1. These right wing terrorists love calling themselves “patriots” whenever they attack America and it’s Democrat ideals

  1. When your Mama is your Daddy’s sister this is what happens. Plus add in watching FOX… brain dramage.

    1. These right wing terrorists love calling themselves “patriots” whenever they attack America and it’s Democrat ideals

    1. @Ace Spades ok, sounds good bro. When the truth comes out you can burn me up… until then have a nice day

    2. @Daniel M so then don’t tell me I’m the one that needs to go back to school when you’re the illiterate one

  2. Trump gave his supporters something no one else would; permission to be their worst selves.
    That’s why they will never abandon him.

    1. I like Trump for point out election issues …Dominion , Ballot harvesting …Even Election Canada Just got caught …one week into election and liberals crashing , Election Canada Orders 5 million Mail in Ballots .. BALLOT Harvesting ( CHEATING )

    2. @I love 2 fish For BASS says the person from a political party who doesn’t stop talking about Trump. He fixes himself something to eat, puts his feet up and changes the channel all day in your head. It must be exhausting.

    3. @Getridda BigtechMedia While you buffoons were destroying Democracy, putting babies in cages, and and lying to most of America to stay in power. Lets not forget the 400k Americans that died because your faithful leader denied the existence of the pandemic early on. In case you forgot 🙂

  3. So he was concerned about Afghanistan but then complaining about immigration , guess he wasn’t so concerned after all . He was drunk on that trump flavour koolaide

    1. This was a Democrat staged event so the media could stop talking about the Biden administration swirling the toilet bowl.

    2. Doubt Trmp has anything to do with his words, more Bden considering he caused both the border crisis and the Afghanistan crisis….

    3. bwwahahahahahahaha you have zero info and you went straight to TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP. BWWWWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You drunk on ORANGE koolaide.

    1. @Books & Gaming because maybe I’m reacting to what’s happening right now? I’m watching my people suffer because the president lacks common sense

    2. @Afghanistan Born US Translator The Doha Agreement requires that we either keep the peace with the Taliban or we fight. If we fight, we have an obligation to commit many more troops and risk the lives of tens of thousands of civilians and soldiers. You have to understand the situation that Trump put Biden in: Once the Doha Agreement was signed, the Taliban had a full year to develop alliances and gather recruits and act with impunity while the Afghan army had its hands ties behind its back, which is a perfect way to wreck morale. Once the Taliban began gaining momentum and was essentially already on top of Kabul, we had a choice: Risk tens of thousands of lives by fighting back and committing more troops and staying MUCH longer, which would make a disastrous war even more disastrous and long, or cut everyone’s losses(not just ours, but Afghan civilians as well, who would be caught in the crossfire in the city) and exit. After Doha, Biden was truly caught between a rock and a hard place, not least because of the rapidity in which the Taliban was able to dominate and gain ground over the summer.

    3. @Afghanistan Born US Translator Trump has the academic knowledge and intelligence and ability to plan something of a decapitated forest shrew. If you want to blame anyone, blame him for what happened to your people, not Biden who was handed an absolute mess.

    4. @Afghanistan Born US Translator — Trump is 100% to blame — Biden is yet another Dem President cleaning up a mess left by an inept Republican liar and war criminal

    5. @Afghanistan Born US Translator your people are suffering for the actions of terrorists. It is not reasonable to think we have to continue to help. im sorry but, the end of wars NEVER GO WELL.. the lesson is, stop fighting.. Biden did what had to be done.. now it’s up to the Afghanistan people to choose their fate.

    1. @Devo I have been an independent for a very long time. You would have thought you wouldn’t want to display your idiocy by believing that Democrats or liberals are your enemy. They are not, your sycophancy, willful ignorance and the fraudster Trump are.

    2. @Nameless Progressive Clone Denial is the most predictable of all human responses. Keep deluding yourself.

    3. @turbojunkie69 It seems you don’t have the mental capacity to spell or use proper punctuation when composing a statement.

    1. It wouldn’t even have gotten that far. Remember Miriam Carey, the black lady that they gunned down cuz she made a u-turn with a 1 yr old in her back seat near the capitol? Yea, that happened but I guess if you’re in a raised truck making bomb threats, while having bomb making materials in your car as a white male they’ll sit and talk with you for an hour.

    2. Statistically, if he was a black man, he probably would have resisted and shot up the place. Sick of all the race baiting, anti police rhetoric.

    3. Please stop using racebait as a topic. Their community can speak for themselves just fine without anyone else’s help.

    1. @kelperdude nobody forgot about Afghanistan , are you in this comment section for hugs and kisses also? Do you have a positive relationship with any of us also?

    1. @Harry Collins could be a false flag protecting potato brain joe from his obvious failures. No couldn’t be that two days after his pull out and cowering in the basement

    2. *AUGUST 26TH IS COMING democs! HIS MAJESTY SIR DONALD J TRUMP WILL PICK UP WHERE HE LEFT OFF! NOOSES HAVE BEEN CREATED FOR EACH democ!* #iStandWithQ #WWG1WGA #WeAreQ #WithQWeStand #AllHailQ #QanonShaman #Qanon #iLoveQ #Q4EVER #Q4LYFE #inQWeTrust #QanonSoldier #iLive4Q #iTrustQ #QorDie #Q #iFollowQ #iStandBehindQ #BehindQweStand #Qanon4Ever #BidenandHarrisTraitors

  4. So he was complains about the safety of the Afghans yet copies the tactics of the Taliban, that is becoming a suicide bomber, to make his point…. Logic doesn’t work on Trumpsters.

