1. @ZRC Marx has been dead for a century so I don’t think there’s much flame behind any Marxist movements. Reading your inane comments, I really don’t think you know what Marxism means let alone terrorism.

    1. Johnny Hellfire – Cancel culture is a dumb term. If I dislike someone because I believe they act racist/offensively or hold racist or offensive beliefs, it’s my right to express my discontent. There is no such thing as cancel culture, only the right to freedom of expression.

    2. Leo Matkovsky I know lol but that racist comment was a bit out of line, so I decided to bug you too 😋

  1. This is horrendous. Sounds like a typical Trump supporter to me. Nothing but hatred in their hearts.

    1. @SEC Securities and Exchange Commission My comment was meant for the person who started this thread and not you because they were being hypocritical. You didn’t even realize it.

    2. @Joe Dirt no I did, But I needed to tell you how stupid it is, not to mention one of the first comments in this thread was about the claim being a conservative came to a judge’s house and almost killed her whole family. you’re an idiot just like the libs

    3. Yes. And notice his constant slur “feminazi” ? Guess where that came from…. Rush Limbaugh. The fat slob whom Trump honored with a Medal of Freedom.

  2. Yeah I think they are trying to divert the whole thing to feminism when it was probably someone trying to prevent the judge from carrying out justice against Deutsche Bank for their dealings with Epstein. Of all the women judges he went for the one in charge of a case that threatens many powerfull people it’s just too much of a coincidence. This is far more sinister than simple hate crime( as awefull as that is).

    1. @Lars Gadell not necessarily killing her family or her should be enough to intimidate a lot of people. Her death was not necessary. If she dies whoever is next is already intimidated if she doesn’t, she is intimidating, the goal of the atack was probably more fear than death.

    2. @Plo Koon He wasn’t exactly a professional hitman. He was an attorney. I’m sure she would be dead had she answered the door. Believe what you want.

    3. @Mandy McManus It was never meant to be a professional hitman. I onky said that if the sent someone professional it would have been too suspicious so they sent someone to do a ameuterish job to put the blame on the guy. A guy making a hate crime is not has much suspicious.

    4. @Plo Koon You implied that the fact that two men were shot and the woman wasn’t had a deeper meaning. He isn’t a professional obviously. Someone opened the door and he shot. It doesn’t necessarily have a deeper meaning, because it wasn’t a calm and collected hitman. It’s a guy that probably never killed before, likely hopped on adrenaline. Let’s agree to disagree. It’s exhausting to explain nuance, and you have made your mind up.

    5. @DATING HARLEY QUINN She isn’t going to plead guilty. There will be nothing disclosed by her before then. Anything disclosed by anyone else has already been made public.

    1. @USS Pandumbic yeah you wish simpleton. Lol I bet you believed the Jessie and Bubba hoaxes as well

    2. @asdf asdf – Wow! Love your crystal ball. You’re not smart or astute enough to even guess what I’m thinking, moron. Time to get back under your bridge, troll.

    3. Dude was a hit man for the elite to try to wipe her out or intimidate her so she doesn’t follow through with the Epstein Maxwell case.
      The Man got whacked by the elite so they dont have a loose end.

    1. @SE Morgan Was it obvious that my reply didnt warrant a response or are you that oblivious to reality? Rhetorical question btw.

    2. @Fredo Cuomo I see what you are saying. If you go back however to when Fox was reporting on the riots- over 90% of them had comments shut off- by fox. Over 20 of them I am certain of

    3. @Elmosweed i highly doubt fox shut off the comments. most likely youtube itself, because msnbc and cnn had open comment sections during their coverage of the riots

    1. Now narrow down the false world view that leads to this, and the cause of a false world view. Sse religion for what it really is and the stupid and evil it perpetuates.

    2. If only they did see… 🙁 unfortunately they’ll spin this one too, and you already know what they’ll say, it’s fake, it’s the Democrats, it’s the radical left blah blah blah. It’s absolute craziness. And devastating our country. I’m still shocked that even 1 person believes that garbage trump spews

    3. @Lucy M Because it has been well documented that Trump has inflamed and emboldened ultraconservative radicals and racist, sexist ans anti LGBTQ+ sentiments in general. He has chosen to divide the country at every chance. The impact of his presidency has been clear and well documented

    1. Yeah if your a gay man…we have no problem with a clubs full of hot Gorgeous dudes…
      Beautiful hot ones too.
      But at gay bars, it’s the gay men who get in free at a Certain time.

