Susan Page On Moderating VP Debate: I'm Still Not Checking Twitter | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Susan Page On Moderating VP Debate: I’m Still Not Checking Twitter | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


USA Today Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page reacts to the headlines and Twitter trolls after hosting the vice presidential debate between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence. Aired on 10/09/2020.
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Susan Page On Moderating VP Debate: I'm Still Not Checking Twitter | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Susan was am utter failure for allowing Pence to steal time away from Harris, and on several occasions for an extended period completely uninterrupted.

  2. She should be affraid to look on social media because she knows she sucked! She is looking so gleeful on your show because this got her name out there in the world. Good or bad now she is someone. Wow! Yes, it is hard to be a Moderater but she sucked at it! It was TOO ovbious that she was letting one side talk more than the other and letting that same person talk over her and the other candidate on stage. It was an outrage and very frustrating to watch. Most people just fast forwarded to the next question so that they didn’t need to listen to man on stage babble on and on. She should be a shamed of her self and appologize for doing a bad job.

    1. Neither of which would ever be acceptable for Team Trump.
      There’s a reason Trump didn’t want to do a townhall..

  3. Susan Page allowed Pence to interrupt and talk over a US Senator who may replace Pence. And, who, some day may be POTUS. Clue to Page: YOU will never be either of those two things.

  4. Sorry, neither she or Wallace did a good job. They allowed Trump and Pence ramble. The moderator in future debates should have the ability to cut off the mic.

    1. Wallace was worse then that.

      Moderators are supposed to be impartial. Its sort of how to create a fair debate envirionment. Not overly right leaning nor left leaning, and most certainly not an avid hater of either one of the candidates, either for Biden or Trump.

      Chris Wallace was an outspoken Never-Trumper who has had many aggressive and hate filled conversations directly to Trump’s face. These are sort of the things that would normally disqualify a person from being a moderator, as its an obvious conflict of interests in creating a fair debate environment…

      …but not in 2020 apparently.

  5. Herd immunity is typically accomplished when enough people are vaccinated against a virus, but a vaccine has not yet been approved for COVID-19.

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    Atlas told The Hill in an email that he attended the meeting and supports the declaration the group put out endorsing herd immunity.

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  6. She was not in control of the debate. Once Pence realized he could get away with talking over Ms Page and extend his time he took more and more liberties. It’s a tough job, but she needed to be much more in control.

  7. Trump can’t claim to be the “law and order” guy when your green lighting hurt and harm to the female democrat Governor of Michigan. The universe is really against Trump.

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