Susan Rice On Soleimani Assassination: White House ‘Had No Case For Imminence’ | Hardball | MSNBC 1

Susan Rice On Soleimani Assassination: White House ‘Had No Case For Imminence’ | Hardball | MSNBC

Members of Congress were briefed by top administration national security officials on Wednesday, but several Senators said they heard no evidence about US embassies being targeted. Susan Rice says, "The important thing is the wisdom of this choice and the crazy shifting explanations: imminent, not imminent, 4 embassies, one embassy, no embassies … They really had no case for imminence." Aired on 01/10/20.
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Susan Rice On Soleimani Assassination: White House ‘Had No Case For Imminence’ | Hardball | MSNBC


  1. The dictator didn’t shoot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue. But had a man murdered on the world stage. Once again demonstrating abuse of power. The tyrant is drunk on power!

    1. This isn’t about political parties, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Africa, and the middle east, ITS A PLOT HATCHED BY INTEL GROUPS..
      Don’t trust those Traitor military Generals who have failed to uphold their oath to the American people, They will run to MSNBC or CNN sell trump out.. Then hide behind the GUISE of the U.N to attempt to violate your rights to bare arms > They are part of the Communist Uni party in Congress, Clinton NAFTA, Al gore Global warming, Bush 9/11 mass Surveillance and Iraq invasion, Obama Expansion of M.E war, Invasion of Europe under guise of refugees,(muslims) Unite Intels Australia, New Zealand, All of Europe then implement COMMUNISM > UNIVERSAL INCOME…> rino/dino Communist Uni party, ALL KNEELING PLAYERS AT OUR NATIONAL ANTHEMS ARE ENDORSED BY THE TRAITORS AT NIKE CORP WHICH IS DENYING DEMOCRACY HERE IN THE U.S, AND RECENTLY DENIED DEMOCRACY IN COMMUNIST CHINA…> NIKE _/ IS THE COMMUNIST CHECK…
      In America Bill Binney who wrote the NSA’S mass Surveillance spyware program can’t find even 1 data packet proving that the Russians attempted to hack U.S Elections, NSA doesn’t have proof that British MI6 along with the FBI attempted to entrap and fix U.S presidential elections..

    2. I appreciate Ur comment & agree with it. We have a nutjob in our WH. He is a mistake we need to fix. It seems we need to also eliminate his fascist supporters in our congress, as well.
      Excellent observation on Ur part. Ur vote to remove the despicable, irresponsible moron in our WH is crucial. Hopefully, u will vote for the democratic nominee so Trump & his insanity ultimately taking us to endless war will be prevented.

    3. Soleimani Slaughtered 1,500 innocent Iran citizens in Nov. who were protesting against Iran’s Islamic terrorism regime. Today they are in the streets thanking Trump for ending the slaughter. Soleimani was a mass murderer. Trump will bring peace back to the Middle East. The 78 million freedom loving People of Iran will take back their country from Islamic Terrorists that have enslaved them since 1979

  2. I agree with Susan Rice’s comment on wisdom. “The words of a wise man’s mouth win him favor, but the lips of a fool consume him.” Ecclesiastes 10:12,

    1. @Jody Carmichael
      5 time draft dodger DONTHECON is running the con of his life on America , IMPEACH AND INCARCERATE the mother fker

  3. Anyone who believes that taking out one man makes us safer, probably believes that locking up El Chapo would end drug trafficking from Mexico. Taking out Soleimani and locking up El Chapo changed nothing.

    1. Otis Cat
      Because OBL was the most wanted terrorist in the world. He was wanted dead or alive by multiple countries. He wasn’t a government official of a sovereign State. Contrary to what Trump has told you, ignorance is not strength. It’s just plain old ignorance.

    2. Dave, … wrong. That’s like saying killing one soldier in a war doesn’t matter. It does. It sends a message, 1. Command staff is on the menu; 2. If you are in Iraq, you are a target; and 3. It’s a warning to future Iranian commanders that if they want to arrange attacks on US troops and Innocent civilians… they are just like any other soldier.

    3. The Iranian people are in the streets NOW thanking Trump for taking out Soleimani. They have been protesting against the Islamic terrorist regime and have lost many by way of slaughter (1,500 in Nov.) by the Ayatollah and Soleimani. but MSNBC won’t report that reality. Since 1979 Iran Persians have been enslaved by Islamic terrorism. Rice wants perpetual terrorism. Trump wants peace. Taking out Soleimani was a start.

  4. This administration makes the ” Keystone Cops ” look professional. A bunch of warmongers picking a fight with the wrong people. Everything trump has done regarding Iran has lead up to this point. It’s been sophomoric from the beginning and continues to spiral downward. He needs to be removed before he gets US into all out War!
    His cohorts in his regime should be indicted for conspiracy.