      You see most conservatives and Republicans who love to oppress us and try to take our rights away are low key closet cases…I mean have you seen there wives…yikes busted Basin hounds…Most of them are the ones who tap there feets in bathroom Stools and are caught in hotel rooms with under age boys.
      They do a lot of projecting.
      They are so uncomfortable in there own skin they use hate to hide behide there own insecurities.

  3. She was also given the case to investigate about Deutcher Bank involvement with Epstein but your channel is not mentioning it. Epstein and Maxwell had connections with filthy rich people don’t you think this could be warning for the judge

    1. @e vander more likely bunker baby the drsft dodger. Who had ties to the bank that was beijg investigated by the ny state attorney that bill barr had removed.

  4. I read in today’s New York Post, he drove to the house in a Fed Ex truck. Where did he get the Fed Ex truck?

    1. @trip tissle All that’s needed is convenient patsy, someone who is already not liked for whatever reason.

    1. killed one man, and left another man in critical condition.
      so that might be two men he killed, and zero women…..

    2. 养猪专业户00000
      Distinction Alert: if he hated anything, it was feminism, which can be mutually exclusive to women, as not all women are feminists.

  5. Roy should be called a thug terr..st and bad people by the media like they do everyone else…..these are the type of people mr 45 call fine people🤷

    1. @Teknique51 lol you guys watch to many movies. He posted on his website a ton of hate about her. That’s probably why they found him so fast.

      Wearing a disguise makes sense in this situation because she knew him, and why wouldn’t you wear a disguise if you were planning to murder someone?

    2. @TheJuranomo I like your argument of watching to many movies.
      This is why they show this in movies “hidden in plain sight”
      So that when it comes out,…. that morons like you would then respond with
      “You watch to many movies”

      Living in the “information age”… And then ..we have SoyBoy snowflakes like you 🐸

    3. @Eugene van Wyk people really still say soyboy like it’s an insult💀 you got me laughing for all the wrong reasons

    4. TheJuranomo i mean of course he’s gonna make it look like he wasn’t a hitman, that’s the whole point innit

    1. @Kathy Piazza LOL, so you’re walking it back now? You said “Yes” to Laura’s baseless comment. You and the rest want this to be about Epstein so bad. I suggest you consider the evidence as it presents itself at face value and stop investing your “feels like” energy in these conspiracies. Have a nice day.

    2. Robert Johnson I said yes because I think this MIGHT be part of the truth, I have been wrong before, I hope we get to the truth whatever it is.

    3. @TheJuranomo because it makes sense to have the killer know her, so no one else would question it. who knows the kid was probably under mk-ultra control.

    4. S T Ξ Λ L T H I hope not- it’s supposed to have ended decades ago after all material was destroyed but a cache of information which was misfiled was found & huge lawsuits ensued. No wonder conspiracy theories exist when governments have been engaged in secret experiments on the unwitting military & civilians. They say they aren’t but they said they didn’t, that those who claimed they were experimented on were mentally ill. The powers that be were certain all proof had been destroyed when some had been accidentally misfiled and thankfully discovered again by accident. When our government lies to us on a regular basis it’s not surprising people try to find the truth and run with the little they unearth.

    1. @June Giovanna He changed it. Originally it was “teenager”. As such, I corrected him, and he changed it to “college student”.

    2. @Kaitlyn Groves FYI, he wrote “teenager” initially, then changed it after my correction to “college student”. It’s good that he did.

    3. @slick mcCool It appears you do. Otherwise you wouldn’t be engaging me in an obvious troll of yours.

    1. @Aniyah Yasmindaii Please. Every time people are murdered with guns, America doubles down on “we need guns to protect ourselves!”.

      And then there’s all the people who love to say that they need their guns for when the government comes for the people, to take them away in unmarked vans. And surprisingly, NONE of those people are saying a word now about Trump’s gestapo doing that in Portland right now.

      Some people understand and respect guns. Some people know how to use them and what they’re for.
      Most people just want to be able to murder others on a whim.

    2. ​@Adam Taylor **Most people understand and respect guns. In this case, it was most likely an assassination attempted or trying to scare the federal judge.

    3. @Brain With Limbs With the insane amount of shooting constantly happening in the US… no, seems like most people buy a gun because they want to shoot someone. Not for defense or hunting, just straight up murder.

  6. Gives a whole new meaning to “Federal Express” The Judge was overseeing the Deutsche Bank Epstein Trial.

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