Suspect in Atlanta shootings turned in by own family | USA TODAY 1

Suspect in Atlanta shootings turned in by own family | USA TODAY


Suspect in Atlanta area spa shootings claims sex addiction as motive, police say
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The suspect says sex addiction drove him to commit drives, according to police. Eight people are reported to have been killed in the shootings.

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    1. @no capitals no I mean what about America makes that the disproportionately true? I’m not asking you to prove anything.

  1. My Prayers Go Out To Each One Of The People Who Lost Their Lives..I Pray For Peace” For Everyone..

    1. @Howie Hey I’m just givin ya the buisness dont go out and do nothin to someone because your mad and well let’s be honest not a bright bulb

    2. @Howie So have a great day and just try checking out any book written by mark Levin or the late rush Limbaugh you know it’s always good to read. And have a wonderful day.

    3. @Ford Prefect Weve lost our minds so badly we can still tell whether someone is Male or female.
      Weird that your side struggles with basic science.

    1. It was a fairly easy decision for the family to identify him to the police because they had long ago kicked him out of the house anyway.

  2. sometimes I wanna know why, every one of us deserves to live…my heart goes out to families who lost their lives…

    1. I don’t…I just wanna know why we keep electing people who are so available for purchase by the NRA, that the official US gov’t line on gun control is that Sky Daddy gave everyone the right to own as many hand-held killing machines as they want, no matter how mentally ill they are.

    1. I don’t think it takes much to turn in a family member you already know is a troublemaker and kicked out the house.

  3. “Does not appear to be racially motivated”

    So which one is it news media???

    1. I guess Asians need to start shutting down their sex trades then.

      It’s okay Pall. Common sense isn’t everyone’s forte’.

    2. @Pall Mall its on twitter, saw it last night and checked for it again. People are saying it is a fake cropped message now though, so oops.

    3. @Herr tRumpenführer I think we should have more diversity in the asian sex trade. it’s just so full of asians, seems like asian supremacy to me.

    4. @Pall Mall thanks for your response. I needed that.

      Personally, I think if married couples did more intimate touching that goes on inside these parlors, we’d have a lot less divorce going on. People want to be loved. Even if they have to resort to paying $$$ to get it. Some of these parlor workers end up cuddling with their customers. It’s a bit weird, but no one else is bothering to cuddle with them. And nearly everyone yearns to cuddle.

  4. “He had a bad day”
    …I’m sure the people he killed had a worse day. Stop making excuses. Disgusting.

    1. Your comment is click bait. I watched twice no one said anything about having a bad day. Some one driving by you must’ve had the song playin when you watched this story.

  5. Google search “Atlanta massage parlor prostitution arrests 201_ (year)” and take a look at the women’s mug shots. Atlanta had a serious human trafficking problem. Law enforcement not doing their job put these women in harm’s way.

    1. It’s everywhere in the USA, just look for billboards on the freeway advertising these places for truckers, if you think all they are doing is messages, think again, and who owns these places????
      Take a wild guess, And I’m sure there are legitimate businesses that are getting a bad rap for these corrupt businesses, I’ve definitely heard some crazy stories from my trucker friends in the past, sounds as bad as the sailor stories when on leave in overseas

  6. if his sex addiction was that bad that he felt the need to remove temptation, why not just turn the gun around and eliminate himself instead of the innocent people?

    1. You’re probably right. The back story is his parents kicked him out the house long before this. It happens in a lot of families. They may not be terrified exactly but they are disgusted with him. I’ve seen it. When you have a family that will call the police on the son without hesitation, it’s most likely because they’ve had to do it before.

  7. How much is that murderer paying that police chief to be his defense attorney? Why on earth would he just repeat what the guy told him?

  8. I bet if he had stalked and shot crack dealers and pimps instead of masseuses, this would be labeled a hate crime.

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