Surveillance video of Mississauga mass shooting suspect 1

Surveillance video of Mississauga mass shooting suspect


Peel police are looking for a suspect who allegedly shot five people – one fatally – inside a Mississauga, Ont. restaurant.

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    1. I had the exact same thought ! I’m not racist because I disagree with immigration . If other countries see ours as better , they can simply replicate it in their own .

    2. @raymond phaneuf No. They see ours better they come and rob. Always have and always will be.

  1. Bribe prison officials to release murderer serving life without parole, with a family on the outside. Prisoner carries out the hit, pay the family, return prisoner, cops never find him as he is already in prison. At least that is how some do it in South Africa. The best hitman is a prisoner serving life with a family on the outside.

  2. The family knows. Worst case scenario is it’s a hired shooter for a gang. Was there protection money or a shakedown or maybe closer gang ties than that?

  3. i thought trudeau banned the hunters from having legally owned semi automatic rifles to stop crimes like this

  4. Where is the video from inside the restaurant don’t you guys really want to catch the shooter.

  5. Heart hurts for this family. It’s one of the best restaurants in Mississauga. Hoping there will be a time I can have a Chickenland sandwich again with extra pickles 🙁

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