1. What a terrible story to have to tell, but I thank them for the courage to tell it, and make it a part of the official record.

    1. @Iowa Viking wow… wipipo will do whatever they can to change the topic and shift focus away..

    2. @baked nachos wow you take everything so serious. I was just pointing out facts. Most new accounts are trolls.

    1. Christ kept her just so she could speak out when it was time ⏲️ 105 and speaks very good 👍Thank you God

    2. Souls that beautiful are of the finest fruits on the tree of life. May her family line bloom anew each generation.

  2. Learning of horrors like this are heart-wrenching! How in the world does *anyone* treat others like that!! That dear woman & her brother and of course others in the black community *must* see that horror dealt with properly. Sadly, Ms. Viola Fletcher & Mr. Hughes Vann Ellis’s time with us is limited. Reparations are the *least* that should be done. I can’t stop crying — which doesn’t solve a darn thing. I just don’t understand this way of treating others.

    1. This is truly heartbreaking. I’m 50 and I’m sorry I don’t have any answers for how or why some people can be so cruel to other human beings. Please accept a virtual hug 🤗

  3. She’s 107!! ONE-HUNDRED AND SEVEN and she still had her sound mind and her powerful voice!
    Praise be to God who preserves those who love Him!

    1. @Animalntelligence she “got screwed like so many of us”? I don’t think many of us had anything like this happen in our lives. This was like Kristallnacht in 1938 Germany right here in America and most of us are just now hearing about it from a 107 y.o. old woman??

      Now Tulsa’s mayor has the gall to congratulate “his generation” for not sweeping it under the rug (as if he’s just 19) translation: mass graves were found last October and it’s hard to ignore skulls and bones popping up from the dirt, so now we’ll talk about it. I need to get out of here. This is just outrageous.

    2. @John Kaye Although I agree with there being no god I don’t agree with you posting it here. People have every right to believe in god & you aren’t going to change their minds in this way. Their belief serves them at this time. I’d bet you wouldn’t like them shoving their believes down your throat. If you think they were by post god stuff you are wrong, you jumped into their conversation.

      Peace ✌

  4. Praise God for letting them live as long as they have. Praise God for bringing them through such a troubling time. It is because of their courage and sacrifice that we all are alive to hear first hand what happened on that sad day in American history. The sad thing is that we continue to fight the same battle….100 years later.

  5. Imagine having to live with this for 100 years!! And they are more on the ball than most people a quarter their age!!

    1. Imagine whites in tulsa today still denying it happened and refusing to talk about it and denying this victim Reparations due her.. disgusting

  6. I am so sorry for what you survived. But at least you survived to tell the story. I personally never knew of this.
    So horrific

  7. This was the moment the lord kept her here 🙏🙌 for to speak when everyone is listening so she can be heard because everyone is listening.

    1. O ya? What about the 300 that died and the thousands of children that were made to suffer from it? That the lord too? Can’t take the praise without the whole reality. There’s a good point that god is hateful and evil. The logic stands the same. God is either not all powerful or doesn’t care. Or by far most likely does not exist. But who knows how these white people backed up their decisions to Raid this community. Could be backed by religious. Religions are the reason for the Israel conflict too. And many many others. Humans are tribal and it still shows. At least some of us have grown up and left the nonsense behind

  8. “We declare our right on this earth…to be a human being, to be respected as a human being, to be given the rights of a human being in this society, on this earth, in this day, which we intend to bring into existence by any means necessary.”
    Malcolm X

  9. So your telling me after what happened to this man he survived and went on to fight in Ww2? C`mon America please give this man some justice please.

  10. There is a section of America who are anticipating the deaths of people like this so their stories and the truth can die with them. I appreciate my elders like these 2

  11. One day if I reach age 100, I hope to still be mobile, and have my wits till the end. But if not, I hope I can put myself out of my misery with a few barbiturates before pain and agony set in. These two siblings deserve justice.

  12. Thank goodness for these voices.
    History must never be forgotten.
    No matter how bad.

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