. CNN can call Trump a racist all they want but it will never make it true.

    2. @J S yeah my comment was aimed at OBiden. I know what a yellow dog Democrat is. The Democrat party is full on Marxist now.

    3. Which PROVES election fraud … unfortunately the only fraud was the candidate running for re-election.

    4. @J S Totally agree with you. Biden isn’t the greatest of people to be President at all

  7. Since trump is officially a politician now. Isn’t he subject to campaign finance laws? I thought you could only spend 10-20% on yourself.

    1. @Chadillac That will happen when they prove that the moon is made of green cheese, aka, never. “Serious question.” No, that’s not a serious question, that’s a punch-line among those on the left. lol. The idea that a private, partisan (GOP), amateur and amateurish group are going to “decertify” the electors is ludicrous, a joke that the left “gets” and the Trumpanzees don’t even realize is a joke.

    2. @Chadillac There was no fraud. Unless you count the Republicans who voted for their dead mothers, etc.

    1. Remember when he first became president, he called televangelist geniuses and liked the way he did things !!

    2. scary, that 70 million found his cheat, steal, constant lying, allegation of rape, responsible for thousands of death, acceptable or ignore them or found them to be attractive qualities. we are nearing the end of our democracy.

  8. There has been no wide spread fraud? Basically, Trump’s entire life is a wide spread fraud event.

    1. @J S you don’t know squat about history. The Dems started leaning liberal in the 30s with the new deal and those Dixiecrats started leaving in the 40s, with the former Kkk members becoming Republicans (Strom Thurmond etc al). Why do you think Jeff Sessions, John Kennedy and Roy Moore are Republicans? They would have been Democrats in the 1890s. Teddy Roosevelt would be a democrat today. Your view of history doesn’t take into consideration ideological shifts that has taken place. Remember Nixon’s southern strategy? Don’t be like the . Read a few books.

    2. @J S Sorry, but this Republican party is no where remotely resemble the Republican party you are describing today.

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