Susan Rice Calls Out Trump, Says He Used Office For His Own Gain | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Susan Rice Calls Out Trump, Says He Used Office For His Own Gain | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


    1. @Billy Cole II – When you refer to “a video”, I wonder if you are aware of the video in question and that it actually was causing mass protests at the time. ???

    2. @Beth Griesauer That’s the excuse obama and Hillary used…..People at the embassy were begging to get out of there a year earlier, just like all the other countries did, including the Red Cross….a video caused it…really?

  1. She’s wise, calm, and knowledgeable. It makes one realize to a greater extent the degree that our current administration is running on impulses & grudge against Obama

    1. @TheBase1aransas. .. . No, not the same ones and no one EVER gave Hillary a 98% chance of winning. After the Comey announcement pollsters gave Hillary a 3-point advantage with 3-point margin of error. But I know that kills your weak-assed narrative.

    2. @ryvr madduck. . . Well, I had no trouble at all, understanding what they were saying. But I went to a really expensive University.

    3. @AL- BOT
      Only if Hunter Biden shows. And he won’t. But he will when the investigation starts of him and his dad. And soon, stay tuned, this is about to blow the tops of your heads into space! I don’t mind any ridicule, you’ll just be making a fool of yourself for being an ostrich with your head in the sand. Trump told the truth – the Bidens are crooked, the whistleblower is crooked, there was an investigation of it all, meeting about it held in the White House, with the whistleblower and Ukranians, Obama swept it under the rug. Imagine that!

    4. @AL- BOT
      You bought those multi-syllable words from somebody else, didn’t you? That’s just plain mean for those of us who can’t read smart people like you. Hope that what comes out about the Bidens soon doesn’t silence that intelligent and all-knowing tongue of yours. It’d be a shame for you to miss the surprise ending of this movie. Grab a bag of popcorn and a box of Kleenex, it’s a real tear-jerker. Oh, yeah, spoiler alert – you and the Bidens lose.

    1. @E H You must be a”MAGATARD” a treasonous traitor pointing at others you sound like BENNEDICT Arnold.

    2. Yeah good luck to the 53 senators walking in public or getting a table in any coastal city restaurants. Ha!

    1. Yes RED WHITE BLUE FINALLY A PRESIDENT THAT MENTIONS THAT ALOT. Democrats won’t ever mention that. Fake news is the enemy of the people. Come people u think DONALD J TRUMP BEST PRESIDENT EVER really needs the money for being pres. If so I got clues for sale cheap too. TRUMP did exactly what should of been done yrs ago. That is telling iran where the BIGGEST giant in the valley u got a beef bring it on. Oh I thought fake news was saying we’re going to war. Baha ba ha baha.

  2. He’s been using his office for his own gain from the start. This one just happens to be a conspiracy to extort a foreign leader.

    1. @Sux_2_B_U. . . That is the saddest link I have ever seen in my life. Does your mommy think you’re pretty?

    2. He got caught. Too bad. He thinks because he is President, he can do anything. Regardless how this turns out, he will seek revenge.

    3. Heather Hurst, I believe there will come a day when he ***** with the wrong guy and he gets what’s coming to him.

  3. Over her shoulder you can see the new ‘Donkey Kong, White House’ game. The kids will love it. Trump is Princess Peach, or is that Lindsey Graham.

    1. Dana Ray Art if they could care less that means that they care some.

      The GOP couldn’t care less is what you meant to say.

    2. I’ll wait. I think it’s funny how many stupid people actually watch and believe CNN. Present company certainly included, don’t want to leave you out of the upcoming fun. Hope you enjoy the dinner of crow, humble pie for dessert, washed down with vinegar.

    1. No centuries. It’s not just him. It’s everybody that Gaslight the American Public. Including those who are introducing and passing laws quietly whole this trial us going on without the publics knowledge.

      Now’s the time for civic engagement.

  4. I always feel just a bit smarter and wiser after listening to what Susan Rice has to say. She is quite articulate and can cut to the heart of a matter like none else I can off hand recall.

    1. You feel that way because she’s lying to your face. When she says they carefully resized the NSC she means they added a couple hundred positions. She’s an absolute snake.

    2. probably the smartist person in the clinton clan! i never could figure WHY she ran with them! makes YOU sit there and say, WHY!!

  5. I don’t think the Iran are coming back to the table as long as #45 is in office.It’s going to take some body like Susan Rice, John Kerry ect.

    1. No need, Trump said “Iran will NOT have a nuclear weapon”….why come back to the table. Besides, that, Israel will make sure Iran don’t have a nuke. Do you think Iran should have nukes?

  6. Presidential candidate back ground checks, drug tests, tax releases, civics tests.
    If anything good can come from a Trump presidency, these simple prerequisites should be implemented.

    1. I wonder how honest Trump would be about testing? He’d probably rig that to. All trust has been broken. I have zero confidence in potus 45!

    2. I’ll file this next to Benghazi was started by a YouTube video and Russian Collusion and the Recession and WW3. Stay WOKE ROFLMAO!

  7. Yet Israel has over 600 nukes without signing any agreements or treaties that permit a Nation to possess them.

      Thank you very much for your honesty, Marshal. It takes guts to tell that here, where hate seems to rule.

    2. @Billy Cole II No, Israel is not a terrorist all over the world. They are terrorists in their own region with their illegal settlements and the defense of those. They are very well armed. Look at a map, look at all the territory that has been taken from the Palestinians. I will probably never understand the Israeli people. With the history that they have how can they feel this sense of right with no regard for the other?

    3. @Sheryl Ferraro the history is complicated. Those who want/ed money and power sold out the Palestinian people. They were educated since the second partition of Palestine in lies much worse than Fox and Breitbart do. The rulers put armies among them and recruited the falsely educated to join them.. The israeli live in fear of terrorist neighbors which has poisoned the waters with more fear. The army is still there and will not give an inch re Jerusalem which is the main item the Israelis care about – even tho they lose the war.
      The prayer, since the destruction of the Temple, “If I forget thee Oh Jerusalem let my right hand lose its cunning.”

      Now you say you didn’t know about the first partition of Palestine? Palestine was divided into two parts and 80% of the land was given to the country of Jordan. Most all of the middle and upper-class people went to Jordan, some went to Syria and other countries in the area.
      Arafat and his comrades accumulated billions during their reign and the Palestinians suffered.
      Israel is our Ally and a major contributor to stability in the region, as far as Africa. They are disproportionately great in education, medicine, and technology as an asset to all humanity. Notice their Nobel Prize winners.

      I hope this little essay has helped you understand.

  8. Worse than a Constitutional crisis. This is a crisis of human being-ness. republicans have crossed over into oblivion.

    1. @hugh jorgan. . . Why would I be specific? Any reasonable person would disagree with your comment simply on the basis of common sense. You have none!

    1. Dago Tom , Love you itallions , just tell it like it is . You might not be far from the truth . A lot of them have made Trump thier God .

    2. Dago Tom , check out Brother James Key on youtube . He knows the Bible well . He is convinced that Trump is the final Biblical Anti Christ , { The Man Of Sin } , The Lawless One .

  9. He’s own gain is the only thing he cares about.
    Does American really believe that Trump have their interest in mind? Ah ha ha…. I don’t think so.

    1. @Lilbit 55 That’s all from the usual data sources, and don’t say they’re now crooks and Russian spies too. Well…go ahead and say that. Suitable comment from an ignorant hater/loser clown.

  10. Please Read! The only way Justice will ever be served,

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