Suspect in 2 Yr old Abduction Arrested | TVJ News – May 30 2022


    1. They have to find him first. A sting should have been set up before any announcements made.

  1. Jesus Jesus work god open the eye of man to see this little baby Jesus Christ i call to you take him home in the name of Jesus

  2. If they had been receiving calls for the ransom two days after the child went missing, why were they on TV several days after the child went missing and said nothing?

    1. Possibly they didn’t want to say anything for the person to know that they told the police. Sometimes u haffi think like a kidnapper.

    2. @Sabrina Stephenson I thought of that as well but based on what they were saying on TV, something doesn’t add up. I wish them luck anyway. It can’t be easy to lose a child.

  3. Buoy the Bible so rightly fulfilling love of men wax cold for God sake the child is 2 send him back to his parents come on man .

  4. I pray the child is found alive and well. Can’t understand Jamaica detectives why is this information on news and they haven’t located either baby or the adductor as yet.

  5. Oh my Goodness, Pray little Prince is found Safe🙏🏿 suh they can’t track the call🤔
    Brother’s and Sister’s Trad Safe Yah 💚 💛 ❤ 🖤 👊🏿 👑 🙏🏿

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