1. Michele Jackson you are quoting a far-left news organization? If I quoted Fox News you would state that is obviously biased in one direction, and if you look at the like/dislike/comment ratio it shows how stupid it is. Is is perpetuating that black people are only getting killed by cops because they are black. You can’t keep people brainwashed forever with that crap man, and I can tell that if you believe that you have never lived in a black community

    2. A police shooting captured on video is news independent of colour, however when police brutality is the topic of protests, shooting an a coloured man for running and trying to taze a cop, is news.

    1. I agree the Police were in the wrong with Floyd, but not this. He used a semi deadly weapon against the police. Also, imagine the scenario he gets away finds his way back behind the wheel and kills someone.

    2. @Robert Bell Imagine they just let him go and he didn’t hurt anybody? He got attacked by the police. He (rightly) feared for his life and tried to escape and got killed as though he was wild game. He wouldn’t have had the taser if they’d been even half-way competent. Oh, and did you get the idea that the cops had his car? So what wheel was the public in danger of his getting behind? So, your fantasy results in a “justified” killing. Mine doesn’t. Why?

    3. The cops didn’t have to shoot him, even if he did resist arrest. The guy only had a taser that he shot at the cops. The other cop could have tasered him. Or they could have tackled him. How come two cops couldn’t take down one guy without shooting a gun?

  1. Here is a little tip for those brains whose are easily impressionable, always watch these videos with the sound off.

    1. @Spring Bloom oh I got u, that is a good method , but this one is easy to see he broke a few laws

    2. @X12 Falcon Really, what led to his arrest was sleeping in his car, was he dangerous while sleeping?

    3. @Edward James lol no what led up to his arrest was he was drunk passed out parked almost in the drive thru at Wendy’s and ppl called the cops on him.. then failed sobriety test. What u on? Can I get some

    4. @X12 Falcon He was sleeping it off, that has happened how many times in the last decade to how many people, if he had been white they would have figured something out bro, it escalated the way it usually happens when they get their hands on a coloured guy. I am high on still being alive!!!

    5. @Edward James honestly if you were a cop and a person resist arrest,stole your taser and aimed at you with it, would you not pull your gun out? or just keep running towards him till you get tased.

  2. Some feel entitled to act like criminals and expect it should be not a risky endeavor for their health and safety.

    1. Ray Lovelace Maybe those rioting idiots should learn something from that. How many people were unnecessarily killed since the looting and riots started? And why? Because one career criminal became the victim of his lifestyle?

    2. @Istenenergia Take off your blinders. You’re talking about this instant, but it’s more like punctuation in a story so huge that our last 400 years are but a chapter.

    1. Solace why wont they release the full bodycam video then? Also the dude was a career criminal/ had heart problems AND was on 3 times the lethal amount of fentanyl and a bit of meth too, yet hes being treated better than MLKjr, David Dorn should be the one remembered when this is all said and done

    2. @mrarcher857 – Yes, Floyd was resisting arrest, but he was eventually apprehended. These cases are not the same.

  3. The Police body-cam footage was just released. It clearly shows that the officer was justified in shooting the man.

    1. @Jason Jason No, killer. Police are not permitted to shoot unarmed people in the back. And why do you wish death on people you don’t know anything about? I think you misunderstood what I was trying to say.

    2. Oh please. The cop was mad he got handled. This was a bad shoot. Other options could have been made. They had his car. They could of called for back up and chased him down. So much for crossfit that was made for cops and first responders. He pointed a taser. Not a gun. Deadly force is not justified and idc what you say. This cop needs to workout and be on the mat more. His ground game sucks. They even said tasers are not deemed as lethal weapons. This dude could of been taken down with back up bottom line.

    3. @Chris Pines There’s plenty of videos on YouTube showing officers pulling over other officers for DUI, in most of these videos officers usually let’s the drunk officer go or implies that they will do them a favor by driving them home or just letting then go with a warning, it would be nice if citizens could get the same treatment, not saying it doesn’t happen, but rarely it happens.

    4. @Rit the Rugger Lol what? The dude is under arrest. No he cannot user a taser at the cop because he himself got tased whilst resisting arrest. If the officer was tased, what’s to say that he wouldn’t have taken the officer’s gun and shot him? 100% justified. He fought the police, resisted arrest, and attempted to maim an officer. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  4. News headline: Racist mayor call for the firing of different skin colored cop even though the cop is completely innocent.

    1. @jack nulty this has nothing to do with racism. A dumb violent animal tried to escape police and was shot. You tie the police’s hands and criminals will run rampant.

    2. @jack nulty more white people get killed by cops. Racism has nothing to do with it. Criminals get shot.

  5. If he didn’t run away and point a weapon at the officer he would still be alive. Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

    1. @Jhon Shmit if you have ever been hit by a taser,, you realize it is definitely a weapon, whether its lethal or not. but then again,,, even a stick can be a weapon, depending on how its used..

    1. There are way too many killings of black males. That cop was not in imminent danger as the suspect was not running toward him. He was running away from him which does not give you much of a chance for being tased. The cop had his ID and registration. There was no way of getting away for long.