  5. Key point made by Susan Rice: “They’re not done.” Meaning Iran. And the people who have to endure those aftereffects are not going to be Trump and his crew.

    1. USA has simply made it legal to assassinate top government officials from other countries USA is not at war with.
      USA will therefore not be able to complain when US officials or soldiers are killed. Before a stupid American complains that Iran supports terror, maybe they should look at themselves because so does USA.
      USA is an even bigger terror state than Iran.
      USA supports Saudi Arabia which is killing civilians all over the place in Yemen with American weapons.
      Any country targeting US personnel does so because USA has deserved it.
      Americans always seem to think that USA is the light of democracy. News Flash! USA has not been the beacon of freedom or democracy for a very long time.
      USA is nothing but a 3rd world banana republic with a wannabe pocket dictator, a criminal administration and a dysfunctional democracy, which is a joke considering the executive branch can violate The US Constitution at its leisure without anything being done about it.

    2. Iraq , They’ve asked USA to leave. USA is getting them attacked and killed. Western, Geographical, political lines mean nothing in that part of the world. It’s tribal or ancestry affiliation- Shi’ites of Shia, Suni, and Christians or other sects across the borders – that define loyalties.

    3. Our military isn’t done either. Iran knows that there entire navy could cease to exist in a 72 hour period once our military got started on them. They should be careful in targeting US troops in the future.

    1. YouTube moderator…same comment different post. I can’t tell that you’re a troll at all. Did you miss the Trumpublican troll getting this morning or what? You’ve got to try harder.

    2. @Shelley Ross Those missiles were paid for long before we returned the Iranian money but that doesn’t stop a misinformed Trump supporter from spreading Trump’s inane lies. Some Trump supporters are unable to admit they’ve been duped by a lying conman.

    1. That doesn’t seem to matter for this president. Think how the deceased passengers living familes feel, a dentist from Brampton, Ontario lost his wife and young daughter, a university student lost her mother, here where I live a baker lost his wife and daughter. These people were innocent people who didn’t deserve to die.

    2. Iran had an awful week. Their Top Military man is sent backing; At Soleimani’s funeral the half-demented mourners stampeded 50 people to heaven; The itchy finger bearded gentleman took down a passenger jet.

  6. Of course it’s full steam ahead for Iran to pursue nuclear weapons for the same reason that North Korea refuses to give up it’s nuclear weapons. America can not be trusted to uphold any treaty or deal it has made with anyone, but nuclear deterrence works to keep America from any military stunts.

  7. This is what happens when you Let reckless Bipolars run a Country…The Blood of Innocent People are in the Hands of all the people who support this $tupideocracy…

    1. @Sonny Bluff

      0bama authorized/ordered over 550 drone strikes during his presidency without once being called into question regarding issues of imminent threat by either the media nor Democrats. Out of all of the drone strikes authorized/ordered by 0bama, over 4,000 people were murdered, including many innocent civilians that were women and children. It’s all a matter of public record.

    1. He’s allowed to cruise from Cuba with his Russian ship up our Atlantic coast gathering info. On our naval defenses without a peep. Diversion. Our President selling us down the river, literally.

    1. YouTube moderator…You can write something different I see. Nothing intelligent but at least it wasn’t that same copy/paste crap you’ve been posting.

  8. Donnie always wants to be the biggest, best, most influential, strongest….. well now he can add “most dangerous” to his legacy.

    1. @YouTube Moderator tell USA stop starting wars and killing people plus blaming other countries for the things they do

    2. YouTube Moderator since the US pulled out of the Iran Nuclear Deal you’ll never know, except for the countries that are still participating in the deal.

    3. It’s telling how much more she laments Soleimani killed by JSOC/CENTCOM than the 176 civilians killed by Iran. Not a peep about that.

    1. Rice was a looser like Obama and ran our country into the ground.Trump has put us back on the world stage and resurrected the economy,my 401k is knocking 17% per year and at last we have jobs for everyone[who wants] only the far left socialist media hate him because he made fools of them.

    1. Have you had a look at our great economy lately,don’t believe the lying far left media,get on the Trump train toot toot.

  9. Wisdom? For who? Our President is strictly self-interested. He’s trying to win a reelection to continue to build his wealth. Wisdom for us a nation? American Foreign policy? For his American people ? Irrelevant or secondary to him.

    1. He donates all his salary to charity only President in history to do so.The economy is booming under Trump.

    2. Trump has cost the American taxpayer over $100,000 million dollars when he goes to his OWN resorts. So far.

    3. @Benny Sapien Do you realize what far left socialist CNN rubbish you talk.Take the likes of great Americans Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus Freddy Couples love The Donald as they affectionately call him.I am just looking at my 401k and love is in the air who is finally fixing our country that Husien destroyed.

  10. “Of all the attributes of power, the most impressive is restraint.” — Thucydides, as quoted by Colin Powell. Maybe Trump should learn the lessons of history so as not to repeat them.

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