1. Getting up at 4 am every morning to work hard every day making America great si señores

  2. Fun fact: I clicked on a video by CNN with the same title of this video this morning, and left this comment: “I live in the UK, Britain and England! I am here right now!!”. Soon after, after a cup of tea, I refreshed the video, and it had become Private. Now its back……

    1. Lol, I made a comment saying I was british and gave my perspective on stuff. It was deleted and never came back. CNN are micro China 🙂

  3. In USA,a, common chant, “was go back to Africa”. England took the cake…Sent people back to the Carribean and denied citizenship 😳I’m American….read up on WindRush

    1. @Jon Beahan Sorry that he’s genuinely being safe? Trump is losing by double digits and is barely even supported by Republicans 🥱

    2. @Rowe Boat Ryan being safe from what ? Showing America how brain dead biden is ? Guess you haven’t seen his memes . Typical blind democrat keep supporting racism from Biden…..trump 2020

    3. He moved it from the basement to the living room. Could be an overflow crowd maybe ten people, including wife and sister.

  4. Damn, the woman is absolutely intelligent, kind and gorgeous. How in the world could anyone mistreat her?

  5. And in Israel?
    What “studies” have found? What about Palestines?

    Let alone Britain has always been in Europe – not a globalist “city mall with nuclear weapons” colony as the USA is.

    But who owns CNN again?

    1. You mean blaming people in our current age for it, you should always remember history so it’s not repeated.

    1. What the F is wrong with the Brits? I’d defend that people with my life, as they were the only ones that defended us during WW2. We will never forget that they trained and armed our resistance, protected our King able to continue to stand up against the powers of darkness when our nation was overrun by the Nazi’s and was able to turn the tide.

    2. The British have some dark history in the part but never forget hold their ground *alone* against the nazis in Europe before USA and Ussr joined. If they hadn’t done that then the world would be pretty much overrun by fascist nazis, I recommend you to watch ‘darkest hours’ a movie about the Uk in ww2.

  6. “I don’t value indulging irrationality, hyper-partisanship.” -Chris Cuomo on the topic of his job on CNN

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