    1. It looks like YouTube booted your comment, you might want to see if it did, cause I don’t see it. I can see part of it in my notifications area so I’ll respond to what I can see.

      I think a different question needs to be asked.
      When did I become your enemy?
      If I was a doctor you wouldn’t ask for party affiliations before seeking medical help. If I was a lawyer or EMT you wouldn’t ask then either.
      So how is it that I’m suddenly someone (whom you don’t know, and likely will never meet) that you see as an adversary?
      I asked you to consider that there was no bomb. Roseberry Told authorities there was a propane tank in the truck. But also consider there’s gasoline in a truck as well. He also uploaded video feed showing a canister he claimed contained a bomb. Yet Anderson cooper and the news clip both said there was NO BOMB (every news outlet is saying the same, he said there was a bomb when there was none). Roseberry also showed footage of a container full of coins and that it would be used to create shrapnel, he also told authorities that the truck would blow up if he was killed. Yet when the video showed both what he was calling a “bomb” and a “kill switch” one was just a closed container and the other a gas handle used to seal/shut gas off.
      The news clip also said his truck contained bomb making materials. That could be anything from a can of gasoline and fertilizer (things you would normally find in a truck anyway), to multiple chemicals that are marked on the container to be either flammable or cautions that contents might be explosive such as peroxide’s or cleaning chemicals. The clip did not explain what those items were, just that they were present in the vehicle.

      Please also consider that he had multiple people around his vehicle for quite sometime. How long? Not sure, but it only takes 3-6 seconds to shoot someone. Yet not one news source has said there was a gun present. Authorities never mentioned a gun either. All roseberry did was stir up a lot of people with empty threats.
      Is this a sick individual that needs mental help? Yes.
      Is he facing federal charges and will pay for his crime? Yes, and rightly so. Violence or even the threat of violence is never the answer.

    2. @unitunit glue You think it booted my comment? Or you are expecting it to be booted because you reported it. I think you miss my point… he said he was going to blow himself up, he threatened to do what the Taliban did, commit a suicide bombing. That’s it! That’s my point. You don’t understand that? He is threatening to kill himself in order to make a point… that is not a logical action.

    3. @David Gonzalez once again you are turning people into enemies without cause.
      If you need me to say it. Ok here you go, I didn’t report your comment. If I had, why would I respond to it or ask that you look to see that YouTube booted it?

    4. @David Gonzalez stop and consider that the expression “I’m going to kill you” is a common one here in the U.S. yet we don’t take it seriously when we don’t perceive any malice behind it.
      He said he had a bomb. Every source of authority said he didn’t. No actual threat, just a man yelling bomb.
      You and I can claim pigs fly. Yet they don’t.
      The Taliban also backs up their threats with actions. Usually the action first for them and then claiming the incident as their doing. These are two incidences that occurred close together in time, but had nothing to do with each other.

    5. @unitunit glue I think you are just going to go on and on about your point and it has nothing to do with mine. Good day idiot.

    1. @raymondwise only presidents in my lifetime that have been impeached was Donald J Trump twice and his best friends of over 4 decades Bill Clinton. I find it ironic.

    2. @Reid Fleming, World’s Toughest Milkman a guy with no bomb said he had a bomb and then turned himself in. Hell of a story from the journalists at CNN.

    3. I’m surprised Fox didn’t report that John Malkovich doing a really terrible ‘Southern’ accent PROVES that this really has to be Antifa.

    1. Ultimately it always takes patriotic heroes willing to die for Their country to keep country free of tyrants and regimes . TRUMP WON AND WE HAVE REGIME OF DEMOCROOKS RUNNING USA NOW . Why are democrooks in power ? they control and own main stream medias like cnn and control elections thru fraud . Everyone knows what blm is up to , they want to usurp power thru riots and violence ..

  5. I’m sure when the magical fairies reinstate the orange man, Donny will have A full pardon for this “Patriot’.

    1. He actually talked on video about how trump has unlimited pardons “theres not a law saying theres a limit” and he assumed hed get one

      I know ur joking but this guy clearly didnt understand trump doesnt care about him considering his lack of pardons to the jan 6 rioters

    2. this was a false flag by the ex president twice impeached Donald J Trump to cover up the Trump properties mask mandate he signed for his properties.

    3. These right wing terrorists love calling themselves “patriots” whenever they attack America and it’s Democrat ideals

  6. The Confederate Cults Of trump are the literal new confederacy, and have fallen into the scariest areas of mass psychosis that can happen in a powerful country.

    1. @rolback that is trumptalk. Why do you not put the blame where it belongs. FatDonorange. Everything you said, his views. You do know the proof is everywhere to see. His tweets, his rants, his lying. Video and recordings don’t lie. Trumpublicans think it’s 1940 again. No one is gonna forget.

    2. @rolback
      when you use history, they can twist…call them a racist because they don’t expect that and if they bite ask: where is kamala Harris?

  7. “It’s my land. Let’s blow it up.” A true Trump patriot, including the fact he lied, did not accomplish anything and was basically an idiot.

    1. @hello you bet he is, and, like the orange anus says, “If you keep repeating it, it becomes true” In this case it was true from the start.

  8. Dude was just pissed he wasn’t invited to Obama’s 60th Birthday Bash. [Throws cash out the window]

  9. Craziness, Madness, nonsense, conspiracy theories, alternate reality, anti-science, anti-knowledge… what republican voters and Trump supporters stand for is kinda scary.

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