    2. America is so crazy. They had his ID papers, they had his car.
      In germany the police would let u run and visit u next day at home for a talk.
      So glad i dont live there.

    1. @Wild One . There’s way too many cops… Although trumps economy might get rough… How much more tax payer debt can he hand billionaires instead of the regular people..

    2. @James Harrison yep and the IQ cap issue is real in some depts, no triple digit IQ’s on street

    3. @Gun Fury Of Riot Forces by The Damned Wendy’s will rebuild, and they created a memorial that met their needs. Vikings used boats.

    1. @Christian Geiselmann Im not republican you morron. Im not even Native english speaker, leave now grammar Nazi.

    2. @Christian Geiselmann Im not even a republican fan. Good for me that i life in a Direct democracy where Parties dont matter.

    1. @MAGA Jesus I don’t hear anything about the 100 or so shot and killed black on black this month. But I guess there’s just no good video.

    1. @Brendo Xd and as i said, not in the same situations. Your stats would not show you that, but people’s personal experience and public platforms will.

    2. @Deadmanlyndon yes many of the same situations, the media just choose to ignore the White deaths. It isn’t the narrative they are pushing.

    3. @Sunny Johnson they tried that, then he started fighting and took the taser. Bottom line, don’t act like a fool.

    1. @A lone Voice really tell that to Brianna Taylor you moron , the man was running for his life

    2. @Isaiah Williams ahouldve been sleeping in that parking spot and he wouldve been fine. Sleeping in the drive thru? Come on now son

    3. @Ray Lovelace Ray, I looked into this further and I see what you were trying to say, and I was somewhat wrong. The man was asleep in his car. That isn’t a crime. But the Wendy’s employees wanted him out of their parking lot, which, I guess is their right, and every action has its consequence.

    4. @Michele Jackson Obviously they lacked the simple skill of waking somebody up without incident. Something they might have even learned at home. But apparently didn’t.

  6. They burned down the Wendy’s. Like the owner had anything to do with it? I feel bad for the business owners and people who just lost their jobs.

    1. @Ray Lovelace Jake Paul, a very rich celebrity was caught and arrested for looting. It’s not just protesters.

  7. He was passed out drunk in the drive-thru lane other cars behind him had to go around, then He fought the officers who tried to arrest him for DUI after he failed the sobriety test, even punched one officers in the face, took the taser and actually shot it at the officers as he attempted to run away.
    Edit: shooting a taser at an officer can incapacitate the officer long enough for the criminal to take possession of the officers firearm and that could mean the end of the officer’s live. So deadly force against someone with a taser is justified.
    He wins the Darwin Award of the week.

    1. @Sherlock Holmes well said!! So sad his daughters b-day he just went out to get a hamburger!! I think he was scare to have cops put him in tge car. No matter what he did he did not deserve to be killed like that!! In his back

    2. @J. Kingsmith aww shot a black man not backing the black man that got shot. Be ready for the mob my mans.

    3. @Ralph Calhoun Exactly!! I think he was scare for his life and he was sure strong and quick reaction!! A drunk person overly intoxicated would have fallen in seconds!! He said he was tired and had i think 2 small drinks happens!!

    1. Whites been acting like their lives don’t matter. So they need to act like their lives matter. Because the day when the black race get tired of talking and pleading for what he been doing for over 400 years. Most of you want think its a joke are funny

    2. Josef Kkk. You’re probably just mad because a black man took the white woman you taught loved you until Mandingo got a hold of her and now she don’t want you

    3. @McDonald Trump Ok there we go! Prison Industrial Complex, specifically saying that is an issue is something we can collectively address. My issues with “Black Lives Matter” is that (1) it’s just as general and true as a statement as saying “the sky is blue” and (2) there is a hypocrisy in that there is only outrage when a white kills a black but not when a black kills a black. Where’s the outrage for that poor black dude who died at the hands of another black guy? It sends the message that Black Lives Matter only when they are killed by white people.
      Dont get me wrong Id love to see change too but I dont like how ineffective BLM is. It’s too general and not a real cohesive organization which makes it vulnerable to idealogical hijack and discredibility. And by specifically saying “black” lives matter it treats white people as “white allies” (i.e. as an honorable guest rather than a full-fledged member). Rather, recognize that police brutality is a non-race issue as all races are affected by it to maximize inclusion and support.

    1. Exactly. If she had review his violent criminal record before she spoke out, she would have known why the police tried to stop him from fleeing. He did have a warrant; I’m not sure if it was still active at the time of his latest (and last) arrest. His records are public. Please review them before you condemn the police for fighting crime and criminal behavior.

    2. @Folk Aart Like maybe dead or alive? Or blatant police violence? Something is just WRONG in that vid, even when you can’t see individual’s races. You aren’t coming across like you are markedly different.

    3. @Ralph Calhoun The case definitely does deserve due process, as all cases do. And there is no need to call people names, Ralph. We can have a civilized debate without resorting to insulting, unsubstantiated name-calling.

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